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  1. I've only just watched the Detective Rotom episode. I was expecting to be kind of bored considering the premise, but holy shit it caught me off guard with some of the comedy and crazy animation. Pikachu pulling on Rotom's hair was a highlight, but this (as well as Pikachu's reaction) was my favourite part (12:04): "PIKACHUUUrrr....."
  2. Sonic Eggman posted a new video on Youtube:


    1. Gabe


      these have surprisingly good production values

    2. Forte-Metallix


      Shadow the Hedgedog for Sonic Forces.

  3. It's not on Twitter yet, but all in due time: How to Make a Badnik with Dr. Eggman Now this is content.
  4. Shit, I guess I ejected that from memory. Looking back at it; while there were similarities, I'd say there were enough differences (palette and desert trope being the most obvious contrasts) to set it apart. I mean I'd rather see Mystic Cave in Mania myself, but would be happy to see either or indeed both again.
  5. I'd be a little underwhelmed by the choice of Aquatic Ruin when there are more unique options (Oil Ocean anyone?) available from Sonic 2. I was going to say that we've already seen a version of the same zone in relatively recent games (Sonic 4: Episode 2), but I guess that's the case for all of Sonic 2 outside of Hill Top, Mystic Cave and Oil Ocean. Which reminds me... I've been wondering about Chemical Plant and Casino Night. It would seem odd for one of them not to be included since they're so iconic, yet the case could be made that they've been revisited enough in the last few years. I'd like to see Casino Night at least return in the form of a bonus/special stage of some sort.
  6. Just going back to this... I was wondering if this could possibly be a theme park/circus-themed stage, looking at the red and white at the bottom and what might be a ferris wheel in the background. Perhaps the first and second acts would take place at day and night respectively. One of the Heavies could even be a magician and/or ring leader if that is indeed a top hat in their silhouette. Then again, if it is a watermill like Marcello suggested and those are clouds or mountains, perhaps a Mount Fuji-inspired zone is what we have here? It works as a Japan-inspired level if there is a ninja Heavy as speculated.
  7. Eh, this response was pretty much what I expected. He had a few days to construct some poor man's PR and still failed to actually apologise in a meaningful way. Then he plugs his videos at the end. Lol.
  8. I didn't even know we had Adult Swim here. Thanks for the heads up, because I probably would've forgotten about it. (I tend to mostly stream shows these days and pay less attention to scheduled programming)
  9. On FoxTV? I didn't see that coming. Wow, that is late lol. It looks like one episode has gone already..
  10. I remember Aaron saying something along the lines of "and remember that Eggman has his own forces", which suggested to me that one of his side will be playable. My thoughts were more a long the lines of a new ally or robot of his (ie. the new character), or even Metal Sonic, but playing as Eggman himself again would definitely make sense. I'd also love Blaze to be playable, as Azoo posted. That feels too good to be true though. =[ I was thinking the same thing, since Eggman (or "Robotnik" as he was still known) did exactly that near the start of the UK comic.
  11. I'm going to guess 7 returning and 5 new, which is very close to 60/40. This might mean one level each from CD, 3 and S&K and two from 1 (since it uses Green Hill so far and we've all seen that a hundred times) and 2 (as you could argue that 3&K has two if you take the games as one whole). I'd rather an extra be taken from S3&K over 1 though.
  12. I love that we have something substantial to speculate about again (and on an amazing looking game like this). Every post about the Heavies gives me pause for thought and gets me excited for the game. Who could have thought that we'd be discussing silhouettes of new Eggrobo characters in a new Classic Sonic (that's real Classic, not Dimps 2010 'Classic') this time last year.
  13. It's probably five guys, as the silhouette behind Heavy Gunner is likely this guy's cape (/trenchcoat?). The one with the top hat might be a magician, since he looks to be floating in mid-air. I think it's safe to say that there will be an original Eggman finale, which altogether would suggest six new zones.
  14. Anyone seen this awesome 3D-printed statue of the Sonic title screen?


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    2. SpinningSilver


      That's INSANE! Godspeed, Chaos Core Tech.