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  1. It's just it's infuriating that its like they have all the pieces to the puzzle but instead of lining them up they are more content to toss the pieces from across the room in hopes that whatever comes out people will eat up. EMH is a clever and well written kids show. It's major weakness is the lack of a budget for animation which is sub par, but it gets by through heart and character homage. USM and the like have a huge hand in the animation budget, a massive amount of appeal and interest, an all star list of people working on it, and the entire backing of Marvel. But the writing, the characters, the everything else is absolute garbage. Watching them fumble putting 2 and 2 together is like a train wreck in slow motion. Someone entirely fucked up along the line, and everything Loeb has been spewing is pretty much damning himself.
  2. The names attached to this show should not have produced this disgrace. Same goes for the animation budget. Dear god they had the perfect storm and they screwed it up. I agree with pretty much everything said in this thread so far. The jokes, the writing the lack of anything interconnected, and the intolerable characterization is downright insulting. They had two great shows running with Specatcular and EMS. Instead of simply taking things and revamping them they took the property and "Loebotomized" them as the internet would put it. As a kid I could tell this thing is shit. What kept me coming back and waking up early for cartoons on Saturday was the ongoing stories and build up. If you are doing self containing stories, you have to make the cast even more entertaining to come back to each week, not an grating bunch of unfunny morons. Word on the street is that the new Hulk series Agents of Smash not only will pretty much be exactly like this show in the nonsense and cutaway department, but also has their entire cast will have the same Hulk powerset. So like 5 Hulks running around with USM writing and cutaways on a reality TV series. That sounds absolutely awful from where I am standing. The new Avengers show will be the same way with the cast from the Ultimate Spidy show as well. These people know they're working a shit show too. Someone needs to get Loeb way the hell away from the animation department. He has no idea what he is doing and is pretty much the source of all the shit wrong with what's been produced so far.
  3. I didn't even hype any of E3. But man has this been entirely lackluster on everyone's part. This E3 has been the best advocate for PC gaming than anything.
  4. The simplest solution is to take a note from the comics and have the Chaotix or some other obscure characters guard it while he's gone so he can go out and help Sonic or something. But that feels like a super cop out. The games will never do character development. The most we'll probably get is a quip or something saying he left it to someone else and can help out. Or maybe he just shows up without explanation like Sonic's birthday. He's just there because he's a character...as cool as this brainstorm thread was.
  5. As much as the games barely get into any sort of character development...this idea also allows Knuckles to have a legitimate chip on his shoulder. His island is down much longer than before. He's failed his duty for the foreseeable future. He'll be grumpy, have a reason to be a bit down on himself and harsh with others. AKA: He won't be taking shit from anybody. Aw hell who are we kidding. We all know this is just a ploy to give him the perfect excuse to travel the world and eventually pick up this kind of swag in his travels.
  6. I'm actually pleasantly surprised people are catching on to the 2D side of things. Before it was "BAAWWW SONIC IN 2D IS ONLY GOOD SONIC" that was used as a basis for decrying any new game. Once people thought they would be shitting their pants over the prospect of a new 2D game, Sonic 4 no less, they see that just tossing him in two dimensions without regard to anything else doesn't work. Of course this has started the "Sonic is shit and doesn't work" ball rolling, but at least people are now seeing what isn't working in the design. Sega and Sonic Team are more likely going to listen to the critic scores unified rather than the fractured Sonic fanbase that's hostile to anything. Episode 2 has a lot of great ideas. I very much like some of things it brings to the table. I like the act tropes, I like some of the character in the special stages, I really dig the artstyle and how much better it looks for it, the badnik and boss design are great scratch the last one. But seriously, the execution just falls flat. Level design being the largest offender. Doesn't matter if you "fix" the physics if you aren't going to use them for anything but mindless automation and static forced design. Hell they didn't even fix them at all if you ask me. Oil Desert's diagonal catwalks you run down won't gain you any momentum and spindashing is useless. The music is mostly squaking and annoying, the whole team attack oversights and pretty poor co-op isn't helping things either. It's a better attempt then Episode 1 for sure, but it is nowhere near good enough.
  7. Don't know how Jim liked Episode 1 more, but he is right about all the points made against Episode 2. Graphics are great and physics are sort of fixed but still aren't good. Sense of speed is marred by low speed cap for speedbooster/spring automation, which is everywhere. The level design is pretty bad overall, the music sucks for the most part, and the bosses, while looking awesome, aren't that great. Level design alone makes and breaks a platformer so no foul on that call there. Sure the effort to make it the game less awful is there, it shows, but it doesn't change the end result much.
  8. Also forgot to mention how lifeless the end capsule is when you beat a boss. Those animals....my god. They just kind of waltz out like some undead horrors.
  9. Well thanks for goofing Sega. It just showed me what I knew all along. Episode 2 is just a pretty Episode 1 with mostly original content. I've been watching the youtube videos. God the level design is just as predicted. Automation. Everywhere. You aren't even allowed to think for yourself. The music is as garbage as episode 1. The second act of the Oil Zone sounds like ducks rather than cats. Stage gimmicks seem stiff even for Episode 4. The flight gimmick with Tails especially. Super 69 makes you invincible even to spikes. I think it was jez saying Act 2 of White park will be a fan favorite...god no. All it has is the only roller coaster pretty of While Park just loaded with speedboosters, and a twinkle park mix. That's all it had going for it. The stage design is awful. The only thing I give the game so far is that the stages are at least long and the bosses look great. That's it. It is more like an inverse Generations, where the levels were awesome and the bosses were shit.
  10. So we get to play some Sonic Episode 1 as Metal Sonic. But not Tails in Episode 2? What a joke. It's cool and all metal Sonic is playable in a main Sonic title, but this is still the same old Sonic 4 with added boosters on loops. What was the thought process behind this one aside from finding some bonus since after game lock was thrown out of the question? I mean it is free, but not what I think a lot of people cared about. Well at least we get to see Stardust Speedway again.
  11. I thought the first episode had too much going on. Rewatching it I think I was just tired and jaded. Both Episodes have so much stuff crammed into them. They literally waste zero time. I appreciate that now that I got used to the flow. I thought it was just establishing things waaaay to fast, but it seems to be handled very well. The show is gorgeous as well. Watching it via the stream in HD is marvelous. I love everyone so far. Tenzin and his kids stole the show. Brolin and Mako were exactly how I imagined them though I sense the storm of triangle shipping already. If you think Zutara was bad.... Also. Dat art. Dem faces. Dat animation. Dat everything.
  12. Ahem. First two episodes: http://korra.blob.core.windows.net/content/video/content_2_episode.mp4 Season trailer: http://korra.blob.core.windows.net/content/video/content_3_season.mp4
  13. This guy's stuff isn't half bad at all. I liked a lot of it. At least, it is so much better than anything in Episode 1. Also reminds me how terrible the boss battle music was. Dear god that tune should have stayed scrapped.
  14. They roll up the side of a path when jumping horizontally into it. The roll is literally an infinite boost. I doubt there is any way it times out on it's own or costs anything to use. It would be nice if it took something down like your ring counter and made it a risk to use, but since it seems to be a required gimmick for stages that won't happen. Speedruns are just going to be who can 69 the longest through the stage. The new footage showcases lackluster music and further proves the stage design is balls. I literally don't have anything nice to say so I'm going to abstain from the topic now. I'm out. I don't think anything can convince me to play this anymore.
  15. If he did he lost it when he went back to legs. At the very end of the Sylvania Castle he hits a booster and then rolls up the hill at the capped max speed, and as soon as he uncurls he instantly slows down to max flatland running speed.
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