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  1. Finished a new PC build last night and everything's running great, gonna be really useful for gaming and 3D animation work.

    Has anybody had issues with Sonic Generations PC having screen tearing? Never used to have it but now I've freshly installed it on the new rig it consistently tears no matter what. I'm aware the default Vsync is a bit wacky but even a couple external solutions don't seem to be helping.

    1. Strickerx5


      If you have a Nvidia gpu, try going into the control panel and adjusting the game manually from there. This can force the app to only update at a 60fps rate. Had to do this for CD because the in-game v-sync did not work and it started going upwards of 300+fps which just sped up the entire game at that point.

      Gen in general though has a wacky config though so sometimes even just running through it again will solve a lot of issues.

    2. ThatOddLiam


      Ah it's an AMD gpu I'm afraid, should have mentioned sorry. There'll definitely be a fix somewhere.

    3. McGroose


      Glorious overpriced Nvidia masterrace

      I mean it saves on power I guess so that's one thing

    4. ThatOddLiam


      Managed to get it running beautifully, tried out the D3dOverrider and it's worked wonders!

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