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  1. Does anyone own any of those all in one emulation handheld machines? I'm trying to find something pocket size and quite like the look of the RG360M but it's a bit steep here in the UK from what I can see.

    1. CleverSonicUsername



      Could look into this. It's pretty affordable at 66 bucks, and if it can run PSP, N64, and Dreamcast games as well as that video would lead you to believe, then it's worth that price.

      I don't own any myself, but am considering picking this one up if I get any at all. I just sank a hundred into a Pi4 build though so, not for a while.

      Edit: Will say I'm not a fan of the shoulder buttons being laid out the way they are, but it's an improvement over similar handhelds that lack L2 and R2's entirely. If they had designed it with grips and organized those buttons the way they should be laid out then that'd be ideal.

  2. Still wanting a full Unleashed Rerelease but I swear, imagine if it was one of the games to accept a performance increase on Project X. Unleashed in HDR 60fps would be BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Props to Unleashed Wii for clearly dictating what is expected for an S rank from stage to stage.  Especially in the Werehog stages where, if you don't get the S rank on your first go, it's easy to tell what you need to do more of or less of next time around. 

    Having the medal system tied to ranks also created a nice feedback loop of getting good ranks to get more medals, which unlocks more gia gate rooms where you can get collectables and more missions.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Totally disagree. Whilst it's nice that the game outlines how to get each rank, making it based solely on time and nothing else is pretty boring. And then tying ranks into the progression system is bollocks.

      "So you beat all the levels up to this point, eh? Oh but you didn't beat them will enough so you'll have to go and beat them them more to progress." 

      Rush Adventure had virtually the same problem. I'm not going to defend the mandatory hunting of Sun and Moon Medals in Unleashed HD to progress (especially in the daytime stages where they're so counter intuitive), but I'll take exploration over the demand that I "play better" any day of the week.

    2. ThatOddLiam


      To be fair, it never prevents progress for the main campaign and you can get a reasonable amount of the side missions before having to break a sweat on the likes of Eggmanland to get more medals with better ranks. 

      For the boost gameplay I prefer it being based on time since speed is prioritised over everything else anyway. The werehog has a three way split between time, rings, and Dark Gia force collected which suits that style more, although some sort of point system based on combos would've made sense too. 


  4. Just finished a 100% run of UnWiished. Fatigue started to set in at the end getting all the collectables in order to unlock the final mission but overall I'm surprised how well this held up. I still prefer the HD version for various reasons but as somebody who loves Unleashed, the Wii version stands fairly strong as an alternate way to experience the game.  It even handles certain things better than than the HD version.

    1. Diogenes


      i still think it's got one of the most interesting lives systems in any sonic game. one of the few times when i felt a game actually justified having lives, even if they're still not super important to the experience.

  5. I feel like the 2008 Prince of Persia game is slept on nowadays. I need to grab the steam version sometime and replay it since it's been about 10 years for me but I remember having a great time with it. Still got my 360 steelbook copy.

    1. Teoskaven


      Pro tip, stick to the 360 version, the DLC epilogue (wich is sadly kinda important) has never been released on PC.

    2. ThatOddLiam


      Oh really? Knew about the dlc but didn't know it's not made it to PC. How weird!

    3. Teoskaven


      Back then DLC small story portions that were not expansions were an actual novelty, and Ubisoft cited "buisness reasons" behind the exclusion. Considering they didn't gave the studio too much of a budget for it (hence why it's not localized in the standard multi-5 languages in terms of voice acting like the vanilla game) methinks they kept things to a minimum and they thought the PC market was the ideal one to cut corners from.
      It also makes sense considering before Dark Souls literally opened the gates, the idea of PC versions for all upcoming console games was not an immediate thought, even with the rising of Steam.

  6. Long shot. Does anybody have a pal Mega Drive mini that they used the Project Lunar mod on? I lost the backup files needed to make it work or uninstall it.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I do. If you've not sourced them already, let me know and I'll get them sorted for you. 

    2. ThatOddLiam


      Hey man! Nah I've been hunting around for a good hour and a half and they're definitely well hidden if they're out there at all. If you're sure you have the time to help that'd be a MASSIVE help, thank you!

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Cool. I'll go get it sorted for you now. Wasn't sure who on earth this "ThatOddLiam" was popping up in my notifications was though. Lol 

    4. ThatOddLiam


      Hahaha I'll be honest, the moment I changed it I did think "this might actually be a confusing time for a name change". No rush for this dude, really appreciate you taking the time to help! 

  7. Been working through Sonic X on Netflix. It's so surreal hearing Mike Pollock's early Eggman laugh being a deeper pitch and much more "normal" sounding than the higher pitched one that's now the default after refining the voice over the years.

  8. With the big Sonic bundle discount on Steam happening right now I checked what games I don't already own. I have Forces and TSR on PS4 and I'm sad that I can't justify a double dip for any reason when Generations and ASRT are already in my library. Forces doesn't even really have a particularly big modding scene, unsurprising when Gens is a far stronger base for custom content.

    1. Sean


      The only things I'm missing that I've been wanting to get were some of the Genesis games, but I'm annoyed that Sega never made the Sonic-related games $0.99 like the others and I always miss them when they're on sale.

  9. Finished a new PC build last night and everything's running great, gonna be really useful for gaming and 3D animation work.

    Has anybody had issues with Sonic Generations PC having screen tearing? Never used to have it but now I've freshly installed it on the new rig it consistently tears no matter what. I'm aware the default Vsync is a bit wacky but even a couple external solutions don't seem to be helping.

    1. Strickerx5


      If you have a Nvidia gpu, try going into the control panel and adjusting the game manually from there. This can force the app to only update at a 60fps rate. Had to do this for CD because the in-game v-sync did not work and it started going upwards of 300+fps which just sped up the entire game at that point.

      Gen in general though has a wacky config though so sometimes even just running through it again will solve a lot of issues.

    2. ThatOddLiam


      Ah it's an AMD gpu I'm afraid, should have mentioned sorry. There'll definitely be a fix somewhere.

    3. McGroose


      Glorious overpriced Nvidia masterrace

      I mean it saves on power I guess so that's one thing

    4. ThatOddLiam


      Managed to get it running beautifully, tried out the D3dOverrider and it's worked wonders!

  10. Assuming the Mario rumour is true I was having a think last night about how all of this could be structured:

    • Mario 64 & Sunshine - Digital only. Basic re-releases with naitive widescreen and increaed resolutions to improve the likes of texture quality.


    • Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 - Physical and Digital. Full HD resolutions and adjusted control schemes, ending up being extremely similar to the Chinese Nvidia Shield release. Available to buy seperately on the Eshop or as a 2-cartridge physical release. My only worry is that I'm not sure Nintendo wouldn't want to charge these at near-full price individually. If they get a physical release though, part of me just can't see the two games on shelves seperately.


    • 3D World Deluxe - Physical and Digital. Similar to the likes of the Tropical Freeze Switch port. Mostly a straight re-release with a few addons. I'm seeing some people on Twitter suggesting adding in the 3D Land levels which would definitely be cool but might be too much to hope for. Definitely a full price release.




    1. Jack at Home

      Jack at Home

      3D Land as bonus stages are definitely a must for me, as I only played 3D World. Plus, I hope for more power-ups, add Yoshis maybe. They usually have one more easy character but this game already had plenty. I dunno... it was one of my favorites, perhaps I enjoyed it more than Odyssey, can't wait to have it back in my game library (and I'm not talking about the rumor, Nintendo would simply be stupid to not port it on a console where it can really sell, as much as I want brand new games too). I would also love a new 64-esque game.

  11. If an Adventure style project is coming, I can absolutely see the first teaser being something like Sonic in a black void, whispy, mysterious audio playing throughout and ending with him looking at the camera and pulling that 2000s era Nike grin. We get a Coming Soon and target platforms but don't find out until a while after if it's a remake or new game.

    1. Kuzu


      Ahh yes, my favorite type of trailer: absolutely nothing at all.

  12. Pretty sure I've asked about starting the Shantae series before but in terms of the titles available on Switch currently, what would you say is the one to start with?

    1. Lord-Dreamerz


      I personally had started on "Shantae and the Pirate's Curse" which is overall many fans fave game in the series... I played it back on the Wii U, it is now on Switch too. it was REALLY fun! However the gameplay is not exactly the norm of the series, which can mislead your expectations for the other games as a tiny warning.

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      Pirate’s Curse is the best game in the series because it plays differently from the other games. Unlike the rest of the series where Shantae relies on transformations and has to stop to dance into them, Pirate’s Curse has Risky’s pirate gear, which can be used fluidly with the rest of Shantae’s moveset in succession.

      The end result is when you unlock all of the gear, you have this amazingly fast paced, fluid level of gameplay that rewards you for using the gear in tandem with each other. It’s especially great on a new game plus run where you start with all gear and can play this style throughout the whole game. 

      Half Genie Hero is a decently fun time too, but it isn’t as good as Pirate’s Curse, it’s hurt by putting mandatory backtracking into a Mega Man level structure and it serves as needless padding and filler. It’s still a good time, but I can only recommend it if you enjoyed Pirate’s Curse.

      Shantae 1 and Risky’s Revenge haven’t aged very well at all, so I don’t really recommend them.

    3. JezMM


      Yeah, Shantae is a really annoying series to recommend a first game for because they all come with major caveats, and just to rub salt in the wound, they have a continous narrative, at least with regards to character relationships and a continous throughline of Shantae coming to grips with who she is and the whereabouts of her parents.

      Shantae for Game Boy - Only avaliable on 3DS: Was very impressive technically for it's time, and still a good game if you use a guide to manage some of the more "old-game-with-an-open-world where-the-hell-do-I-go-now" moments. But obviously this is a pretty hardcore way to start, this game is OLD now.

      Risky's Revenge - A decent game that retains the gameplay of the original but is smaller in scope than the others due to being a DSiWare game originally.  This is where a lot of fans started and the modern ports fix some frustrating issues with the original, but it's not the series at it's best and isn't as funny as the other games for whatever reason.  It's good, but a very mild introduction to the series.

      Pirate's Curse - As said, the best game in the series, though unfortunately also has very different gameplay due to having all of your moves available at all times rather than the franchise's tradition of having Shantae transform into different animals to navigate the world. It's also abnormal from a narrative perspective - Shantae has lost her magical abilities at this point in the series and teams up with the franchise antagonist.

      Half-Genie Hero - A really nicely put together game that returns to the franchise's traditional gameplay in terms of moveset, but ditches open world exploration for a linear level structure that it then expects you to re-explore multiple times, especially since they had to sacrifice some game length for the game's high production values.

      Seven Sirens - If you fancy waiting for the new one, it's shaping up pretty nicely so far.  It finds a really happy middleground between Pirate's Curse's quick access moveset without losing the aesthetic of Shantae's traditional animal transformations. I've only played Part 1 on Apple Arcade though, so I dunno whether the story will end up going places that will be alienating for newcomers - previous games certainly have.


      Having said all of this, I do wonder if I'm worrying too much about the narrative stuff - as said while Risky's Revenge does nothing to explain who everyone is and what happened on the previous adventure, I still enjoyed it regardless. It's entirely possible the references to the overall narrative in PC and HGH might either harmlessly go over the head of a newcomer or still be perfectly easy to understand even without foreknowledge.

      Gun to my head... I'd say Pirate's Curse.  If you enjoy it and end up being disappointed at all by the others, that's still a better position to be in than having never played any at all!

    4. Lord-Dreamerz



      I think the continuous narrative is not a problem. I started with pirate's curse and wasn't bothered whatsoever with jumping into the middle of everything... but this depends on a person's personal interest as some people can't stand missing out on story buildup, while others won't worry about it.

    5. ThatOddLiam


      Just checked my Steam library and it seems at one time or another I ended up with the Risky's Revenge Director's Cut so I'll probably start there. Had a read through the plot and setting of the first game on wikipedia too so I think I've got the jist of the narrative stuff from that.

    6. JezMM


      Sounds good, RR is still a decent game so you should hopefully have a good time, it's just a little truncated compared to the others.  Don't be afraid to move onto PC if for some reason RR loses your interest.

    7. ThatOddLiam


      I definitely wouldn't dump the series if RR doesn't keep me till the end. Especially since folk are saying the series is a bit inconsistent with its style (plenty used to that with Sonic already). The artstyle and characters of the series all look really fun so I'm hoping there's a lot I'll come to enjoy!

  13. Looks like Animal Crossing might be the first time I opt for digital over a physical copy. Seeing a few places offering digital for £40 quid rather than the 45-50 of the physical. Always prefer physical where possible but got to go where the money is.

  14. Even with that anniversary collection leak debunked. SEGA are sitting on very easy money not having a collection, or re-releases this year, assuming they don't announce one. Especially with the new crowd brought in from the movie it's a crying shame they, as well as the existing fanbase, don't have an easy way to get up to speed with the series aside from PC, which is still missing several of the main 3D titles.

    I give it to Capcom with their Mega Man stuff lately. They are killing it with making a back catalogue available.

    And insert my obligatory selfish begging for an Unleashed & Heroes re-release please and thank you. 


    1. Jango


      Heroes please. I've been diging to replay this game after AGES

    2. ThatOddLiam


      The PC version with the widescreen mod is lovely! Although I hear the emulated Dolphin version with its own widescreen hack is great too. But yeah it definitely deserves another outing!

    3. Rabid-Coot


      There's probably some cost/benefit thing about it but I've long been baffled by companies not just making everything they did available on every digital store they can.

    4. McGroose


      Man, I just want unleashed.😩

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