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  1. Classic Sonic will probably just forget and live his life as before. The easy way out.
  2. It's easier for people to label something outright than to consider there might be a lot more to said thing.
  3. I'd like to see more surreal Earth environments like the old days. Not that I have problems with inspiration from realism, certainly. Unleashed really did a lot with it though so I think it's time for some non-alien surrealistic locations. Of course I want Tails and Knuckles playable with alternate routes. =P I wish they'd make use of more existing characters and their conflicts rather than continuously introducing new ones (or not bothering with any at all, except Tails). Make Robotnik more of a threat and include Metal Sonic as his dangerous but loyal minion more regularly. I think Blaze has untapped potential, however that does not mean I want a game to be over saturated with characters. Develop one or a few at a time, but don't shift the focus from Sonic's gameplay. A story can add to the flow of the game without intruding. As well as these elements I'd like some more of Classic Sonic's controls implemented in the 2D sections of Modern Sonic's gameplay...whether this would work well or not, I haven't given much thought on. That's all for now. =P
  4. Love, no. Like, no. It was an incredibly disappointing first game for my 360. I found the levels dull. They didn't aesthetically grab me as stages in previous games have. The elongation of the characters and goofy inter-species romance were very silly. Most jarringly though were the controls. Sonic was a chore to play as most of the time. Silver's gameplay was initially interesting but slow and got dull real fast. Shadow's was the closest I came to actual enjoyment. You also had to play as the other characters here and there and none of them felt right, although playing as Blaze was a little fun. The idea of Mephiles seemed kind of cool at the time while Iblis was just another all-powerful monster. The game's story was pretty iffy in places, what with all the time travel that was going on, but I can't remember it all. I'm not sure about the music. Since I didn't quite finish the game and have rarely, if at all, gone back the level themes failed to leave an impression. The nicest thing I can say about it is that it's not the only Sonic game I've been disappointed in =P. I only found Heroes all right and Unleashed's Werehog levels were laborious.
  5. I love Ice Cap but Sky Sanctuary's an epic level so I'm fine with it. I still want to see an HD Ice Cap though.. SA's version was severely lacking. Cool Edge didn't possess the beauty of the underground caves. And the music. ;_; But I digress. Thumbs up for SS anywho.
  6. I want to see them both get their own versions of each boss. They're modifying the levels to suit each Sonic so why not do the same with the bosses?
  7. They seem oddly dull in colour as well, especially in comparison to their surroundings. 0_o
  8. I am so psyched to see Knuckles again.
  9. Exactly. I've noticed that people are wondering how the levels will flow into the next or how a map will be able to fit them together, since Planet Wisp is in space and Crisis City is in another timeline etc. I don't think they'll be too concerned with this, probably having something along the lines of: 1. Portals to each level and boss or 2. A new hub world created due to the actions of the 'Time Eater', incorporating all environments
  10. I suppose it isn't all that important, but I'd like 'Mega Drive' to be used outside the American version. 'Genesis' was only used in North America after all. =P
  11. I actually think the American music for Metal Sonic sounds better.. It seems more epic.
  12. The bosses really have me psyched. I hope we get a reveal for one of them soon. =]
  13. In that case I would worry about Ice Cap being represented in the 3DS version. I'd rather it turned up than not at all but I wouldn't want it counted out for possible DLC.
  14. Well with Casino Night on the 3DS we knew we weren't going to get it for Generations, as each version is supposed to be getting its own exclusives (bar Green Hill). By the way, was Launch Base definitely confirmed for the 3DS or was it assumed to be due to the presence of Big Arm?
  15. I'd forgotten I wanted Perfect Chaos in this...just to see how awesome he could look with today's graphics. Hype levels are rising again. Love the boss choices. Death Egg's an interesting one. I'd love Doomsday to come into play but I doubt Super Sonic would turn up that early. =[ Also, at least in terms of music, the level list is great.
  16. I remember a PR guy claiming in one of the E3 interviews that they weren't going to be a slave to fan-favourites and keep it varied. So much for that. It is a bit disappointing that Ice Cap didn't make it since I love snow levels but whaddayagonnado. Maybe DLC? Although I'm a skeptic when it comes to that. =P However, I guess they had good intentions. They look like poll winners. Sky Sanctuary's a bit of a surprise but I think of the Mecha Sonic battles and overall epicness of the level and it makes sense. I never expected a CD level to get in since relatively few fans have played it, although we might have Stardust Speedway in the Metal Sonic fight. When I saw Seaside Hill I was worried, but seeing as they're implementing a lot of Ocean Palace then I'll wait to give my verdict. Hopefully it will make a good water level; maybe something like Aquarium Park since they both contain temple-like structures. I'm going to try to look at Speed Highway as a night level rather than a city level, since otherwise it's pretty much exactly the same theme as City Escape. Crisis City seemed obvious from the beginning, and much as I dislike '06, at least we might get some lava segments this way. I personally don't see Rooftop Run as a city theme in the same vain as City Escape, since it's a European theme rather than an American one. It wouldn't have been my choice but I guess it's a favourite. Planet Wisp is a shame because I wanted a space level. Maybe they'll toy with it a bit. Chemical Plant is good. This talk of boss fights with Shadow, Metal Sonic, Chaos and possibly Knuckles has more than helped me through this seeming lack of variety though. Elemental shields: AWESOME. Also I just noticed your username goes in the Sonic logo at the top. That's cool.
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