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  1. I don't remember them being controversial really, but obviously there were going to be some that weren't a fan. Myself? I saw them first in an issue of the official Sega Saturn Magazine and assumed that the character designs, due to the unusual poses, were art commissioned by the mag to promote the game. It wasn't as obvious that they'd changed just by glancing at the models, but looking further into the game it was clear that they were official. I liked them and was very pleased to see Sonic comnig back in such a loud, expressive way. When I joined Sonic CulT in 2003/4, there would mainly be complaints about a couple of alternate gameplay styles before Heroes was out and discussion about Adventure's glitches. Some missed Amy's original design. I don't recall much else.
  2. Forcing you to buy both is dumb when other Season Passes allow you to purchase separate packs. Unless that second bit is particularly extensive, I think I'll be giving it a miss. The game's big enough anyway.
  3. Yeah, but it's one thing to tell him that it could spell trouble and another to claim that it will end in the death of 11 universes.
  4. While Goku has made some unbelievably stupid mistakes in Super (like forgetting the Senzu beans and the Mafuba seal), I don't feel like him reminding Zeno of the tournament was one of them. It's not as though he was warned about the result of it. As someone who found Goku kind of dull during a lot of Z, I enjoyed that he defied Beerus and inadvertently put every universe in jeopardy. It's a very Sun Wukong (the Chinese trickster that Goku was originally based on) thing to do and I would like to see more of it. That said, it does bother me (and this has been mentioned above) that no-one seems to care for the other universes right now. I'm sure they will later and Goku is bound to get his comeuppance in the end (perhaps he will lose and Universe 7 will have to depend on someone weaker like Gohan?) but it would be nice for Gohan or Beerus to acknowledge this.
  5. Courtesy of Polygon. Sigh. Why Bomberman? I mean, they are actually making a faithful game in Bomberman R, but I guess Konami have to balance it out with something bloody awful.
  6. Here's a character trailer: The ninja and mummy are cool ideas. I particularly like the former's chakram-like weapons/hands.
  7. DBZ Abridged Cell vs Sonic

    (& Knuckles)

    1. Lord Vader

      Lord Vader

      It would have been funny if Sonic turned Super and started rattling off all of the absurd feats from the early Archie comics only for Cell to say that's non canon.

    2. Teoskaven


      I guess this was bound to happen.

      I gues DasBoShitt's having fun with these.

    3. NastCF


      oh hey, shadyvox does a pretty decent sonic voice

    4. Boomer


      Huh I thought shadyvox retired from voice acting to focus on his music

    5. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      Cell >>>  Obama >>>>>>> an actual dog >>>> Trump

  8. Now for an episode closer to our hearts...
  9. It's not really his first time playing Sonic; he's just not very familiar with the series in general. His comments on the animation are interesting (at least in the Gens videos I'm watching now). I don't agree with him that facial expressions should be difficult due to Sonic's fixed brow (because, well, it shouldn't be fixed in the first place - see Night of the Werehog or the Boom cartoon) but he's right about the rest of the animation. As far as my first time with Sonic; I don't remember experiencing many hurdles outside of the end of Marble Zone. Once I'd learned to control the height of my jump, I was set for the rest of the series. Sonic's movement and weight felt sooo much better than any other game I played, Mario included. Rolling always felt perfectly intuitive. There were moments in the Classics (such as Carnival night's infamous barrel and ending S3&K with the sudden change in gameplay with Doomsday Zone) that definitely were not ideal but at no point did I feel that the games were designed any worse than other top platformers overall.
  10. I definitely don't think we'll see an evil Zeno, or a "good" one for that matter, given how neither cared that their little game actually involved destroying real planets. (Well, unless Zamasu somehow corrupted Future Zeno.) They could always disagree and start a childish war over that, but it's really difficult to say when we have so little information.
  11. Someone posted this: Maybe I'm just tired but I got a chuckle out of that. EDIT: More shots:
  12. That doesn't suit Black at all, if you ask me. While it's hard to imagine him in English after watching the Japanese version, the voice at the very least needs to possess the ever-present sneer that Masako Nozawa gave him.