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  1. Who would win in a death battle?

    Wispy woods or the deku tree?

  2. A little over 30 mins until possible world reveal for KH3!

  3. Idw Sonic #10 spoiler (kinda)





  4. Welp looks like I hit Rouge tier.

  5. ive been under a rock the past week or so and still have no idea how the grinch relates to the latest (fake) leak

  6. You see guys, what happened was

    Sonic noticed someone was next to him

    tried to save whoever was next to him

    but when he saw who it was

    he had sonichu flashbacks

    And so the ensueing breakdown slowed him down enough to be caught by the beam.

  7. I'm sad the grinch did not steal smashmas, but pirhana plant is everything


    and DAT STORY MODE hnnnggg

  8. look at those little feets

    they're so small

  9. Shadow is an assist trophy again. Go back to your lives Shadow fans, our edgy hedgey isn't playable today.

  10. Who wants more Sonic-Ralph 2 dialogue?!




    OH BOI to Shadow getting in! 

    Though I can't help but wonder (and yes I get the picture is blurred a bit) but why does Banjo's pose look similar to the Smashfied artwork?

    >No Phoenix Wright

    Welp doughnut out of 10 then.

    Though yeah there's the chance of DLC so maybe there's a chance? (Please)


  12. I'm so hyped on Smash's pending launch and have been fully engrossing myself in content from the past games in one way or another lately, so every single time someone mentions Venom in the status updates here my immediate mental image is the stage from Melee.

  13. So TWIP played TSR with all characters, he confirmed Blaze gets Rush music as a theme (likely Vela Nova) and Omega gets "This Machine".

  14. Wood Man's Fully Charged redesign:


    They gave him Shadow Man's old ninja personality.

  15. Aw man, the Bowsette trend is over. 

  16. Mixed feelings about the KH3 boxart. It's really pretty but there's way too much empty space and the character's poses are so lifeless.

    At least we got a Nomura piece after all?

  17. In case any of you were curious how Spider-man Noir got his powers:


  18. Sonic Knuckles & 3

  19. Sonic Knuckles & 3

  20. if you keep tabs on netflix animated shows and/or are a fan of the hilda graphic novels by luke pearson, then you might be interested in this:

    first season is available next friday (9/21).


  21. Thank god it wasn’t the Crystal Chronicles Wii game getting remastered 

  22. What ever happened to the Square Enix Marvel game?

  23. What ever happened to the Square Enix Marvel game?

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