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  1. A Hypothetical New Team Rose

    I agree with what some folk in this thread have been saying, the whole "team" format feels like artificially boxing the characters into types for arbitrary reasons. Two reasons for this By defining one overarching trait, and then lumping a bunch of characters into that group creates a feeling of "sameness" when the reality is, if you look at various characters, their skillset is not so easily defined. Secondly, it encourages keeping characters within their established teams, limiting what each character can do on their own and discouraging interesting/unique partnering.
  2. I mean, if we're counting spinoffs, then the classic era has masterpieces like Sonic's Schoolhouse...
  3. Legitimately curious what kind of response the OP is expecting here other than "No"...
  4. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    Is there a collection/catalogue of all the cut content in this game that we know of so far? I'm curious how much of this game didn't make it into the final product, given how weirdly disjointed the game feels.
  5. The Classic Series vs. The Advance Series

    I'm personally pretty impartial, I feel like the pros between the two are fairly balanced: Drop Dash: Has a satisfying flow Curls up into a ball, so it's very in line with Sonic's central concepts Well balanced, only gives you the speed of a slightly charged spindash, and you need to do a full jump and landing, basically meaning it's not too spammable Air Dash: Also satisfying to use Very high potential move, look at any speedrun or TAS video of the game to see how crazy the move can be Allows for some correction in the air without being too strong ala Sonic 4's homing attack The air dash inherently has much more utility, but that's not necessarily a good thing. You have to look at it in line of what it does to the overall gameplay. Look at Sonic 4, again, it's homing attack gives full acceleration AND an attack at the press of one button. I personally feel like the move requiring some level of execution, double tapping forward, and the move not being an attack means you need to have some awareness of your positioning and encourages utilisation of more of your moveset.
  6. The Classic Series vs. The Advance Series

    Not gonna lie I feel a bit lost sometimes going back to the classics after playing the Advance games, since you can't air dash. If we're counting Mania as a "classic" game, do people prefer the drop dash over the air dash? Could you see a game where Sonic has both options?
  7. What does Japan see in Forces?

    If the Japanese fans really respond more positively to a game like SA2, 06 and Forces, that can go a long way to explaining why Sonic Team's approach to making games is so weird and haphazard. Odds are they're going to be more in touch with that fanbase than the western one and will be more inclined to try to appease them.
  8. Has the Sonic series got to many characters?

    The main advantage to having one playable character is that you can focus entirely on balancing and tweeking their moveset so that it's fleshed out, has a good amount of depth to it and feels fun Sega have not done this with all the time they've had while they've focused purely on Sonic. A massive wasted opportunity. It looked like they might have been attempting to do it with Lost World, but that was poorly thought out and sloppily executed and they've gone back to the inherently flawed boost style gameplay in the very next game so it seems like it was for nothing. I actually like the way Lego Dimensions handled the usage of the extended cast. I would like to see more of that in the main games.
  9. Sonic Adventure & Sonic Adventure 2: Difference in design.

    The only thing I like about Adventure 2 more than Adventure 1 are mechanics like the bounce attack, the improved light dash and the nerfed spin dash. Other than that, I think SA1 controls more slick and the environments are more complex and more inherently "Sonic". Sonic 06 doesn't really feel much like a sequel to Sonic Adventure because the core game mechanics feel entirely different and even if the concepts are kind of similar, the way the environments are designed are also really different.
  10. Sonic Needs a Reboot

    Well most of what I've seen has been mixed in regards to the response of Sonic Forces tone and I'm not sure what that has to do with what I said about why people like Shadow. "Edginess" is sort of inherent to Shadow and does not necessitate a convoluted backstory. You mean Boom Shadow, right? How do you explain the enormous amount of nagging from fans that the Sonic Boom crew got to put Shadow in the series. Especially since there was precedence for his portrayal in Rise of Lyric. I'm not arguing that Boom Shadow is good or how a potential rework should be done. But if the majority of his fans cared about more than just his being there, the demand for Shadow in Sonic Boom would never have existed. Okay, I'll overall concede this point. The people I had in mind either have a dogmatic view of the series and want to restrict what it can be. Or will just outright hate the series no matter what. I was wrong to appeal to that. Well, I personally never said that the games shouldn't have serious stories. What they need is some level of flexibility while maintaining a recognisable tone. I'm among the people who feel they went too far in the other direction with Colours onwards. You also seem to misunderstand the tone of the classic games (judging from Sonic Team's currents efforts, they do too...) The tone of the classic games is really different to the tone of games Colours onwards, there's no "not taking itself seriously", no self referential humour or winking at the audience. Sonic doesn't crack jokes nonstop. They're a lot more honest in their presentation than that. To quote Wikipedia, because I believe their definition of a reboot is the most commonly accepted one: "In serial fiction, to reboot means to discard all continuity in an established series in order to recreate its characters, timeline and backstory from the beginning.[1][2] The term is used with respect to various different forms of fictional media such as comic books, television series, video games and films among others.[1] Making good games doesn't really require a reboot at all. The big thing that rebooting the series would allow for is redefining exactly what Sonic is and focusing the direction of the series. If some things from the old continuity don't fit with the new direction of the series, then those things should probably be changed.If you read my first post in this thread you'd know I'm all for keeping as much as you can, my own interpretations of what would be good for the series are probably going to be different from other people's but without actual testing with audiences it's impossible to outright say what would flop and what wouldn't. Obviously changing a character's backstory isn't going to effect the quality of the mechanics, that goes without saying. As for his far reaching appeal, that depends on the quality of how he is written. Like I said before I don't think Sonic Boom approached it in the right way, but just because one attempt was poor, doesn't mean everything about the character is sacred. I think the character can be implemented in a way that hits all his important character beats while tying him closer to the core cast and not involving aliens and government conspiracy.
  11. Sonic Needs a Reboot

    You say it's to appeal to a wide demographic, but if you flip that on its head, Shadow does have a big fanbase, but I would bet that most of that popularity is on a superficial level, altering his backstory would not necessarily alienate the majority of his fans, while at the same time, the dramatic backstory for the character is probably viewed in conjunction with the decline of the series. Retooling the character's backstory could potentially increase his appeal beyond his already existing fanbase.
  12. What's the best 3D Sonic Stage in terms of Level Design?

    It's kinda sad that the level that seems to be unanimously considered the best didn't even make it into the final game. Does anyone know the reason for that, was the level unfinished, so they went with something more basic? Or was the gap in quality too significant for the level to fit in? Or was it just unfinished? It feels weird for them to come close to getting it right BEFORE their first attempt and then seem to get farther and farther from it since.
  13. Sonic Needs a Reboot

    Okay, I don't think a reboot is "necessary" for Sonic, its problems aren't going to inherently be solved by starting from scratch because the issues more than anything are with how SEGA handles the gameplay, refusing to build a solid foundation to work from. However, I think it could help with refocusing and clearly defining what the world is. Setting a clear identity for the series that it's been sorely lacking for some time. And removing some of the more "muddy" elements, like Shadow's convoluted, nonsensical backstory. So, here's my shot at answering these questions A) This is a really hard question. Ideally you want someone who can competently bring the core gameplay of the classics into 3D and expand upon them. But it's such a unique model of gameplay that no one has really tried to replicate it, and because of that, we don't have a clear example of who COULD do that competently, most other platformers use really different conventions that wouldn't work in a Sonic game. For instance, entering a new room in platformers, often the camera will pan to your objective, I'm not sure you could really pull something like that off in a Sonic game without breaking flow. We have fangames that have made solid attempts to translate the classic gameplay to 3D fully, Sonic Utopia being the best in my opinion, but with such a small sample pool. I can only really suggest the team that made my favourite 3D platformer Mario Sunshine, since it has the kind of movement options and depth that I would like to see in a Sonic game. In an ideal world, maybe give the guys working on Utopia more time and resources to develop a full game, tho I personally don't entirely agree with "everything" they're doing the foundation is there and I feel like they have a really good grasp on Sonic. Taxman is also a possibility, however to my knowledge he's untested in terms of 3D and I don't want to limit Sonic to 2D games, the concepts have a lot of potential to be fleshed out more in 3D and it would be a massive shame to leave it be B ) In terms of story, starting from the beginning would probably be the best, at least, in the sense that the first Sonic game started from "the beginning" i.e. not exactly an origin story. I've considered this before, and I think I would personally do it by merging elements from the games, for example, if you want to move Knuckles in a direction where he's more accessible and not tied to the island that's fine. But the way they handle it, treats the island as if it doesn't exist. A better alternative would maybe be to have Knuckles not tied to the island so that he's free to enter and exit plots at a whim (ala the OVA?) and to introduce Tikal as the guardian of the Angel Island, and replace the Master Emerald with say, Chaos who's sealed away. Merge Sonic 3 and Sonic Adventure's plots while removing things that are superflous or don't have a clear role (I personally feel this way about the Master Emerald, hence why I proposed removing it). So, maybe start with a game that's a merge of Sonic 1 and 2, adding characters like Amy and Knuckles, move on to 3 and Adventure or whatever. C) Try to keep as many characters as you can, reintroduce them as you go through the series. Rework some of the characters backstories. THe best example I have for that is probably Shadow. If you change him to a clone of Sonic created by Eggman then you strengthen his connection to the existence of the current cast. Cream can work as a Maria stand in as a living morality pet. I already suggested introducing Tikal as the guardian of the Angel Island, someone else in the thread already had a good suggestion for removing the "alternate dimension" aspect of Blaze which honestly became kind of meaningless very early on. Another suggestion is introducing Silver as some kind of time police, rather than as some victim of an eternally doomed future. Basically, weave the characters into the world in a way that makes sense, and is consistent with how the games present themselves However keep the core cast of playable characters small, because you want to keep the gameplay focused, and intregate them into the game in other ways, as part of the story, as NPCs who give you missions, as boss battles, etc. Ideally take the Mario approach where the side characters are playable in spinoffs so that nobody feels too left out. D) For tone, as is pretty unanimous in this thread, try to emulate the feeling of the classic games, look to stuff like the OVA and other games from the classic era, like Spinball which, while not being an example of a stellar game, is a decent example of the flexibility Sonic's world has. From the modern era, take some inspiration from the design of the Advance era games. Importantly it needs to be able to take itself seriously without falling into melodrama. It'd be important to keep the world reasonably consistent, preferably the game takes place in ONE WORLD, and we don't have two different games where the topology of the planet presumably is as different as it is from, say, the Advance series to Sonic 06, to Sonic Unleashed. All of which could have been from entirely different series. E) Self contained stories for each game would probably be best. I personally tend to find that most satisfying. Maybe have some escalations from game to game, or some hints where future games are going, but try to not do big arcs spanning multiple games where every game is required. One game should be one complete experience F) Well, I kinda answered that in my answer to A, for additional suggestions, maybe try to make both Sonic and Tails playable in the first game, with Tails functioning as an easier, slower more simplified mode and Sonic having the real meat of the game's mechanics. And those are my thoughts so far on an ideal (at least, personally for me) Sonic reboot. It's a bit of a moot discussion, I guess? Because the more you build up an ideal image of what the series "should" be in your head, the more disappointed you will be when it never reaches that point, and then even if Sonic Team or whoever might take on the series DOES start making fundamentally sound games, you're pretty likely to remain discontent with them.
  14. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    Being someone who came from the series from the classics, UK comic, OVA and Adventure games. Which all featured a Sonic who's default seemed to be more serious, less happy-go-lucky, I would appreciate it if they pushed his personality more in that direction. It's pretty unlikely tho, since that characterisation is pretty old and irrelevant these days
  15. How should Tails and Knuckles play in a 3D Sonic game?

    Well, the biggest thing would be making them slower than Sonic. So that, if they can fly over a space which Sonic needs to go out of his way to traverse, they're slow enough that it ends up being fairly well balanced. So Sonic isn't much slower than them in clustered areas and is faster than them in more straightforward areas. I'm very partial to the idea of Sonic being the hardest to master, but also the most rewarding character. It's a bit counter-intuitive to do that with the main character. But it's the way the series naturally leans with their designs.