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  1. The track listings have been revealed thanks to Amazon.jp. Sonic Forces Original Soundtrack - A Hero Will Rise Sonic Forces Vocal Traxx - On The Edge Apologies if this is old news...
  2. Doodled this not long ago, still not 100% sold on Boom Sonics design. Tad overkill with the sports tape IMO
  3. Wow, I'd totally forgotten about this.. Wish I could post something a bit more cheerful but I actually need some advice as I'm feeling pretty frustrated right now. I tend to have horrible consistency when I'm drawing, I can spend ages drawing things I'm not happy with/look crap then out of nowhere I'll produce something I like the look of and then can never replicate. I've collected together my recent sketches to illustrate this point. I've been trying recently to improve my human drawings (as you can see, faces are not my strong point), about half an hour ago out of nowhere I drew the face thats on the far right, about halfway down which I actually like. No guidelines or anything, but I cant for the life of me replicate it. And don't even get me started on that full figure, I did that a couple of weeks ago, once again just started drawing and it came out great. But on that page it looks like it was drawn by someone else lol. Does anyone else ever experience this? Any advice? I get the feeling it's just going to take more practice.
  4. Mine has just arrived abut 5 minutes ago! So excited to start opening it! Just in case anyone was wondering, I'm near Nottingham. I don't know how that relates to you guys.
  5. Tracklist revealed from http://www.cdjapan.c...?KEY=POCS-21032 Sorry if this is old
  6. So, anyone who's played it yet, what are your thoughts? Personally, I thought it was really close to the classics, the jump felt fine and Sonic was really responsive. I thought the graphics were amazing before, but now I've actually seen them up close on my HDTV they are absolutely beautiful. As we already knew, the music kicks all kinds of ass and the Sonic 1 Ending jingle used for the title screen is an awesome little touch. The demo is indeed limited to 20 days and there is a countdown on the title screen which says 'There are X days remaining on this game'. My ONLY slight issue is with the spindash, and I think it's been noted in some previews before. I'm fine with just using the Square/X button to power it up (although I still prefer Down+X/A) but when you release it, it seems to run out of power very quickly compared to the Classics. For example, if you go to an area in the demo where there are 2 consecutive loops going downhill, stand at the top, charge the spindash and then let go, and don't touch the controller, he'll run out of power before the second loop. I urge other people to have a go at this just in case it's me being thick though. All in all it's a solid demo, and with plenty of time until release, I can only see it getting better. I am majorly pumped for November (not that I wasn't already ) EDIT: After playing through it again, I'm not really sure what the problem is. The spindash to me feels absolutely perfect on flat(ish) ground, for example if you do it right from the start. The distance he goes and speed decreases etc, look absolutely spot on. Those loops though, it just doesn't look right. I was expecting something like the end of Mushroom Hill (Act 1 I believe) blasting through those loops and into the boss but it just doesn't happen. I would like to make clear that this is only a minor niggle for me and it doesn't affect what is overall a great game.
  7. I went into Game Demos, and just looked through the list (under Q-S obviously) doesn't seem to be anywhere else at the mo. (87%...) EDIT: I'm using a PS3, don't know about the 360 yet :\
  8. OK, so I actually totally forgot about that Sonic Colours piece (and this topic oops) I'm sure I'll finish it at some point... maybe. The only thing I have to post is this piece which I put together not long ago. It started off as just a random doodle with Emerald Hill in mind, but the finished sketch bears very little resemblance to that specific level, so I just threw some colour on it and thought I'd post it here.
  9. Thank you both for your replies ~ <3. I have already started inking so I'll post it when I've finished. I find the hands of characters always give me some problems when drawing (if you look closely you can see the many previous attempts poorly rubbed out all around them ) so I will try out your suggestions to make the hands bigger. I will also take a look at the fist as you suggested Flyboy - I sort of gave up on it, as it didn't look right but I couldn't figure out what to do. Perhaps a combination of shortening the glove/enlarging the hands will be enough.
  10. So, I've been meaning to make a topic of my own for a long time now, so I've finally decided to do it. I don't have much to post straight away unfortunately but I will post my most recent piece. With Sonic Colours being released tomorrow (In Europe anyway) I felt I should do something related to it in some way. So here it is! Please excuse the quality as it was taken with my camera, I'm hoping to get a scanner sorted soon. I am planning to make it all pretty on the computer but before I did anything major I'd quite like some feedback/critique on it. I've been staring at it for some time, and something doesn't look quite right to me, I'm wondering if his left arm is too long. What do you guys think?
  11. Thought I'd have a shot at the full lyrics... I'm falling free, in the wind, in the wind. Free to be me, in the wind, in the wind. What would it feel like to be speeding light, And move the night and day. Watch as it passes by, you're mad to try, But they just can't keep up. Into the free, Into the me, Into the ever knowing. Felt so refrained, Felt so constrained, But now I'm breaking out and... I'm falling free, in the wind, in the wind. Free to be me, in the wind, in the wind. Beg, borrow, steal, you make a deal And with no hesitation Crawl, walk or run, you've had your fun Of which is very certain Into the free, Into the me, Into the ever knowing. Felt so constrained, Felt so to blame, But now I'm breaking out and... I'm falling into the free, to the free. Free to be me, I am free, I am free. I'm falling free, in the wind, in the wind. Free to be me, in the wind, in the wind. What would it take for you to make A simple ??????? Into the known, from the unknown I feel this wild temptation Into the free, This started me, Into the ever knowing. Felt so constrained, Felt so ashamed, But now I'm breaking out and... I'm living in, in the free, in the free. Free to be me, I am free, I am free. I'm falling free, in the wind, in the wind. Free to be me, in the wind, in the wind. I'm falling free, in the wind, in the wind. Free to be me, in the wind, in the wind. I'm freeeeee!
  12. According to its listing on HMV Japan, the OST is set to have 3 disks so there might be a lot of cutscene music after all. As long as it's good, I don't mind. No other new information on the page as far as I'm aware. HMV Japan
  13. The other Sonic Colours song that was played was probably the Ending theme, since in the TGS video they kept referring to 'Reach for the Stars' as the Opening theme if I heard right. In a video taken at PAX 2010 (where that other horrible recording of Reach for the Stars came from) the singer mentions that they were doing two songs for the game so it's probably a safe bet to assume that the new song is being sung by them as well. I can't wait to hear more of the Free Riders song as well, I wonder who's singing that..
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