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  1. Just for the sake of it, I'm having a think just now of any Sonic games that have potential / definite rights issues that might prevent re-releases.

    - S1 and S2 are seemingly fine aside from certain times their music is used in other places (LEGO Dimensions)

    -CD is totally in the clear but has to omit the Japanese intro vocals

    -S3, well, y'know. S&K seems fine but between the MD Classics and MD Mini, SEGA might not be keen on releasing it without S3 anymore. The ATGAMES machines had been doing that for some time.

    - I've heard the Advance games might be problematic because the THQ of the 2000s no longer exists. They got on the Japanese Wii U Eshop but I think SEGA self-published them in Japan?


    Are there any other Sonic games that have similar issues?

    1. Solister


      I'm starting to doubt about Sonic Heroes as it never got rereleased, though it's just a supposition. About the game music, I've already heard Julien-K (Which made This Machine alongside Jun Senoue) saying they never rereleased their Sonic tracks because SEGA owns the right of the tracks.

      Also, just remembered This Machine was short used in Team Sonic Racing. Tbh, I don't think even Julien-K are knowing this.

      It's pretty likeable SEGA have issues with minor older titles like Edusoft or Eraser, as well likely the Sonic Cafe games and the McDonald's games, though they are pretty obscure and I don't think many persons care for them at the point to want a rerelease.

    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Sonic Heroes was re-released in Europe on the PS3's classics thing. I think it not getting more is just the fact they're very reluctant to rerelease anything outside of the classics (most of them anyway) and the Adventure games. 

    3. Sean


      iirc Sega acquired rights to the Japanese Sonic CD vocals some time after CD 2011, so I think it's in the clear now.

  2. I know the movie variant of the puma shoes were gonna be release at some point, I'm still hoping that the new movie shoes are getting a release, I'll sure as hell by those!

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Likewise! I somehow doubt they'll be available in my size, but that's not the point. These could the first ever time we get an official release of Sonic's shoes. Slippers don't count...

    2. Joy


      I've got the Drop Dead slippers from a while ago, but I definitely want a pair I can go places with. I'm already a stupidly fast walker so it's only appropriate 😅

    3. JayRaR


      hopefully they're reasonably priced. dont wanna throw down more than $100 for 1 pair

  3. As somebody who spent a lot of time with 06, straight-faced here, what was the intended purpose of the White gem? All the others generally have a definied purpose, regardless of how useful they actually ended up being but I don't get the White gem at all. Is the mid-air freeze meant to be an advantage?

    1. Blacklightning


      Theoretically it could save you from Homing Attacking directly into a projectile / fire breath if you jump towards them at an inopportune time, but like most of the gems I like to think it simply isn't fucking programmed correctly and might have been more useful if charging it actually did any extra damage.

  4. End of the working week and I've got the whole weekend to do nothing and play Tropical Freeze. All is well.

  5. Honestly I always expected he'd get, at least some version of his iconic shoes at the end of the movie, though I expect they would've been "adapted" like the rest of Sonic. That shot of the pile of shoes in the trailer, while it could just be a visual joke about the amount of running he does, feels like he'd eventually wreck the red PUMAs and somehow aquire the running sneakers at the end in a "becoming the hero" moment. As it stands I suspect the PUMA deal is still happening. Either the new poster shoes are the new puma deal (very cool) or they're sticking with the original plan and the "Sonic" sneakers are brought in later in the film.
  6. Recently started work at a local animation studio working on a very cool project. Can't say anything about it but it's gonna be very exciting when it's finished. 

    More to the point though, everyone else has their desks decorated with toys and stuff so I bought one of the recent Funko Sonic's for my desk. Since when did these things start including bases? I only just noticed it in the box and it makes such a differece! Can't wait to take it to work tomorrow!

    1. Failinhearts



  7. @Ryannumber1Scarer How have you been finding Overwatch on Switch? I don't have a PS Plus subscription anymore and for the price I'd probably be better off just sticking with Switch online. I'm not usually one to fuss about frame rate but I'm debating if that 30fps is gonna be a dealbreaker.

    1. Ryannumber1Santa


      It isn’t a dealbreaker, not from my experience at least. It’s noticeable, especially if you’re used to the PS4 version, but after a game or two, you adjust to it and it becomes much more playable.

      I’ve had fun with it, personally. It’s a good port.

    2. Ryannumber1Santa



      Forgot to say, if you get it, give me a shout and we can play online if you want.

    3. Joy


      @Ryannumber1Scarer Will do! It's only £19 on CDKeys at the moment so it seems like a fair deal at that price.

  8. Finished another quick little piece to celebrate that Friday feeling!

  9. Just jumping in on the Bounce VS Stomp debate. I do personally think there is merit in both, although I can understand why there'd be a desire for simplicity and only having one. The Bounce is far more free flowing which makes it more ideal for fluid traversal. On the way down (in SA2) you aren't locked out and can move around freely until you hit the ground and bounce. It makes things like the freefall short cut in Final Rush far easier to perform. By contrast though, if I'm trying to land on a very specific spot and want to cancel out all momentum, the stomp is excellent.You're completely locked until you land so you absolutely need your timing to be perfect but you land immediately without the recoil the bounce has by nature. If I'm speedrunning, it might well be the case it's more beneficial to stomp and go compared to using the bounce, waiting to land a second time after bouncing and THEN setting off again. If we HAD to pick one I do agree the bounce is more versatile and would probably opt for that but I don't think it's as clear cut as the bounce just being the stomp but better.
  10. Sonic Forces' Ending Over-Simplified:

    Sonic and friends group up to watch Tails say goodbye to Sonic. Sonic disappears and Tails is sad Sonic is gone, but then Sonic comes up and reassures Tails that they'll run into Sonic again.

    1. Tarnish


      Then Sonic urges everybody to rebuild the world, but deep down everyone knows he won't contribute jack to that because he just runs off like he always does.

  11. Congratulations San Francisco! You've ruined pizza! Halloween is gonna SUCK this year!

    1. Panda Claus

      Panda Claus


    2. Joy


      Shhhhh, don't blow the cover!

  12. Anybody been playing around with the games at SAGE yet? Are there any particular highlights you feel worth trying, aside from the latest Sonic 3 AIR update?

    1. Adamabba


      Im looking for the charger for my laptop that can handle playing the 3D games rn so I haven't tried anything yet. one I definitely wanna try is Sonic GT

      This is an old demo, Im pretty sure they've added a few levels in the SAGE demo

    2. Tracker_TD


      I've played a bunch! Sonic Islands is fun to mess with, Speed Course is a good time, but my main highlight is Sondro Gomez right now. 

  13. Finally finished my Spider-Gwen animation from the other day. Accidentally got some vibes of the Ultimate Spider-Man game!


    1. Ryannumber1Santa


      Joy, these shots are incredible! 

      We gotta have these Jonah!

    2. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      Oh shit yeah getting some really hard Ultimate Spider-Man game vibes.

      Really good job!

  14. "It always fits. Eventually"

  15. Been getting into the Doctor Who Target book range lately. I'm really loving how the recent releases have made a point of updating or expanding the TV stories to take advantage of known future events and doing more worldbuilding that suits the written format better than TV.

    1. Panda Claus

      Panda Claus

      I can’t wait for the Target Storybook.

  16. I've never gotten to play a Super Monkey Ball game before so I'm excited to finally try with the new re-release, definitely seems like my kind of game. Sonic in there as a character is a nice little bonus too, I'll bet they've nabbed themselves at least a few extra sales from Sonic fans for that inclusion.

  17. No doubt this artist's idea has already been posted in here before but just since we're discussing the eye thing: Now I'm not discussing the design as a whole here, just the eyes. I think this is the simplest and best solution to the whole thing. Just extend the centre of the eyeridge down to fully seperate the eyes, and make more use of his eye ridges to convey emotion. Looking back at the original movie design, I'm amazed at how much empty space there is on Sonic's face because of how small the eyes are. Even for the "realistic" look they were going for it feels like the eyes were initially meant to be larger.
  18. "Friday what are they firing at?"

    "Something just entered the upper atmosphere!"


    1. NegaMetallix


      Typical Sonic. Always arriving late just to join in the final fight.


  19. A trope I kinda like in media is when character A knows or strongly suspects character B is hiding something and tricks character B into blowing their cover by making them believe they already know the secret.


    I always liked the little sequence in SA2 with the fake emerald where Eggman picks up 2 emerald traces, immediately knows there's BS going on (since he's already got 6 of them) and makes the fairly safe bet the Heroes are gonna try a bait and switch. He then goes on to trick Tails into confirming the emerald they gave is fake before ejecting it along with Sonic.


  20. I know there's the Retro-Bit controllers but is there any word on whether or not the 3-button controllers packed with the Mega Drive mini are compatible with the PC / Switch at all?

  21. Yeah I'll admit I'm guilty of using the microtransactions and lootboxes terms interchangeably. They're definitely related but not completely one and the same so that's my bad. I'm not nearly as angry if the game straight up allows you to buy the specific thing you want. It obviously becomes an issue though when developers then manipulate the game to make the extra spend more viable than earning the thing through play. Lootboxes meanwhile are a problem to begin with, and get even more problematic when you have limited-time rewards that are exclusive to the lootbox systems. Overwatch for example technically allows you to buy event skins during the event, but the in-game currency is only accumulated through lootboxes anyway. Gambling is definitely something that can be cracked down on, the intentionally manipulative set up of game reward systems might be a bit more tricky.
  22. Government regulation isn't neccessarily what everyone would have ideally wanted. The games industry could have reached a point and decided to self-regulate to try and bring some semblance of balance and structure to lootboxes, but instead they've kept on pushing the envelope because they know it's a legal grey area at the moment. Recent examples like Crash Racing's post-review microtransactions, and EA's "surprise mechanics" fiasco show that they're fully aware of the reputation these things have amongst gamers these days so they're now finding loopholes rather than solutions. If lootboxes become officially classified as gambling, I'd be totally up for all future game releases being automatically given a PEGI 18 rating if it has microtransactions in it. If they legally become classed as gambling I don't see what other choice there'd be. It's in the same way a DVD release of a film can have a higher rating than its theatrical release if one of the bonus features is of a higher rating than the main feature. Fifa might well be suitable for ages 3+, but throw in the gambling mechanics and oops, it's getting an 18. This obviously doesn't solve the issues of targeting adult players but the age rating would potentially be a strong detterent on it's own. Would they really release Fifa 21 as an 18+? I REALLY doubt it. I also think it's totally fair that games that insist on in-game purchases (not dlc) moving forward should have to disclose it on the front of the box, in the same way a lot of Nintendo Switch titles disclose that there is a mandatory download to play the game.
  23. Finally beat a Mega Man game for the first time! Can mark MM2 off the list. Starting to like the series more now that I'm getting a feel for it. I'll definitely branch out into the X series down the line!

  24. Here's a character acting shot I've been blocking-in today! Got a couple leads on my first gig in the industry so now's the time to up the quality as far as possible!


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