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  1. I've always liked the aesthetic of this particular console and the controllers are actually really nice for me. They're a lot more..."mushier" than the original pads and the feel isn't to everyone's tastes but I loved using them. The new release isn't looking like it'll be fixing much though sadly. Unless I'm forgetting any, this'll be the fourth "iteration" of this particular console. 1) First release, included 15 built-in games and wired controllers, PAL/NTSC region switch (This was the model I had). 2) Streets of Rage Limited Edition, same console with a slightly altered game selection, controllers still wired, region switch removed for automatic region detection. 3) 80-in-1 Console, controllers now infrared wireless, includes a cartridge containing a bunch of basic homebrew games. 3.5) I think at some point this version got a quite re-release with the homebrew games built-in instead of on a cartridge 4) Sonic 25th Console The fact that the AtGames logo and the A/V ports are still on the unit says to me this literally is just a re-release with some games switched around. It's a shame because this might get a bit more attention than it ought to because of the NES mini. The timing of this just screams that it's a reaction to the NES mini and the Sonic anniversary is a happy bit of timing for them to plaster on the box but the console's never been built to compete with the likes of the mini. If they've worked on the insides a bit then I'll happily eat my words, and the cartridge slot is a nice point in its favour, but with all the sound/compatibility issues it's got, it's heading for trouble.
  2. I'll be really interested to see what how critics and non-fans take to Mania once it comes out. After all the flak 3D Sonic has gotten and the blind praise Sonic 4 Episode 1 got at the time I wonder if there's going to be any goalpost moving going on.

    1. Ferno


      "sonic team finally realized that sonic just doesn't work in 3D and they've finally rolled over and given us the megaman 9-esque game that we wanted. only took them over a decade and a half. now please promise us you'll never try some weird 3D werewolf stuff on us again sega."

    2. RK64


      I think Sonic Mania will at the very least get 8 across the board and people will be very happy with the game. Sonic '17 will get good reviews too, as Sonic Generations got very solid reviews when it released; a healthy amount of 8's and a few 7's. 

  3. Since a few of us have brought up the possibility of this trailer being pre-rendered using the in-game engine, I figured I'd add something in there to try and make it a bit easier to visualise. This isn't going to be any sort of Tracker-level editing but hey it should do! Once I added that in I noticed the dead end behind Sonic which makes this little area feel like the beginning of a level from the boost trilogy. In fact, it's reminding me a lot of UnWiished:
  4. It's interesting that they've got Modern Sonic rolling and Classic doing the homing attack and boost. I suppose what this could be an indicator of is that not only do the Sonics share a gameplay style, but the other characters of the "Resistance" actually share the same same gameplay style too with everyone getting a unique move or two (assuming there are other playable characters of course). Classic Sonic still needs a good explanation for how and why he's came back again but that aside, he's actually the perfect character to hint that everybody's sharing one style. Classic and Modern are united by differences, they're entire relationship last time was built around how they're different. Despite that, here they both are and seemingly one-for-one with each other. Had Tails or someone else shown up here, I'm not sure the concept of a shared gameplay style would be as apparent. The two Sonics would no doubt be the most similar in terms of moveset so it'd make sense to pick Classic. That and, it's Classic Sonic, of course they're going to have him front and centre anywhere he goes. In fairness, I'm just speculating here and a CG teaser isn't the best source of figuring out gameplay but hey, I'll work with what we've got!
  5. I'm also not seeing this as gritty or dark, it's a bit more serious than we've seen in a while but I don't think it's this 180 in tone either. Shadow The Hedgehog: Almost every level is literally blacks, browns, greys abundant, Shadow's moody all the time, characters are "swearing", guns etc. Sonic 2006: There's Crisis City and there's the occasional thing like the Duke's death but I really can't call 06 gritty, it takes itself too seriously but it's not bleak, dull maybe. Sonic 2017: Eggman's wrecked a city, Sonic is angry for a moment, then determined, then surprised by the debris, then happy once Classic Shows up. The characters haven't changed, they've put them in a situation with a more immediate, tangible threat but that's it. Even then, it's not like they're literally going to keep you in Completely-Blown-To-Pieces City Zone Act 1 for the whole game. Even Shadow didn't keep you in the ruined Westopolis. SA2, which was more serious and "dark" overall still had Sonic being cocky, Tails "saving Amy because she's in danger", Knuckles not being afraid of no ghost and Amy being Amy. Even Unleashed which most agree had a good balance has Eggman torture Sonic before throwing him out to space to die and Sonic saves the world by beating Dark Gia to the point of having all its eyes smashed and bleeding all over.
  6. Looking at the trailer, I'm actually just as excited to see how the new game will look. Sonic Team is usually brilliant at visuals and with the PS4/Xbox One they've got access to a lot more horsepower. Ratchet & Clank already set the benchmark and comparing the trailer to that, I could definitely see the game getting within range of that CG teaser in terms of detail.
  7. Generations got its first gameplay reveal a little over a fortnight after the CG teaser. Coincidentally, Summer of Sonic is happening two weeks from today so there's a possibility. Thing is, Generations was months away from releasing. Considering how far away this game is, this could be as much as we get until sometime next year.
  8. Boom's place as this massive multimedia thing for Sonic was pretty much gone by the end of 2014. The TV show is pretty much the face of Boom now and it's still doing well for itself. As long as it continues to do so you'll probably still be seeing some toys, T-shirts, pencil cases etc. Future games depend on how well Fire & Ice does. There's the argument that they'll keep making games as long as the TV show keeps going but if they aren't selling then they'll disappear too. Boom was always a secondary thing, it's just that we've had no main content for a few years so it's had the stage to itself. Now that Classic and modern are coming back in full swing, Boom's place will start to feel a bit more apparent.
  9. Eggman's also got a bit of an ego on him. It's not enough for him to just take control of the world, he needs to make it his. He's got his face plastered over everything he makes and I imagine using structures other people built wouldn't be satisfying for him. He won't destroy the world but he'd probably happily level it to rebuild it to his liking.
  10. It's a tiny thing, and it's probably only caused by the environment he's in but I quite liked the colouring on Sonic in the 2017 trailer.

    1. BenderMania


      Agreed. I also like how angry Modern Sonic looks when he's looking at the destroyed city.

  11. It's actually very simple to solve this. We've got a three-way split of people who aren't happy, people who are excited and people who really aren't feeling much of anything until we see more. Everybody's got their own reasons and they're all completely valid. I'm one of the people that are excited, that's great for me. The people who aren't happy? Who cares? No, I don't mean that like their perspectives are unimportant but why does their current outlook have to bring down my excitement or why does my excitement have to invalidate their concerns? I'm not actually aiming this at you Tails spin by the way, you just happened to bring it up. If we can all let the conversation move from each other's personal opinions and just focus on the speculation and likes/dislikes of the game itself then we'll be all good! Really, we've all waited long enough to have something to talk about, there's plenty of fun speculation to be had if we let it!
  12. So:

    2016: Fire & Ice, Boom season 2, and Lego Sonic.

    2017: Sonic Mania & Sonic 2017.

    I'm very happy with this!


    1. Blacklightning


      but what about big's fishing adventure 3

    2. Joy


      Weeeeelllllll, Sonic 2017 doesn't have a name never know.

  13. It just kind of popped up for me randomly when I was idle in the menu. Maybe try going for a quick run first.
  14. Just let the consoles accept this as input and we'll be set! I love using this on the Mega Drive hub!
  15. TSSZ did an article saying it's download-only. Apparently Taxman said at the party that the game is longer than Generations!