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  1. Wrath of Cortex is legitimately one of the most underrated games ever. Crash 2 and 3 are better, sure, but I honestly think it can be argued that in some ways 4 is better than 1. Why do people hate on this game so much? I hear them talk bad about it but never say why they don't like it.

    1. Ferno


      It was actually my first (and only) Crash game.


    2. Gaming Misfit

      Gaming Misfit

      No, :P although you are missing out on some good games

    3. Milo


      Of what I played of Twinsanity, it was rather fun.

      And I hear a lot of badmouthing about Titans, but the DS version is actually pretty good.

    4. Gaming Misfit

      Gaming Misfit

      Twinsanity is def the best to come out of the PS2, GC, and XBOX era.

    5. TheOcelot


      4 is simply copying 3. 4 is less polished and some of the gameplay is very poorly designed.

    6. Gaming Misfit

      Gaming Misfit

      It's important to remember that 4 was made by a totally different group of people. Also it introduced more levels with Coco where she was actually on foot and she controlled a bit different.

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