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  1. Alright after recovering from the shock and watching the trailer again, I can piece together this much. There are about 3 worlds in the game: the real world, the alternate world (what most of the trailer focuses on,) and Tiki's world. From what I know of Persona, I think that the main character is a transfer student (judging by an anime cutscene where he seems to be on a train.) He and his friends get dragged to the other world with the strong theme of pop music (judging by a brief clip of the male character running in a music store (maybe the entryway to the other world,) another anime cutscene that focuses on a female character putting on earbuds, a battle that looks like it's taking place on a concert stage, and a brief clip of someone singing.) Somehow he meets up with Tiki who acts as the Igor of the game (I have nothing to back this up.) I don't know if what I'm saying is right because I'll admit, I'm desperate to salvage any of my interest for this game.
  2. Goodness me, this is not what I was expecting. I seriously thought that this was some random Atlus 3DS title until I noticed that the models looked too good. So far this game doesn't look like a good crossover between the two series. The setting is completely ridiculous compared to the more grounded settings of Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei, I don't get a sense of Fire Emblem aside from the title and that brief second of Tiki, and from what I've seen of Persona (which seems to be the actual basis of the crossover instead of SMT,) the setting is relatively more grounded than this. (Unless the Persona series has some wacky alternate world where all the Anime happens.) I seriously hope that this is just a poor trailer and it's not indicative of the game's tone.
  3. I like how Robin represents Fire Emblem Awakening very well: limited use weapons and the pair up/dual strike mechanic by the final smash. By the way no splash screen for ol' Falcon? Pfft... (Seriously though glad he's back.)
  4. Speaking of VOs, I've noticed that Little Mac sounds extremely Japanese and more deep than what I'm used to (most noticeably on his neutral B ). I do kind of hope he gets an English VO by the final release.
  5. So Pac-Man isn't "Pac-Man" but "classic Namco." I like it.
  6. On the subject of Pac-Man and the lack of moves he could have. I've gotta ask, why should he be limited to the Pac-Man games? Instead of representing just the Pac-Man series, Pac-Man could represent the entirety of Namco. For his neutral special Pac could pull out a Galaga ship to shoot, grab could be the pump from Dig Dug, the Soul Edge could be worked into one of Pac's smash moves. Pac-Man is pretty versatile if you approach him from a different direction.
  7. Yeah, I noted a slight Japanese accent when he punched Sandbag.
  8. It just make me question why not to just jump right into the pun.
  9. I'm sort of surprised that I've never seen Masked Marth being theorized as an alternate to Marth. I mean spoilers aside this Masked Marth is technically the current public perception of Marth. Plus it's not as much as a radical change from female to male Wii Fit Trainer.
  10. happy birthday!

  11. About the supposed low pay, did Ryan know how little Sonic speaks in Generations compared to Adventure? I mean that Ryan probably expected Sega to pay like they did in the Dreamcast era, but now Sonic speaks so much less and there's really no changing any time soon. Sega must be paying Sonic's voice actor much less compared than before because to this. I really need to organize my thoughts better...
  12. Guys I have an idea here... What if Sonic was also hunting for the Master Emerald shards, but it's not to help Knuckles? Sonic may come to the conclusion that Knuckles is a lousy guardian and if he helps repair the M.E. it may just be shattered again. Sonic can also say that there's nothing wrong with Angel Island being in the ocean and there's no reason for the M.E. to be complete. Knuckles can take offence to this and maybe be less buddy-buddy with Sonic and actually oppose him at times. As why Sonic is looking for the shards,,, um... maybe he found some sort of use for them or he is just trying to keep them away from Knuckles and Eggman... It's just an idea I came up with on the spot though.
  13. If it was possible for the WiiU to support more than one tablet there would be something I would like to see. The tablets can show the standard gameplay screen while the TV shows some sort enhanced viewpoint (camera swooping, zooming, and various other effects) for tournaments or something. For only one tablet I could only think that it could be given to someone be like a game-master in games like Mario Party, like while everyone is playing a minigame the one with the tablet can alter the board and events for the next turn. ...I really can't make up something for only one tablet that the 3DS can't do right now...
  14. Er... Yeah. I guess you're right that Jet isn't a dark Sonic, I guess you would call him a foil instead? I also find it interesting that Shadow's and Silver's colors are the usual opposite colors, black and red to white and blue... By the way I'd like to see how Shadow reacts to Silver's psychic powers. I mean imagine Shadow's reaction when he sees Silver teleport, confuse, paralyze, and of course, grab and throw almost anything without using any chaos energy! It's a shame that Shadow and Silver did not spend much time with each other. ...A bit off-topic, but do you guys think in the future chaos energy has evolved into psychic powers?
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