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  1. From what I understood the "Tails Save" thing sounded to me more like hotspot checkpoints. So you have the normal checkpoints like in the original game but with Tails, if you fall into a pit between checkpoints, he'll put you back at the nearest safe spot before the pit, instead of you going all the way back to the previous checkpoint immediately. You get X number of Tails saves and if you run out THEN you go back to the previous normal checkpoint you passed through, at which point your Tails counter would refill to whatever the default amount is.
  2. I feel like these "boost" levels aren't gonna be quite as literal as the leak makes them out to be. It all depends on Sonic's core moveset in the main open-world area but I feel like it'd be awkward adjusting to the Gens control scheme for a small part of the game unless they really are just taking the boost moveset and plonking that in an open world with some looser controls to compensate. Optimistically I'm hoping these areas play like the main game but have more linear but extreme platforming challenges to test your speed and platforming. Very much like the obstacle courses in Mario Sunshine. Why they'd be compared to Gens I'm not sure. More linear is obvious but maybe Sonic does have SOME sort of evolution of the boost as we've known it. I'd personally love Advance 2's boost mode to come into the 3D games.
  3. So looking at Sonic's model (yes, that shoe) in the Rangers teaser, do we think they've done some more fiddling with Sonic's proportions for the new game?

    It could just be the way they've posed him for the running animation but I feel if you straightened that shoe out it'd look far closer to the SA1-06 style shoe than the kinda big and rounded ones Unleashed brought in.

    And yeah same thing for the limbs.

    1. Diogenes


      it doesn't look meaningfully different to me. i think they're just doing some squash and stretch.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood


      Looks like any changes that you're seeing are 100% stylistic and for the purposes of animation. We see Sonic in slow motion, and the whole squash-and-stretch aspect of his animations are amplified during that moment.

    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Marza animated Sonic is equivalent to old cartoon openings: way better detailed and action packed than the main show that is the in game cutscenes.


      We've nothing to prove that any tweak seen here reflects how he'll appear as done by Sonic Team themselves. Nothing tells my that the forest areas will look nearly as pretty as they do here. In an era where even trailers without any gameplay at least are still done in engine, 3D FMVs animated by third parties should've mostly died all off by now

    4. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      @Supah Berry Okay, uber cynicism aside, highly doubt that they'd approve of a Marza trailer that doesn't represent the actual artstyle of the game. They've never really done that with Sonic before.


    5. Mr. Ion

      Mr. Ion

      Please Sega please c'mon I beg you just please give us a different in-game model, please Sega, the fanbase will even stop asking for Adventure remakes, please anything...I'll buy 10 copies of Sonic Forces, I promise, anything, just please Iizuka give us a different model than the one you've been using since 2008.

  4. The Avatar idea came about after all the fan work they've been shown over the years of fan characters. SEGA & sonic Team might be prone to over-correcting and learning the wrong lessons but they do know how to spot trends. I'd be very surprised if they weren't at least aware of the common threads in recent 3D fan games. Wouldn't shock me if certain invididuals have even played them in their spare time. Given what the likes of Mario and Zelda were doing in the same year Forces released, I think they will have deemed a shake-up necessary.
  5. Actually it'd be quite cool if every area (let's pretend there's various regions like a beach, forest, mountains etc) had a "regular" theme that wasn't necessarily ambience but was akin to stuff like the hub world music from Unleashed. Then when you start picking up speed it transitions into a more energetic version. Somewhat of a dynamic soundtrack. Music is something the series nails more often than not, if they went in a new open-world direction I have faith the music team would be up to the task could pull off something interesting.
  6. "pre-order" player icons are a lame as hell incentive at the best of times but being able to change your lives icon for no reason? Is ANYBODY wishing for that? The save file menu is hardly exciting but it makes sense that it's YOUR save file, and they're throwing in a teeny bit of customisation for fun. If there's online leaderbords in the game, especially for the EGG Shuttle then I think these icons might come into play here as well. In which case, player icons as a pre-order bonus makes a bit more logical sense: Personalising your player identity online. I'm very much in the camp that either tails is playable, or these glove and shoe skins for Sonic will give him altered abilities and the life icon is one way of communicating "hey, you have a custom moveset equipped".
  7. I think "drawing" a circle is literally just meaning you run in a tight-ish circle around a few enemies to destroy them. If anything I think this might be one way of dispatching enemies without having to stop or resort to homing attack spamming. Could be quite a good option if the game is more open world and you encounter little clusters of patrolling robots more frequently. Something like a bigger, more powerful, and more manual version of the blue tornado from Sonic Heroes.
  8. Tails actually wouldn't need much done to make him work. Just give him "flight" akin to Princess Peach's glide from 3D World. Basically take Sonic's double jump and whereas sonic gets a second jump, Tails can maintain the height of his initial jump and fly horizontally for a brief time. Everything else can remain the same outside things like the running and victory animations. Like Sonic's double jump, his flight would be replaced by the homing attack if there's an enemy in range.
  9. I would point out they also said Forces was made by the same team as Colours and Generations and that was very much not the case. "Team" could just mean Sonic Team which has been a rolling door of people for ages now.
  10. I think Sonic Origins will be the game they release in Spring 2022 to go with the movie. It's the perfect thing to have on shelves at a very budget price point for people to go buy after watching the movie.

    1. Inkling Cooper

      Inkling Cooper

      Somewhat unrelated but out of curiosity, what do you think they'll do with Sonic 3's music? New music, beta music or maybe they reached an agreement somehow?

    2. PickleBrows


      If it was an emulation I'd have said maybe the old community suspicion of "untouched emulations are okay" was in play, hence why 3K is still on steam without issue.

      Since it's apparently getting the widescreen treatment too though I'm really not sure. The fact that Sonic 3K suspiciously finally shows up again after the S3 Beta and its 16 bit tracks were found makes me think they're switching the music.

      They likely didn't have anything other than the midi versions from the PC release until this beta was unearthed and weren't willing to pay for new 16 bit recreations to be made. Now, that's a non-issue.

    3. PickleBrows


      I'm also waiting to see if they actually remember to include 3K, not just 3 and Knuckles seperately.

  11. @Ryannumber1gamer you're probably best to ask. Are there any particularly good deals for Ratchet PS5 physical at the moment? I'm gonna grab the game and try and get into the series properly.

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Unfortunately not, not unless you've got some reward points or gift cards in some stores. Even games like Miles Morales and Demons' Souls only got a price drop for Days of Play, and it's very slight (-17% and -22% retrospectively). Even the physical prices are the exact same as the digital prices this era, which is pretty annoying. If you don't wanna pay full price, it looks like you've gotta wait a bit for a price drop.

      Sorry I couldn't be much help here.

    2. PickleBrows


      Nah not at all dude, thanks very much! I had been hunting around so I'd pretty much figured this was the case now. I've been wanting a game that actually puts the next-gen tech to use though so I can maybe justify the cost in that.

      I don't think anything else is releasing in June that I'm fussed about so I can maybe have one less pizza in June to cover the extra cost 😅

  12. What I really hate about this stuff is they screw over physical buyers as well. And it's not like they don't want folk to buy physically since there's that bonus keychain too, it's tat but it's a purchase incentive. So you basically have to buy digitally AND physically to get everything from this. Extremely disappointed to see them go down this path. Sonic had kept its nose clean of industry BS this past decade aside from the temporary Super Sonic DLC blip.
  13. Summer Game Fest specifically mentioned Sonic will be attending. It's not impossible more details about 2022 will be unveiled there or E3. The only other thing they could do is either announce ANOTHER game, or give some extra details about Colours Ultimate.

    1. Shade Vortex

      Shade Vortex

      I feel like if it was going to be an E3 showing, why bother announce it now, at all? I'd say E3 is too soon. But right now my expectations are beneath the ground, really...

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      They offered to place the announcements at E3, but trust issues meant that the E3 people wanted nothing to do with their junk so they kicked them out

    3. PickleBrows


      I think it might be akin to Generations where we got an untitled CGI teaser and then we got a fuller announcement with gameplay a couple weeks later. 

      I might have said they don't want to risk Sonic getting buried at E3 but between it, SGF and the anniversary in June I think it'd make sense to build on the momentum from this teaser.

      A better idea of the game in June, let Colours Ultimate take the spotlight for a few months and then let Sonic 2022 start building momentum again from September after Ultimate has released.

    4. Shade Vortex

      Shade Vortex

      lmao that's about as believable as the paranoid-driven statuses I've been making

  14. Summer Game Fest specifically mentioned Sonic will be attending. It's not impossible more details will be unveiled there or E3. The only other thing they could do is either announce ANOTHER game, or give some extra details about Colours Ultimate.
  15. The last 5 hours have been an absolute rollercoaster. Especially regarding Sonic 2022.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Kiddie mini roller coaster car and track | Roller coaster for sale, Roller  coaster, Kid roller coaster




      ...I think you need better standards on what rollercoasters you can ride on

    2. PickleBrows



      I think you'll find I have very exciting tastes.

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