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  1. look what drx has posted!


    If you don't know, drx is responsible for dumping over a thousand beta ROMs of SEGA games, and has also made the first disassembly of Sonic 1.

    1. Typical


      It's nothing to do with Sonic, but I happened to come across his channel and found out that he decided to post something 8 years after he last Sonic-related video

  2. https://imgur.com/a/EyEay

    Just a quick thing that I made on MS Paint using screenshots from Sonic Retro and this video here.

    It basically compares Sonic Mania in 16:9 and 4:3 to Sonic 1,2,CD,3 & K. I would like to play the 4:3 version for the nostalgia factor I suppose, but I think the majority wouldn't really care. I think it's at least cool to look at, though. 

  3. I would say Street Fighter, but I prefer King of the Fighters over them two series. I didn't really get into Mortal Kombat... I just thought it was kind of a gimmick (at first) because it used pre-rendered sprites... and blood. And people like that, going as far as calling the Genesis version of Mortal Kombat (2 I think it was) better than the SNES version just because the Genesis/Mega Drive version had blood and the SNES didn't, while disregarding the fact that the Genesis only has 4 buttons, and it resorts to using the start button to block. I'm pretty sure the newer games aren't that bad. I have played Mortal Kombat 9 on Xbox 360 and it was quite interesting, but that was before I started to get into traditional fighters like SF, MK, KOF, etc...
  4. I am aware that the drift isn't "realistic", but this is a Sonic game, it doesn't have to be realistic in every single aspect, especially if the "realism" may change how the game is. We're talking about a blue hedgehog that runs on two legs, can accelerate incredibly fast, and even side step while remaining the same top speed. I prefer it in Generations since I felt like it gave the player more control in the actual stages. My point wasn't that Unleashed had less 3D sections, my point was I personally found that the 3D sections in Generations actually made better use of 3D platforming compared to Unleashed, despite how much Generations incorporated the 3D sections into the Modern Sonic stages, or the game itself. If you're bringing Classic Sonic into the discussion, I could also say the Werehog stages are even less relevant, since the games literally goes from a platformer to a Beat 'em up with some crazy puzzles thrown in. But that's the past the point, both games have a somewhat equal split between Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic/Werehog, so we're just talking about the Modern Sonic stages (and which game had used the boost mechanic best - exclusive to modern sonic) Those are just my two pennies' worth though.
  5. if you mean Sonic Unleashed, I'd personally argue that Generations did it better since the level design was improved a bit (for example, I felt that game actually used a bit more real 3D platforming) and the drift works better too. But Forces definitely is the worst than Unleashed and Forces, and you point still holds true. I think you could say that about classic sonic physics.
  6. https://imgur.com/a/5Rtv1

    I have a feeling that I'm not the only one who has made that connection.

    1. Typical


      I suppose they look like the egg pawns from Heroes too. It's just the laser red (Cyclops from x-men-like) eyes that reminded me of the SWATbots. And the fact that the story is reminiscent of the premise of SatAM.

  7. Yeah I agree. Although when I first saw the review, my thoughts were "Well, this wasn't unexpected", I still thought it'd be best to wait for more reviews to see what the majority thinks.
  8. I tried playing Sonic 1 on my Android phone...

    The touch controls really make it hard to play, I was in Green Hill Zone act 3, and I kept getting hit by the enemies because it's so hard for me to react quick with the blooming touch screen. Then I gave up, because I tried getting the chaos emeralds, but I just kept getting hit. I'm going to see if I can run this game on my computer somehow. The 2013 version, I already have the original genesis version on steam and on DS (Sonic Classic Collection or whatever it's called).

  9. I didn't realise (or remember, I suppose) "Nice Smile" was a thing in 06. It's probably one of the most awkward lines ever. Like, it's not even "I like your smile", or "you look beautiful when you smile", it's just "Nice Smile" with a thumbs up and a really flirty wink. It just feels out of place, and the way he looks down on her.


    Yeah I'm thinking about this too much.

    EDIT: Also that person who sent me that "Nice Smile" is a genius.

    1. Polkadi~☆


      It's an awkward line, but it seems to have been put to good use here. Like a "Sonic approves" or "I geniunely like this" reaction.

    2. Typical


      Oh yeah don't get me wrong, I think it's hilarious and I couldn't believe it was actually a genuine line from a sonic game. I just didn't know much about it. I guess I'm not a true Sonic fan then.

    3. Polkadi~☆


      Oh, don't worry. Nobody wants you to know about Sonic 06.

    4. NikoS
  10. Yeah I know that, it's just that if 2D platformers are allegedly unpopular in Japan, shouldn't that be a reason to discourage Sega from making Boost games like that? And it makes even less sense since we already have classic sonic to represent the 2D sections.
  11. Why aren't Modern Sonic's levels fully 3D then? We still get the 2D section even when Classic sonic was in 2 games with Modern Sonic
  12. I don't know, really. I thought the boost mechanic was interesting at first, but every time it came back, I started to like it less and less. Although it may look cool when people speedrun through those kind of games, for me, it's not really that enjoyable. Sonic simply moves too fast that having any actual platforming in 3D will be difficult. I feel like the concept relies on a lot of trial and error, not saying that every other game lacks this aspect, but it feels more prevalent in the boost games for me. Once I saw that boost was back in Forces, a lot of my interest simply went away.
  13. Yeah, I thought that bit was really unrealistic too, since they should have all been incinerated by it. It would've been much better if the sun wasn't literally about to touch them.
  14. What I don't get is the whole "Infinite is faster than Sonic?" subplot thing that they had going on in the beginning. Because after sonic was saved, it seemed like they were evenly matched in speed or something, like at first I thought Infinite was going to be really strong and they'd have to think of something really smart to beat him, but really I don't get how they did that exactly.
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