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  1. Looking at the titles for 4 and 5, they might be holding them back because they're related to Sword and Shield.
  2. It hadn't happened for a while, but Shopto actually got Luigi's Mansion 3 to me one day early, so I'm hoping (probably in vein) that the same will go for Pokémon.
  3. The whole Pokédex has been leaked now, so be careful out there! If you want any specific questions about the dex answered without entering the spoiler thread, feel free to PM me and I'll tell you what I know. I'm avoiding story spoilers so won't be able to address related queries.
  4. Sizzlipede and Centiskorch This to be my favourite Fire-type line of all time! Just beautiful.
  5. Apparently the mid-evo names Sizzile and Drumpanzee might be wrong. One of the leakers is saying Drizzile and Thwackey.
  6. I heard you like reptiles Drednaw pre-evo, Chewtle
  7. Ghost at least. Not sure if it's also Water still
  8. Drumpanzee and now for the Alcremie pre-evo Milcery
  9. Yeah, it sucks we have mono-types this time. Here are my thoughts from earlier:
  10. They do like to add a bit of a Journey to the West vibe to the Fire starters.
  11. It's trying to make a football/soccer player look like a cool Pokémon, I guess.
  12. Meowth's new evo is called Perserker/Purrserker, but that's everything so far.
  13. Rolycoly is definitely disappointing. With an ability called "Steam Engine" and a wheel to boot, I was sure it would become some sort of train. Oh well. Meanwhile, the Corviknight line is just stellar (pun intended): EDIT: Every leaked Pokémon so far:
  14. Spoiler tags got combined for some reason, but more leaked Pokemon! Starting with Rolycoly's evos, Carkol and Coalossol:
  15. Damn right! Here is everything together so far: New Pokémon/Galar Forms Gigantamax
  16. We're not 100% sure this is real yet, but this 2D art definitely paints Inteleon in a better light:
  17. This is the most disappointing reveal for me. Mono-Water might be better for my team composition, but dual typing is just so much more interesting. I'd have much rather: Rillaboom - Rock (puns, of course, but its body could have been made of rock too) Cinderace - Ground (football/soccer is very "grounded", could kick up burning balls of dirt) Intelleon - Ice (would work with basilisks running on water, since it could freeze moisture beneath its feet a bit like Iceman) Or: Rillaboom - Dark (rock musician, colour scheme, Grookey is even described as mischievous) Cinderace - Fighting (it's basically this anyway - why even pretend? =P) Intelleon - Psychic (name pun, but could also tie into being a spy by gathering intel directly from enemies' minds) But fine, Pokémon. I'LL JUST DEAL
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