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  1. Assuming the Mario rumour is true I was having a think last night about how all of this could be structured:

    • Mario 64 & Sunshine - Digital only. Basic re-releases with naitive widescreen and increaed resolutions to improve the likes of texture quality.


    • Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 - Physical and Digital. Full HD resolutions and adjusted control schemes, ending up being extremely similar to the Chinese Nvidia Shield release. Available to buy seperately on the Eshop or as a 2-cartridge physical release. My only worry is that I'm not sure Nintendo wouldn't want to charge these at near-full price individually. If they get a physical release though, part of me just can't see the two games on shelves seperately.


    • 3D World Deluxe - Physical and Digital. Similar to the likes of the Tropical Freeze Switch port. Mostly a straight re-release with a few addons. I'm seeing some people on Twitter suggesting adding in the 3D Land levels which would definitely be cool but might be too much to hope for. Definitely a full price release.




    1. Jack out of the comics!

      Jack out of the comics!

      3D Land as bonus stages are definitely a must for me, as I only played 3D World. Plus, I hope for more power-ups, add Yoshis maybe. They usually have one more easy character but this game already had plenty. I dunno... it was one of my favorites, perhaps I enjoyed it more than Odyssey, can't wait to have it back in my game library (and I'm not talking about the rumor, Nintendo would simply be stupid to not port it on a console where it can really sell, as much as I want brand new games too). I would also love a new 64-esque game.

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