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  1. Either direction looks great to me. I just don't understand why they threw any sense of a strong style out of the window.
  2. Yeah, the visual style is painfully bland. It's really a shame after the last one had such beautiful art direction.
  3. I realised the orange sparks were nothing to do with it shortly after I posted that, yeah. XP However, the way his arc of motion suddenly halts at 1:26 looks different to me. His speed seems to change.
  4. No, I don't think so. He begins to descend naturally until he is suddenly forced straight down, much like how a speedrunner would use the stomp in boost gameplay.
  5. Around here: (1:26ish, after he dispatches the second badnik)
  6. OK, so it's at least more appealing visually. The gameplay itself isn't looking to be an improvement over Generations though. Classic seems to have his own stomp now as well...?
  7. Flash runs waaaay faster on a regular basis and as far as I'm concerned it only works against him as a character. The TV series is constantly having to bring in speedster villains to match him because it's hard to take a battle with anyone slower seriously long-term and I think it only serves to make the whole story feel repetitive. Sonic being slower, but still fast enough to be entertaining, on the other hand allows for a greater variety of confrontations. But sure, Flash 'wins' and all that.
  8. I was going to say that I don't remember it ever doing that.
  9. This is some fun marketing:
  10. A nice little reference was made in the new chapter:
  11. I agree. They should be there to enhance the gameplay experience and for a platformer that means tying the levels together in a satisfying manner; not filling air simply for the sake of filling some cutscene quota. For all the shit that it gets for some of its backstory, I feel that SA2 did a good job with stage transitions (relative to other Sonic games, of course. You could certainly trim some scenes down) and I think it's a big part of the reason it's fondly remembered.
  12. Yeah, a big part of the problem with cutscenes (especially in recent years) in the 3D outings is as you say, but that Gens video shows a lack of effort made in creating the scene in general (whether it's writing, animation or composition, to name but a few problems) which could just as easily extend to staging and animating the adventures of a silent hedgehog. If they don't care to achieve a respectable level of quality in the story and/or level transitions in the first place, you're always going to end up on the wrong side of mediocre anyway.
  13. SNES Mini rumoured to be in development, surprising no-one. I guess that would explain Nintendo pulling production of the NES Mini. They wouldn't want the scalpers' attention elsewhere, would they?
  14. As I understand, he gives both Toei and Toyotaro an overall outline of the story, but has a little more input now and again on the manga. I'm not sure if he checks in on the anime or not. From Kanzenshuu:
  15. Nintendo were notorious for their censorship in the 90s though?