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  1. I guess considering we’re in a fucked up society that almost gloats about how much people work, I shouldn’t be surprised people are positively reacting to the news of them redesigning Sonic 

  2. I'm wondering if 2019 or 2006 was a worst year for Sonic.

  3. Next Avengers Villain? Good video

    Have spoiler-tagged due to Endgame spoliers:




  4. I have been informed that there is a trailer. I'll need to watch it later. 


    There's been a bit of a tragic emergency in my closer friend circle so I need to focus on this and deal with some heavy emotions. Y'all enjoy the discourse without me for now.

  5. ...Is it bad that for some reason I thought the laughter in RoS' trailer was actually Mark Hamil's Joker's laugh?

  6. Is this gonna be the film where we find out Rey is Luke's daughter...meh

  7. I am now officially a writer for Sonic HQ and that's certainly something.

  8. Finally beat TJ&E Back in the Groove. Also got the good ending.

  9. Finally beat TJ&E Back in the Groove. Also got the good ending.

  10. Which Sonic game has the best title screen intro (I'm not talking about opening cutscenes, just the title screen sequence)?

  11. I think we can all agree that the UK setting is wasted in Sword and Shield if the Pokemon League Champion isn't Mr. Bean.

  12. Okay it's nice we're getting our own Pokemon region, but why exactly a monkey for the grass starter? They're not exactly native around here in the UK. They'd have been better saving Rowlet for this one.

  13. Weren't these starter species (though not the final design) leaked a year ago? I remember really wanting a fire bunny when I saw a drawing of one but had to come down immediately because they were fake

  14. I feel like I've seen scorbunny before... but where?

  15. I feel like I've seen scorbunny before... but where?

  16. And there you go, along with no toilet humor confirmed by the writer, Sonic movie might really be pg 13. 

  17. The Pokemon Company wants to know who your Valentine is. (Humans only)


  18. Honestly, the movie being live-action ain't to blame for that terrible design.

    Detective Pikachu already puts that mantra in the grave with its better looks. 

  19. tbh with job-related stress on top of the whole tumblr thing this past week, I forgot smash was even coming out soon, much less today. Guess I'll pick it up when I get paid next week.

  20. Team Sonic Racing being completely overshadowed and drowned out by Crash Team Racing would be hilarious, so count me in

  21. tumblr_pj0xssf8ps1s9pusko1_1280.png

    Debating on which avatar to use after the 7th (because Smash Ultimate releases on that day). I'm thinking Shadow or the Holiday Wreath trio, (the last one).

    These are LINE stickers btw and some of these are adorable.

  22. The Detective Pikachu trailer has 13,497,690 views.

    The Toy Story 4 trailer has 5,587,515 views


  23. >me after the detective Pikachu trailer


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