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  1. As someone who loved Unleashed where Sonic was arguably at his fastest. Am I the only one ironically underwhelmed now by the sense of speed the Boost games provide? 

    Like I'm not saying he needs to move even faster but the insane speed kinda loses any impact when it's his standard speed for most of the runtime. If there's one thing I love the 3D fan games for it's starting down the top of a slope and that "ohh shit here we go" moment where you can feel the pace transitioning into that crazy "out of control" state.

    1. Diogenes


      been saying this for years. a good run through a level in a boost game is so evenly paced that all the "fast" parts blur together and flatten out. combined with the heavy automation it can feel like you're just floating through the levels. a roller coaster-like ebb and flow of speed is more impactful than simply going as fast as they can program the game to handle.

    2. Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      as a wise old scottish man once said

      "When you spend the whole game running at the speed of sound, the speed of sound becomes mundane."

    3. Strickerx5


      Can't really say I've ever ran into that feeling. Though that may be because my enjoyment of these games stem from both that and something else working seamlessly together; speed and keeping the flow going. It's why I greatly appreciate that little feature Gens added in where it gives you an over or under time in how you're currently doing in a level compared to your best time. Knowing that I'm performing as well as I can be is a great feeling on top of the fast ride that are the boost games.

      Though even then, personally speaking, while I've never run into that numb feeling of speed with these games, I can't imagine it being a worst feeling than what I get from knowing I just entered a platforming only section of a level like in the other games. That's more of a punch in a gut to me saying "the next 20-30 seconds of your life aren't going to be that great nor fun so get over it and maybe we'll throw you some automated tube sequence afterwards."

    4. ThatOddLiam


      Unleashed still mostly gives me the thrills and it's actually for its increased speed and more reflex-built level design that I honestly still think it's the better experience compared to the Colours or Generations (...and Forces). They tried to bring in more platforming and exploration which is great in theory, but is completely at odds with the gameplay style.

      I love Unleashed when it turns into an obstacle course where you sidestep, hop drift etc in quick succession whilst everything whizzes past. 

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