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  1. Lizard warrior? Makes me think of Sonic in the Fourth Dimension, lol. Very surprised they aren't using Jun'ichi Kanemaru as the voice in the Japanese version of the movie given my understanding of how Japanese VAs tend to be tied to characters. I suppose that's to further emphasize how this is something separate from SEGA's own stuff and a very different Sonic.
  2. It's unlikely to be both English and Japanese because of all the edits made to the English version. They would need separate videos for both versions or it would result in inconsistencies in one or the other. I don't know if Netflix has ever bothered doing that but I imagine it's unlikely they would. It's almost certainly just going to be the English version
  3. It cannot be overstated how much of a boon Tyson Hesse has been to this franchise. He's done an extraordinary amount of good work to direct and improve the overall quality of output from it, assisting in the games, comics, animations and now the movie. Tempted to say he's the MVP of the last 5 or so years.
  4. Where the original design is concerned. It's funny how they initially seemed set in their ways of a more realistic interpretation of the character, but now the current version is so cartoony he's only a few small modifications away from being game accurate. It really does make you wonder if the conspiracy theories are correct, because there's no way they couldn't have seen this coming, right? If they didn't know it just goes to show how much of a mistake handing the series over to people with such little awareness was.
  5. Well, like everyone else has said, the way Sonic looks is hugely improved. However also like everyone else has said. The movie has next to nothing else going for it. People can get lost with the "They changed it for US so we HAVE to see it" sentiment. These changes will have been motivated by the goal of making the movie not bomb and the people who made the changes will have gotten paid for their work (and this is working from the assumption that the conspiracy theories aren't true). I'm absolutely not obligated to subject myself to garbage on their account. Sonic is a lazy mesh of movie CGI anthro animal and fast superhero tropes. Tom is infinitely bland. And Jim Carrey is just doing Jim Carrey things, which, while entertaining. There are a huge number of other, good movies, you could watch him be Jim Carrey in. I'm not against alternative takes on Sonic. But you need to do "something" interesting with it.
  6. Design looks fine if it's real. Movie will still be awful mind. But at least that's one less point against it.
  7. I remember hearing a few years ago that SEGA were going to be making TV series based on their games like Streets of Rage. Has there been any updates on those? Were they cancelled?

    1. skull902


      Jet Set Radio: The Anime when?

    2. Jango


      I do remember that too. They said series and movies even.

  8. One of my dream games is a SEGA vs Capcom fighter in the vein of Marvel vs Capcom 3. If we were gonna get a large scale crossover between a lot of the IPs across the two companies I think that's probably the best fit. If you want something more plot inspired it's probably best to keep it scaled down, mind you it could probably be done well with a Banpresto style crossover like Project X Zone but even I think you would need to be very careful about the amount of content you choose to add. If you just mindlessly add everything because you can, then there won't be any room to do any exploration of the series intermingling. If all they're doing is just showing up then there's really no point. You'll get the same experience doing a google image search of the series.
  9. It's a shame Sonic Runners isn't around anymore (in an official capacity). It would've been the perfect game to tie to a mobile Chao raising game. They could've even used the character models from Sonic Runners as your avatar in the Chao Garden, letting you play as whoever you've unlocked in Runners.
  10. I wouldn't mind some kind of objective based mission system in an open area like a hub world or something akin to Lego Dimensions as Roger mentioned. It could be a good way to implement non-Sonic characters without making them playable if they escort or assist you. But I would rather it be something to break up the pace, as opposed to being something that the entire game is built around and more importantly the game would need to be designed in a way to facilitate them so that they're interesting and fun to do. Without that kind of foresight it will just feel like an arbitrary attachment. And preferably the implementation of the other characters would need to be more meaningful than just about every instance of the 3D games have given us of this concept.
  11. This looks promising, never watched OK KO. I don't actually know anything about it. But I'll probably give this episode a watch if nothing else. The most notable thing to me is that AoStH music. It makes me wonder if they'll maybe be able to use the AoStH Robotnik theme if Dr Eggman appears, I'd like that a lot, tho that music probably isn't public domain so it probably won't happen.
  12. Gotta go with Colours DS and Sonic Mania. Colours DS for being the last example of the 00's style of Sonic writing before most of the series switched to the self referential humour that a lot of fans have grown to dislike these days, and also for featuring a good chunk of the cast, even if they had small roles their presence was appreciated. Sonic Mania for telling the story fairly well in the classic style (post Plus patch specifically for the various improvements made). It may not be perfectly cohesive, but it has a lot of fun moments and stuff like the Hard Boiled Heavies involvement stands out pretty well. The gameplay is front and center but there's enough character there that it doesn't feel lifeless.
  13. I wonder if they intend to make the drop dash a mechanic in 3D games. Given how it was implemented in Sonic Forces I can't help but feel like this is a missing the forest for the trees situation
  14. P-06 is kinda 13 years too late lol. Even though it's not what I want from the series, had this been the game that was released back then things would probably be much better as a whole for the series, because this one game has left a really bad mark on the series' reputation Doesn't fix the fact that the models are really iffy looking and the game's plot is really dumb. But what can you do, lol.
  15. Is there a reason SEGA have never rereleased the Advance series? Given they were pretty much the most critically acclaimed Sonic games of their time, a compilation of them feels like a no-brainer.
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