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  1. The Loudest Loud

    Doctor Who

    Keep in mind that each episode is getting 60 minutes rather than the usual 45 which means we're actually getting a longer overall series runtime than we've had previously so I wouldn't necessarily be too concerned about budgets or whatnot. If the move to Sundays has been done to fix the timeslot and competition issues the Capaldi era seemed to be noticeably hit with then I think it's a good move. There's already plenty of people seeing the episodes on demand instead of live anyway so the Saturday night slot isn't as much a loss as it might have been earlier in the decade.
  2. The Loudest Loud

    So what's canon, Encore Mode and/or Mania Adventure

    Just for fun let's complicate this even further with this needless little conspiracy I've just noticed! 😁 The Phantom Ruby was here all this time! 😂
  3. Spent a good half hour trying to see if it was actually possible but Sonic Islands has a "secret" area you can access. I only call it secret because it's possibly the most difficult area I've found to access so far.



    Near the start of the level when you turn right before launching off a ramp to the middle area that has the checkpoint and most of the chaos emeralds. 

    Just before that ramp, the wall on the right side is actually scalable but you need a HUGE amount of momentum and even then you'll need to do some smart jumping to get yourself over the very tip of the wall. The only way I've found so far is to roll down the hills at the beginning, uncurl and use the drift to maintain as much speed as possible before rolling down the short incline that leads to the wall.

    It took me quite a few tries but it's really satisfying being able to use the physics to get up there. There's no major secret waiting for you but there's a couple springs and capsules to at least acknowledge you made it. You'll be able to get on top of the map from there too!


    1. Bobnik


      Yeah, it was pretty tricky to get to


      Did you get to the red pedestal tho?


    2. The Loudest Loud

      The Loudest Loud


      Yeah dude! Do those emerald pedestals have any functionality?? I've found multiple dotted around but haven't found a use for them.


    3. Bobnik



      They act as sort of an upgrade system for your emeralds and therefore your moves. For example, the red one allows you to do a backspin, which acts like a better(?) break. 

      I found 3 of those, but there's apparently 4 of them in this demo, all before the white emerald.


    4. The Loudest Loud

      The Loudest Loud


      Oh really?? I did read about upgraded moves but I assumed that was just your moveset being expanded with the emeralds. Hmm well there's the one at the first bend you wall run on, the one in the "secret" area and the one near the blue emerald to the left of that middle area. Hmm, think I'm gonna boot the game up again right now and see about this. I THINK I've only found three so far.


  4. Made a short animation shot for a potential mentorship at Axis Animation here in Glasgow! Still a lot of improving to be done with my skills but it's already a big step up from my uni work prior to the summer!

  5. A brawl is surely brewing!

    NOW GO!

  6. There are plenty of other more pressing fighter choices but with the Diablo 3 news I'll shamelessly hope in vain for Tracer to out of nowhere make it into Smash Bros!!! 😍

  7. *Tropical Resort Music


  8. Anybody happen to know how rare the 10 Inch Jazzwares Metal Sonic is??

    I've had mine in storage a while and I'm considering selling him as well as some of my retro SEGA consoles just to scrap up a little extra cash for the last year of uni.

    1. Polkadi~♪


      I'm interested, how much would you take for the 10 inch Metal Sonic? I know it's not the answer to the rarity, but...

  9. I'm still really curious about the whole THQNoordic  re-releasing old Nick games thing. A re-release of the Spongebob movie game please!

    And before anybody brings up the PS3 release...well, no!  We don't need to go there 😉

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      I'd take Battle for Bikini Battle myself

    2. The Loudest Loud

      The Loudest Loud

      Oh hey I'd totally go for that too! I never got to try it back in the day (I had Dutchman instead 😖

      I remember liking Creature from the Krusty Krab a BIT but getting fed up with it by the end.

    3. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      If THQNordic ports any of the Nick games, it'll be most likely Spongebob Battle for Bikini Bottom and the Movie first. They are the highest rated of the THQ-Nick games. Out of curiosity, even I would try Battle of Bikini Bottom just to see if it is as good as they say (bearing in mind when much of the forum was playing this game, was in my mid to late teens).

      That's if they still have the source code or Kalisto manages to port the game.

    4. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      Nicktoons series rerelease PS4/X1/Switch HD when?

  10. The Loudest Loud

    Nickelodeon Kart Racers (October 23 2018, PS4/XBox One/Switch)

    The Loud House seems to be one of their main shows at the moment (nooo I'm not biased, hush now) so I'd be shocked if that doesn't show up. If we're putting our wildcards in here, I want to see Jimmy Neutron get some love!
  11. Just discovered the new Pinball minigame actually replaces blue sphere in Mania mode if you've gotten all gold medals. That's pretty cool!

    1. Ernest-Panda


      It’s okay, but it doesn’t offer any longterm rewards like blie sphere did (medals).

    2. The Loudest Loud

      The Loudest Loud

      It doesn't have any long-term unlockables but it gives you easy access to extra rings or a particular shield you're after (making it as valuable as the Sonic 3K bonus stages). A big improvement over having Blue Sphere remain with literally no reward whatsoever for your effort. The pinball is also less demanding than the blue sphere so having smaller useful rewards is fitting enough to me.

    3. TheOcelot


      The pinball bonus stage (which allows you to collect and keep collectables like with the Sonic 3 bonus stages) is the perfect reward for collecting all GOLD medallions.

  12. Why does the Norway Navy have bar codes on the side of their ships?

    So that when they come back to port they can...Scandinavian

  13. Y'know since I got Mania Plus for the Switch it only just occurred to me to try the game in handheld mode.

    Aaaaand with that, late-night Sonic Mania in bed is going to become a recurring habit I reckon! 😂

    1. Ferno


      me when Breath of the Wild came out

    2. JezMM


      Mania is actually one of those games I feel is more comfortable to play handheld mode.  It's probably just my TV, but I get a noticable bit of input lag that isn't present in handheld mode at all.

    3. Ferno


      I'll admit that since I didn't play the classics when they were new games, and since most of my first real 2D Sonic experiences were on handhelds, sometimes it actually feels more natural for me to play Mania in handheld mode, pretending that its a Sonic Advance 4 on steroids... being played on a GBA on steroids.

    4. Blacklightning


      I can only play portable Switch for like an hour cos it makes my pinky go numb for some reason

      Am I the only one who gets that?

    5. TCB


      That's me with the game


      Like six months ago

  14. "Teen Titans GO is a bit too silly, can you maybe do something about that?"



  15. Haven't got LEGO Incredibles yet since, y'know, money but it's the first LEGO game I'm half dreading the announcement of any DLC because they KNOW I'm gonna grab all of it, especially if they expand with further Pixar characters!


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