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  1. others, look for what you're doing wrong.

  2. Listen Gogeta, no one hates you. Barely anyone here even knows who the hell you are. All they know is you continue to complain about being neg repped, reputation means nothing, infact, most of the time, I don't even look at how much I'm neg repped or + repped, I'm either going to be full of myself or be disappointed in myself. But what I'm trying to say is instead of blaming oth...

  3. It's a shame how there's really only 3 people on the entire Internet who I can say actually talk as if you were actually there.

    1. HyperGogeta


      Lickidy lickidy lock... The lock ran up the clock...

  4. Now for dessert.

  5. I love the way everybody is talking about me in there status. I feed off the attention.

    1. Gaming Misfit

      Gaming Misfit

      I meant no harm...U iz kewl.

    2. Noir




    3. Dr Jackstraw

      Dr Jackstraw

      go back to complaining about your rep.

    4. Mobile-Chicane
    5. Nepenthe


      We feed off of giving you attention. Drama is fun, so everybody wins! \o/

    6. King Frosty

      King Frosty

      Don't turn into Silver_Hedgie dude. PLEASE DONT. TWT

    7. SuperClassic


      Lets just move along guys, something like this isn't worth our time.


  7. Okay, seriously. What's up with all the stupid movies.

    1. Gaming Misfit

      Gaming Misfit

      I think it has something to do with the S_H movie....O_O

    2. Senator NinjaShark

      Senator NinjaShark

      You call them STupid Movies

      I call them 'Oscar Worthy'

    3. King Frosty

      King Frosty

      That I'm making.

    4. #EndyGate
    5. Tatsumaki
    6. frokenok3


      Mine will take the Oscar fellas. I made over 1 billion with the last one! xDxD

    7. Noir




    8. HyperGogeta


      I'm not gonna gtfo, and I'm not saying no fun allowed. It's just that you guys are constantly milking a joke and don't know how to knock it off.

    9. Dr Jackstraw
    10. Gaming Misfit

      Gaming Misfit

      Don't worry Hyper...they shall calm down sooner or later. This forum is like a sugar rush, you're like a mexican jumping bean on crack one second, then you're down and on the ground out.

    11. King Frosty

      King Frosty

      he was joking about the gtfo hyper. :|

    12. Senator NinjaShark

      Senator NinjaShark


    13. Noir


      No Fun Allowed: The Movie, staring HyperGogeta

      Directed by Michael Bay! With explosions!

      (I'm only doing this since you complain about our jokes)

  8. Were you and pink tornado of ove the same people?
  9. So he tellsme to shut the fuck up and you tell me to calm down? No problem, shadic, you got it.
  10. Yep, That's what I mean by easy. I love the way you tried to make me look dumb, but I wasn't SERIOUSLY about to do some math JUST to figure out what percentage of bosses were easy.
  11. Yes. And don't tell mento shut the fuck up, pal. YOU shut the fuck up.
  12. Lotion in motion, my friends. LOTION IN MOTION.

    1. King Frosty

      King Frosty

      LOTION. ALSO JOIN U-ohwait people are men again. NOW THAT WERE ME-*shot*

  13. Okay... Did you read the whole post? That would probably answer a bit of your questions. But I said Team Babylon would be an Extra unlockable when you collect all the chaos emeralds, and beat the whole game. They wont have anythin to do with the story, just like Amy in Sonic Advance 2. Okay, I'll go more into depth. You remember how The Original Advances had those short cutscenes whenever you unlock a character? But all in all, there were only about 5 cutscenes in each Advance game? If I really wanted to follow up with Ultimate Advance 4, even though I'd already changed it quite a bit, having them have full blown Conversation and totally real cutscenes would take away from the feel of an Advance game. So here's what would happen. Let's just go with the flow and say Shadow SOMEHOW found a way to get around the gas, got up to the base, and got sent back down to Earth. Well I would need to place a scene there to explain what's going on. Once Shadow reaches Eggman, there'll be those Sonic Advance Scenes, and this is how it'll go- Shadow: Doctor, what's going on with the earth? I know this is nothing more than another soon to be failed attempt at Conquer. Eggman: [Laughs] Shadow, Shadow, Shadow. You couldn't have BUTTED out and stated down on Earth like a GOOD little hedgehog, could you have? Oh well, since my plan is going just as suspected as you've tagged along with omega, I'll tell you just WHAT IM GOING TO DO!! After year.. After YEAR AFTER YEAR of trying to get rid of that Blue bafoon, Sonic.. Ive come to realize something. I can't possibly overpower him, no matter what I do. He's always got the support of that pathetic planet behind him, and ways finding SOME WAY to get in MY WAY! well.. Not anymore... After years of planning this out.. I've developed a type SPECIAL of BOMB... The SLEEPING BOMB, if you will!! My plan is only so simple, yet so rewarding. In 3 weeks time, Shadow.. The world will be mine. Sonic will have NOBODY. They will all be under the controll of MY bases around the planet. Just to torture him with bragging rights though.. I won't take him prisoner. He'll finally see the full wrath.. Of the EGGMAN EMPIRE! Shadow: Hm. How foolish of you to DARE under estimate me of all people, the Ultimate Life Form. Did you really even think this capsule could contain me, after seeing a display of my full strength before? *Shadow begins to build up Energy for a Chaos Blast* Eggman: HO HO HO!!!... I don't think so. *A white, Baby-Bluish gas is released into the capsule, and Shadow Makes an effort to fight it* Shadow: h.. U if .. Your.. You.. Ge.. Awa.. Ay... Th.. Uugghh... *Collapses to sleep* Eggman: BYE BYE, LITTLE GUY. *Releases the capsule at FULL FORCE down to earth. Shadow crash-lands, sustaining injury, and soon awakens 3 weeks later.* So that's basically the end of that scene. So once Shadow Blasts his way outta the capsule, he goes to the gun base, hoping to find any survives not already turned into henchman. So then there's a Stage right there, called Get to the Base. So after the stage, there's no one there, and Shadow makes his way to the Forest so he can contemplate on what to do, and think of a plan. There's another stage: Out of the base and into the Forest. While in the forest, Shadow ironically finds Sonic still passed out on the ground. He goes to wake him up, explain everything, and they team up. You unlock Sonic, and with every base you destroy, you find another friend and Unlock their character. So here's how it goes down though. Once Shadow finds Sonic and explain the deal, They split up to destroy every base independently. Then you unlock team Sonic starting off only as Sonic. You destroy the bases, yadayadayada, new character, yadayadayada, already said that, and the person you unlock for SONICS BASES, are Tails and Knuckles, developing a full team. There will be 15 Bases to destroy for each team. Amounting in 30 Stages total. At the start of each stage, you get the choice to play as whatever character, so it doesn't seem forced, like Sonic Advance 2. I WOULD SAY you all 3 play as a team and sidescroll and press the bumpers on your controller to switch formation, but oh boy the amount of BITCHING I'd receive. And if you pay attention, you'd realize team Ahadow would be without a Power formation leader, as Omega is still on Eggmans base being experimented on. So anyway, you destroy the first base and Unlock Rouge. 4 Bases later, you Find an abandoned GUN robot, in sleep mode, and shadow activates him. There's a scene I'm to damn lazy to think up right now, and then there's your 3rd member. So after destroying all the bases, the 2 teams meet back up, and then there's a scene. Sonic: Hey, Shadow! Shadow: I take it you've destroyed the bases. Sonic: yep! Just like old times, eh? 2 hedgehogs takin down the Eggman, Amirite? *Shadow nods his head, Smirks, looks down and Points his finger to the sky* Shadow: If you think this battle is anywhere near done, you don't know the half of it. [under his breath] then again, what more could I expect. *Sonic looks up, and notices how the sky is still Red and Brownish.* Sonic: Now that you mention it, that has kind of been bugging me to. When dealing with Eggman, anything other than a clear sky is bad news. So. If this party isn't over, than I guess it just started! Alright, Tails, get the Torna- *Shadow grabs Sonic* (Slow motion scene) *Shadow is pulling Sonic closer, everybody else starts to gasp, Tails start to run after Shadow to attack, Eouge is about to stop him, knuckles and the robot just have the most "Holy shut what do I do" look on there face, Shadow uses Chaos Control, Tails jumps for him, Misses, Rouge jumps for Shadow also, and they warp into Space. Sonic, and shadow, now Eggmans base in space. Sonic, in a rage: SHADOW! WHAT ARE YOU, CRAZY! IVE GOT 2 QUESTIONS TO ASK YOU!! 1, WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT LEAVING EVERYBODY BEHIND, and 2, WHY WAS EVERYBODY MOVING TO SLOW?? Shadow: Your still as foolish and naive as you were the last time we met, idiot. THINK FIRST. The 2 of us are more than capable of destroying these bases by ourselves. Having those 2 tagging along with us was just posing as a team because the world is real. Think about it, they only would have slowed us down. Us coming to handle this ourselves was the best choice. They only would have Slowed us down. Sonic, looking both frustrated, and somewhat confused: ... Shadow: Look, were not going to accomplish anything by just sitting around here fueding like a couple of morons. Let's get moving. *Shadow runs along, Sonic following pursuit* then there's a stage, the end of the end, and You get a choice to play as Sonic or Shadow. You get through the stage, it's about 20 minuets long, and once you reach Eggman, He sits back inhis chair, turns around, a capsule comes over his head, and a huge robot that resembles omega comes up. Eggman, at the tip top of the machine says, Come and get me now, FOOLS!! So you break out the super forms, go into space, battle in a tag team, Come Down, blablabla, both Sonic faceplants the earth like usual, and Shadow lands on his feet and wipes off is shoulder. There's an ending I'm to lazy to make up right now, and that's that. [sigh] so does THAT answer everything else?
  14. has anybody let him idle fore 3 minuets to see what happens??? maybe thats their refrence to Sonic CD.
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