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  1. So, I thought I'd finally upload a video about how I was thinking the starters might evolve (at least prior to the leak, since much of that contradicts this). It only took me two or three months to get around to editing it together. =P Time stamps:
  2. And - - it has wings on the back of its head! lol I was hoping we'd get some kind of goblin for Galar, and there it is! I really hope it evolves.
  3. They'll probably be wanting to show off the four player Dynamax battles, at least.
  4. Another new Pokémon has been spotted in the trailer:
  5. I wondered why Leon wears such an odd combination of clothing, but thank you Twitter:
  6. Someone just noticed on ResetEra that the wolves' bizarre names, Zacian and Zamazenta, probably come from "cyan" and "magenta". And that would mean
  7. I would guess that Wooloo is based on the Valais Blacknose sheep:
  8. Ravens are literally just big crows anyway. But I agree. As cool as those two are, Game Freak has stepped up their crow game. Yeah, I don't know quite what to think of this. It's weird that they mention only one wolf legendary when the direct was very clear about there being two separate Pokémon.
  9. OK, so Wooloo and Corviknight look very promising. I'm assuming the latter isn't the regional bird, as it doesn't look like it will evolve and it would seem odd not to start with the first stage. Gossifleur and its evolution do their job as the usual early game plant (which I'm rarely interested in), but Drednaw looks a bit off to me. The wolves seem fine I guess, but I won't be making a decision on Sword or Shield based on them anyway.
  10. Since we're less than a day away now before we likely see some early game Pokémon, I just want to say that I'd love for the regional bird to be Water/Flying and based on a heron or northern gannet. The gannet (above) is our fastest bird and utilises some pretty distinct diving poses. "Gannet" is also a synonym for glutton here, so that could influence its potential name and lore.
  11. I guess I'd forgotten all about it. It seemed odd to me since she flies a bit in one of the Generations missions (although that wasn't very high, I suppose).
  12. I have to say I'm enjoying the in-race banter a lot more than I expected to. While I found myself skipping most of the story automatically, since it was honestly a pretty hard listen, the little moments where characters complain or gloat to each other are pretty fun. Since Blaze is my go-to racer, I've really been loving her little complaints about the various environments. She doesn't like being airborne, cold, wet or sandy, which I find quite amusing, as we don't really know enough about her as a character outside of her status as princess. And speaking of which, the likes of Amy making jabs at said position is really fun too. I also didn't expect to like Zavok's lines so much. Yes, I would have preferred other characters over him, but I can see why they went with such a vocal villain.
  13. Hi! Welcome to the forums. If you want to share your videos, art, music, etc, please be sure to post it in the Showcase forum. You can still use this topic though, as I've moved it to the appropriate place. =]
  14. It may not make it in after all. Apparently the design was already commercially available as a T-shirt, which was against the rules. It's not clear whether it was plagiarised or the original designer entered it. Perhaps they'll go with a runner-up instead?
  15. Here's Digital Foundry's tech analysis of the game: It sounds like the frame rate was a big part of the reason for the delay. I didn't realise it was so iffy last year.
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