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    the nightmare of the nazi grammar
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    half shy a little insane quit a touch of bad jokes and puns also a fan of kirby and sonic games
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    sky sactura- wait what?
  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. where do i find a sonic generations gif?(like sonic break dancing and all that stuff?) and sorry for ask in my profile feed

  3. i would like to see sky sanctuary i think by a plane tour could be possible to watch it and i don't know where can i have a residence maybe angel island?.... maybe not i think knuckles would be stalking outside of my house in the night but i think apotos is one of the best choices for a residence also a museum of all eggman's destroyed machines would be pretty cool !
  4. i think a reboot is very bad idea if you think in the fans of the present games and the old ones rebooting the series is just gonna make things worst and more confusing for some fans and who knows? maybe something like this... in a nutshell!: sonic actual fanbase+reboot+sonic reboot fanbase= sonic fans flamewar
  5. hello people of UK or whatever you live! yea im a huge fan of sonic (like must of us) also i have very very VERY bad grammar becouse im not that good with my english but let's say my mother language is spanish i want to draw very good but im still not good at that but the most important reason i join in is becouse the disscusion of the incoming games...mostly sonic genertions i hope i have a warm welcome to this forum
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