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  1. What we don't see is Wooloo's super pissed expression after it's waited an hour for its train to come.
  2. Pokémaniac outfit? lol EDIT: Oh nevermind, I didn't realise you could do Raids with NPCs. Also: Lol
  3. Previews are rolling out: Eurogamer VG247 Game Informer The Verge 3D Juegos - Translation of interesting points by ResetEra: I love the location names. So far we have: Wedgehurst – the first small town home to Professor Magnolia’s lab Slumbering Weald - the neighbouring forest Motostoke - the red brick city EDIT: This made me laugh "Ahem. Don't mind me"
  4. Apparently this is from the back cover of the official art book (included in the Japanese Pokémon Center edition of the game): lol EDIT - Full image:
  5. I've said it before, but I'd love the games to include more developed side stories about specific Pokémon important to the region. Take something like Mewtwo in Gen 1 or the Slowpoke town in Gen 2, but make more of them. You can involve interesting human characters and Pokémon alike that don't necessarily have to take centre stage in the larger journey.
  6. Some official art not seen in the trailer for your eyeballs to feast on:
  7. Fat Pikachu and Long Meowth from the Affleck leak are finally confirmed then. Charizard seemed like a foregone conclusion with it being the champion's ace, so really only Eevee is remotely surprising. They're funny and all, but Gigantamax doesn't really interest me that much. EDIT: And here they are... plus one more: Pikachu is available if you have a save with Let's Go Pikachu Eevee is available if you have a save with Let's Go Eevee Meowth is available for everyone until 15th January
  8. Is it time for the first evolutions of the starters? EDIT: Today's video from GI includes a look at the brick city (which is said to take inspiration from Manchester specifically) in Maya, in between exploring Game Freak's offices:
  9. Here's the cover of CoroCoro's upcoming guidebook for the game, which includes a sneak peek at the full map of the Wild Area:
  10. Another brief video - this time with James Turner on the game's interpretation of the UK: EDIT: Here's a short tour of the first town, courtesy of the Secret Member's Club in Japan:
  11. Vermilion's the closest port to Pallet Town, so it would make sense to treat it as a base if Ash is going to be travelling between regions. It kind of sucks if this means we don't see much of Galar, though.
  12. New characters revealed: Professor Sakuragi Koharu Quoting Serebii:
  13. It's a shame they didn't hint at more of these in the stream, but something to look forward to I guess.
  14. This typing might have been chosen due to the unicorn's (and thus this Pokémon's) ability to remotely neutralise poison, which Psychic is strong against and Fairy is weak to. Galarian Weezing might be part Fairy, but it's also Poison to begin with. I'm expecting Psychic/Flying at this point.
  15. Galarian Ponyta revealed as a Shield exclusive Psychic-type Famitsu scan:
  16. I love Impidimp so much EDIT: NOOOO! EDIT AGAIN: The stream ended abruptly and a Rapidash cry could be heard.
  17. What could be a Galarian Ponyta did start to emerge in the background when... Impdimp decided to get up close and personal, of course. Here's the best look we get: EDIT: Here's another look. This time with rainbows!
  18. The most interesting sights so far have been: Impidimp strolling in like it's no big thing and... ... something else galloped by the side of the screen (Galarian Ponyta?).
  19. It seems the idea of 18 gyms was misunderstood by Game Informer (see their podcast here at about 26 minutes in), with TPC getting in contact to confirm the number is similar to previous games. The major and minor league stuff is just background lore by the sound of things. Bit of a shame, given that it would have been a nice little wrinkle in the standard formula.
  20. Aside from the articles linked in their Twitter feed, the digital issue includes the following information:
  21. Game Informer on Pokémon: 'Here is the Comment from Director Ohmori:

    "There are 18 different types of gyms in this story and depending on which version, which gyms are in the minor league and which gyms are in the major league are different.

    For example, in Sword the fighting type Gym will be in the major league, but in Shield, the Ghost Type. The idea is that every year, the Galar Region is playing and which Gyms make it into the minor league versus the Major League changes '

    1. Pawn


      This is from the digital issue rather than open to the public, apparently, so no direct link.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Surely there can only be 17 gyms, because Game Freak is allergic to Dark type gyms.

      (Although this is cool)

    3. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      Maybe this means the version-exclusive gyms are only version-exclusive in the main story, and the ones that aren’t can be faced post-game.

      (In Sword you battle Bea in the main story and Allister in the post-game, and vice versa in Shield)

    4. Pawn


      @Forgetful PandaMight just mean the Fighting and Ghost-themed stadiums are exclusive and the counterpart gets a humble gym instead.

    5. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      Yeah, maybe you can face the other leaders in an informal setting in the post-game, is what I meant.

  22. Maybe the greater emphasis on the Pokémon League in Galar will see Ash sponsored and shipped to different regions for tournament play. If so, we might see former rivals challenge him again.
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