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  1. Even with that anniversary collection leak debunked. SEGA are sitting on very easy money not having a collection, or re-releases this year, assuming they don't announce one. Especially with the new crowd brought in from the movie it's a crying shame they, as well as the existing fanbase, don't have an easy way to get up to speed with the series aside from PC, which is still missing several of the main 3D titles.

    I give it to Capcom with their Mega Man stuff lately. They are killing it with making a back catalogue available.

    And insert my obligatory selfish begging for an Unleashed & Heroes re-release please and thank you. 


    1. Jango


      Heroes please. I've been diging to replay this game after AGES

    2. N000


      The PC version with the widescreen mod is lovely! Although I hear the emulated Dolphin version with its own widescreen hack is great too. But yeah it definitely deserves another outing!

    3. Rabid-Coot


      There's probably some cost/benefit thing about it but I've long been baffled by companies not just making everything they did available on every digital store they can.

    4. McGroose


      Man, I just want unleashed.😩

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