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  1. Meowth's new evo is called Perserker/Purrserker, but that's everything so far.
  2. Rolycoly is definitely disappointing. With an ability called "Steam Engine" and a wheel to boot, I was sure it would become some sort of train. Oh well. Meanwhile, the Corviknight line is just stellar (pun intended): EDIT: Every leaked Pokémon so far:
  3. Spoiler tags got combined for some reason, but more leaked Pokemon! Starting with Rolycoly's evos, Carkol and Coalossol:
  4. Damn right! Here is everything together so far: New Pokémon/Galar Forms Gigantamax
  5. We're not 100% sure this is real yet, but this 2D art definitely paints Inteleon in a better light:
  6. This is the most disappointing reveal for me. Mono-Water might be better for my team composition, but dual typing is just so much more interesting. I'd have much rather: Rillaboom - Rock (puns, of course, but its body could have been made of rock too) Cinderace - Ground (football/soccer is very "grounded", could kick up burning balls of dirt) Intelleon - Ice (would work with basilisks running on water, since it could freeze moisture beneath its feet a bit like Iceman) Or: Rillaboom - Dark (rock musician, colour scheme, Grookey is even described as mischievous) Cinderace - Fighting (it's basically this anyway - why even pretend? =P) Intelleon - Psychic (name pun, but could also tie into being a spy by gathering intel directly from enemies' minds) But fine, Pokémon. I'LL JUST DEAL
  7. Here they are so far: Regarding Intelleon: Therefore its run cycle should be: It's said to have travelled to Galar with pirates, so it's like a Viking in design (hence its name "Purrserker" - a play on Viking "berserkers"). Cats were often brought onto ships to kill rats to prevent spreading the plague.
  8. New Pokémon are starting to spill out now. Good luck to those who want to go in spoiler-free!
  9. As a warning to anyone avoiding spoilers: the first stage evolutions of Grookey and Sobble might have leaked. If they are indeed real, then it's only a matter of time until YouTube thumbnails and the like start using them and other unrevealed Pokémon to get attention.
  10. Yeah, there have been glimpses of roaming Pokémon in other routes. New art:
  11. A couple more trailers, this time with some new footage: GIFs:
  12. The Japanese YouTube channel has uploaded a recap of all the reveals: It's mostly footage we've seen. An interview with Famitsu has confirmed they've been holding a lot more back this time, so hopefully that assuages some concern over the amount of new Pokémon we're getting.
  13. Nothing new, but CoroCoro Ichiban released a spread showing everything revealed so far:
  14. Since I keep forgetting them, I compiled the current known exclusives for each version: The lighter background indicates the counterparts not officially announced, but that seem likely since they appear on the back of either the Sword or Shield digital download cards.
  15. Those aren't my photos, but I've noticed it's £6.50 for the fancy pins in a video. Otherwise I'm not sure.
  16. There has been footage showing an NPC or two react as you walk by (see one above around 4:50), so they feel a little more alive at least. I wish the games were a bigger step forward myself, but my expectations for the series have long been adjusted enough, since say Gen 4, that I'm able to enjoy them for the incremental progress they do make. Maybe that will change when they're fully adjusted to home console development and expectations rise.
  17. I prefer his tragic ending over an asspull giving them a full victory, but I agree that the ending as a whole was botched. I just found it odd to dislike Zeno for clearing up the mess when the story (particularly in regards to Trunks himself) had much bigger problems. It's not necessarily a waste of time, though, since Black and Zamasu mentioned laying waste to mortals in all timelines if I recall correctly. How they would go about doing that, I don't know (maybe by somehow using the unstable link between worlds created by Trunks' time travel and the interaction with Black's ring?) but if they weren't stopped where they were, they may have found a way to reach the others. And of course - our version of Future Trunks and Mai wouldn't have survived.
  18. I really liked the revelation that the Zenos were testing mortals myself. I think the problem some people have is that Toei exaggerated their childish side to the point that they feel too naive and/or distant to make such a decision. My guess is Toriyama probably intended them to have more balanced characterisation. I also don't see the problem with one erasing Trunks' timeline when Zamasu had wrecked the Earth and killed everyone outside of the core cast? Not to mention Trunks is still able to return to a version of his world, even if it is a bit of a weird situation. It's not exactly out of character for Dragon Ball to be corny, but then again, that's not what I would call the Zenos' blanket judgement of the whole multiverse. Sure, things turned out fine because of course they did, but the fact the fate of the entire multiverse rested on the virtue of a single individual is a pretty scary thought lol. For me, it just hammered home how insignificant everyone is against their power, which at least provides some tension in a story we know ends with the good guys surviving.
  19. This image is comparing the same train station from footage 2 months apart. It's weird how barren the initial trailers were looking back, but improved lighting, NPCs and environmental details have slowly been introduced over the course of the year. EDIT: Since the game is UK-themed anyway, I'll just drop some photos of the London pop-up Pokémon Centre here:
  20. Another translator says the site claims it plays at a locked 1080p resolution. I wish we had some other reports on it.
  21. Everyeye.it is also confirming the presence of a larger amount of new Pokémon at the beginning, with far less previous ones available before later. They also mention that the Pokedex includes a mini-map that shows which Pokémon are in your route. EDIT: The same website also claims the resolution to be dynamic 1080p, rather than fixed at 720p.
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