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  1. It's a shame Sonic Runners isn't around anymore (in an official capacity). It would've been the perfect game to tie to a mobile Chao raising game. They could've even used the character models from Sonic Runners as your avatar in the Chao Garden, letting you play as whoever you've unlocked in Runners.
  2. I wouldn't mind some kind of objective based mission system in an open area like a hub world or something akin to Lego Dimensions as Roger mentioned. It could be a good way to implement non-Sonic characters without making them playable if they escort or assist you. But I would rather it be something to break up the pace, as opposed to being something that the entire game is built around and more importantly the game would need to be designed in a way to facilitate them so that they're interesting and fun to do. Without that kind of foresight it will just feel like an arbitrary attachment. And preferably the implementation of the other characters would need to be more meaningful than just about every instance of the 3D games have given us of this concept.
  3. This looks promising, never watched OK KO. I don't actually know anything about it. But I'll probably give this episode a watch if nothing else. The most notable thing to me is that AoStH music. It makes me wonder if they'll maybe be able to use the AoStH Robotnik theme if Dr Eggman appears, I'd like that a lot, tho that music probably isn't public domain so it probably won't happen.
  4. Gotta go with Colours DS and Sonic Mania. Colours DS for being the last example of the 00's style of Sonic writing before most of the series switched to the self referential humour that a lot of fans have grown to dislike these days, and also for featuring a good chunk of the cast, even if they had small roles their presence was appreciated. Sonic Mania for telling the story fairly well in the classic style (post Plus patch specifically for the various improvements made). It may not be perfectly cohesive, but it has a lot of fun moments and stuff like the Hard Boiled Heavies involvement stands out pretty well. The gameplay is front and center but there's enough character there that it doesn't feel lifeless.
  5. I wonder if they intend to make the drop dash a mechanic in 3D games. Given how it was implemented in Sonic Forces I can't help but feel like this is a missing the forest for the trees situation
  6. P-06 is kinda 13 years too late lol. Even though it's not what I want from the series, had this been the game that was released back then things would probably be much better as a whole for the series, because this one game has left a really bad mark on the series' reputation Doesn't fix the fact that the models are really iffy looking and the game's plot is really dumb. But what can you do, lol.
  7. Is there a reason SEGA have never rereleased the Advance series? Given they were pretty much the most critically acclaimed Sonic games of their time, a compilation of them feels like a no-brainer.
  8. A small thing that would improve Sonic Forces' plot for me would be if the time skip was much smaller and you were stopping an Eggman who was beginning his campaign to take over.
    The scale of the game is much too small for it to feel like an epic battle for the world. There are, like 3 locations.

  9. Do the Sol Emeralds have a Master Emerald Equivalent? Yay, nay or Sonic Team didn't think about that at all?

    1. Heckboy


      Uh I guess there's that scepter thing, but I'm not sure that it's really meant to correspond to the Master Emerald.

    2. Forte-Metallix


      The Jeweled Scepter's only meant to maintain stability between Sonic and Blaze's dimensions. It hasn't been shown to correspond to the Sol Emeralds.

    3. Heckboy


      Ah yeah that's right, I'm rusty on my Sonic Lore™. So yeah, there isn't any ME equivalent that we know of.

    4. Conquering Storm’s Servant

      Conquering Storm’s Servant

      In terms of power, I’d definitely say Jeweled Scepter would be the closest thing they’ve shown even tho things work differently in Blaze’s universe.

  10. On center mouth vs side mouth. I think it works best if the mouth can be wherever it's needed tbh. I think if it's stuck either in the center OR at the side, it ends up looking unnatural. Whereas if it can move around the muzzle freely then it can be positioned for optimally emphasizing expressions
  11. Sonic's normal design in absolutely no way precludes a story that takes itself seriously.
  12. You can hardly compare CGI-ing a fairly minor character to fit into an already existing cinematic universe (and honestly, the changes to Rocket were pretty minimal) To a massive redesign of an iconic character who has been around for decades as one of the foremost symbols of an entire form of entertainment. PeterPancake was implying that Sonic looking like Mickey Mouse somehow limits his appeal to a wider audience. When he does that, I think he's forgetting that Mickey Mouse is the most famous and beloved cartoon character of all time. You know what Disney have never done? Made a live-action Mickey Mouse movie with a realistic design for him. I wonder why
  13. I genuinely didn't expect it to be this bad. I thought they would at least have the most basic grasp of the appeal of Sonic's design if nothing else. It looking weird in live action isn't a good excuse when things like Space Jam and such exist. People can deal with things looking a little disjointed, changing an iconic design this much is an awful idea.
  14. "That wouldn't translate well to a live action movie" Here's a thought then. DON'T MAKE IT A LIVE ACTION MOVIE I'm so over this.
  15. I do kind of wish they would explain more of what Blaze's world is like. In Rush Adventure we got the whole island/old time ship thing, but the impression I always got was that that was just a small part of the world and not what the entire thing was like. Blaze is supposedly a princess. A princess of what exactly? The entire planet? A particular land? Her house? What kind of life did she live prior to Rush that lead to her being the recluse loner that she was in that game? It's such an undercooked concept but it sounds like it should be really important to understanding how the character functions. It's implied in S3&K that Sonic has some sort of destined connection to the Chaos Emeralds. Perhaps Blaze is his counterpart from another world where the knowledge of her connection to the Sol Emeralds is better preserved and disseminated and that's had an impact on how the people of her planet view her and on how she's grown. It's expecting too much from Sega to ever revisit these old ideas and expand on them. They're just going to continue to bounce from one half baked idea to the next and it's a bit frustrating.
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