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  1. And people thought the Chao on Team Rose was a weird choice. Still, I'm happy to see Blaze and the team's cars look pretty cool.
  2. Pawn

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    Midna would have been my first choice for a new Zelda rep before she was confirmed to return as an Assist Trophy. Having said that, any of Skull Kid, Impa, Zant and Tetra (so long as retains her pirate outfit) would be cool. The way Zant fought was really entertaining but the likelihood of him being chosen is incredibly slim.
  3. Replacing Cream with Chao is not irrational, though. Adventure fans have been asking for the critters to return to the games since Heroes, while Cream is rarely requested (at least relative to other characters). She was also left out as a playable character in the Olympic Games (outside the last handheld one). It makes sense, as she's just not that interesting next to the rest of the cast. Then you look at Omochao, who was actually included in Lego Dimensions and therefore has received a lot more exposure recently. The Deadly Six meanwhile have no chance as a group. There simply aren't enough character slots to include one-shots like them. Zavok is a possibility because he actually showed up in Forces, but even then I wouldn't count on it.
  4. Pawn

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    Not so far. I thought the same about Skull Kid, but we must be thinking of Smash Wii U.
  5. Pawn

    Super Smash Bros Evo Bayonetta Controversy

    This sort of behaviour is well-known among large crowds at football (soccer), which I'm sure most of us are aware has been known to erupt into actual physical violence between fans. The fact is that, with gaming becoming more mainstream and competitive, this kind of audience reaction was inevitable.
  6. Pawn

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    One thing that I really liked and forgot to mention was the new Pokémon introduced. I absolutely love Mimikyu, Wishiwashi and Ditto in this. Having been fatigued by the over-abundance of legendary representation, I welcome some of the more unique critters.
  7. Pawn

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    I'll take anything. Spring Man knocking him into space, Decidueye sniping him. I just want him to be in one.
  8. Pawn

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    I'd be down with this. A Smashified Giant Egg Robo or something would be pretty great (so long as he popped out to say hello now and then). Also, I'm wondering if we'll get a reveal of Shadow and Black Shadow from F-Zero at the same time. A trailer that begins with Sonic and Falcon racing, only for their dark counterparts to enter the fray, would be lovely. Of course, there hasn't been a CGI trailer for an Echo Fighter so far, so it's unlikely. Maybe if an entirely new character was included? I just want Sonic to finally show up in one of these beautiful sequences, damn it.
  9. Pawn

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    OK, if a second Konami representative shows up with an Echo Fighter right off the bat - with Knuckles taking the role of Sonic's Assist Trophy - Shadow has got to be in. I'd be happy with that, even if it would be more awesome to see Eggman enter the growing rogues gallery of goofy villains. And speaking of which; I'm happy for you King K Rool fans out there. That Dedede bait was cheeky, but I knew the real deal would show up. Sakurai's not that Krool, right? I also loved the Simon Belmont trailer with Luigi. It may even be my favourite so far in the series, despite my lack of familiarity with Castlevania. Fantastic direct all around. That said, I am still disappointed that Sonic has essentially two Green Hills as his stages. It's great that he has two, don't get me wrong, but I so wish they had chosen Lost World's Casino Night when making the Wii U version. There's little chance now, but more than anything, I would love Studiopolis or Mirage Saloon to be added. I do hope that he at least has some new tracks/remixes from games like Generations and Mania. Not that the likes of Big Arm or Studiopolis would even fit the sunny Green Hills...
  10. Pawn

    Sonic Mania: Sequel Speculation (Spoilers)

    Kukku at least looks like he has potential to fit in the world as a Sonic villain, but Witchcart... I find it odd that the idea is ever entertained. She's just a generic witch in a cart, as her name suggests...
  11. Pawn

    Sonic Mania: Sequel Speculation (Spoilers)

    In terms of graphics, I'd like to see them retain the pixel art, but make use of more 3D geometry and modern effects. A fantastic example of this is the way Acquire enhanced a particular style of old school RPG with Octopath: Of course, the integration of more modern graphical elements would be different with Sonic, but this a good example of reinvigorating classic sprite art.
  12. The more orange and green platforms or other objects at the end remind me of Frozen Factory a bit, but the absence of checkerboard tiling on the icy track suggests otherwise. It's really hard to tell what is from this tiny snippet
  13. Pawn

    Titans (2018) - "F**k This Show".

    Wow; this really feels like Batman vs Superman's younger brother. Despite dropping "Teen" from the title, it's pretty clear what demographic they're chasing here. Either that or they have no idea what they're doing. Probably both, actually.
  14. Pawn

    The Sonic Mania Soundtrack thread!

    Why are they not releasing this everywhere =[
  15. Pawn

    Dragon Ball (Warning: Untagged Spoilers)

    I don't know if anyone's seen the new manga chapter, but... holy fuck, Kale. I've only looked at the Japanese, but whether you wait for the English or not, I recommend not spoiling it. =P My thoughts though:

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