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  1. "abcboy" on Twitter has found codenames for some of the new Pokémon on the Japanese site, indicating what stage of evolution they're at (and which species Grookey evolves into):
  2. This is very cool. (Images of knights defending plants from snails showed up in 13th century English manuscripts)
  3. I've seen "Deliwizard" suggested, which would be pretty cool (no pun intended). I don't think it necessarily needs to be shield-related when Sirfetch'd's design already includes both a sword and a shield.
  4. I'm assuming because flying would be awkward now that it holds a large object in each wing. Normal/Fighting would have been nice, though.
  5. Same here. Another "unloved" Pokémon could receive an update. Perhaps even a Dragon-type Dunsparce as a natural enemy to Sirfetch'd.
  6. Sirfetch'd (Sword exclusive) has been revealed! A little more footage from the Japanese Twitter (with new music! ) Flavour text:
  7. All right, I'll give it a go: Amaterasu (Okami) - A long shot, but the series is on the Switch now and even has an exclusive on the DS, so the history is there. She'd obviously differ quite a bit from other fighters, being a quadruped armed with a paintbrush and whip, among other weapons. Edelgard (FE: Three Houses) - I know some people will inwardly groan at the thought of another FE rep, but with Three Houses doing so well, it would be strange to ignore it (assuming Nintendo is considering first party challengers for additional DLC). Edelgard would also be very unique among current FE reps, as a heavily-armoured, female axe-wielder, not to mention (STORY SPOILERS) I'd be pretty pissed if the avatar was chosen instead. Arle (Puyo Puyo) - I left Tracker's original suggestion in, since she's another one I'd be happy with. SEGA is on very friendly terms with Nintendo and Puyo Puyo is second only to Sonic as their most successful franchise (or at least one of them). It even recently crossed over with Tetris and we could always do with more puzzle rep. Officer Howard (Astral Chain) - Another one I'm on board with, despite having no experience with the game. I've heard it's doing very well, so if we're in for more Nintendo reps, it'd make sense for this IP to be a priority. Hsien-Ko (Darkstalkers) - I'll be honest; I've never played a Darkstalkers game, but did really enjoy Hsien-Ko in MvC3. The team's been adding a lot of fighting game characters recently, so what's one more? Sadly, she'd probably not be chosen over one of the male characters (even if she did make it in over them in MvC3).
  8. These figures were spotted in the trailer by a member of ResetEra. Sculptures of new Pokémon perhaps?
  9. Sooo... ...given that this is the UK Galar, will we be cooking the baracudas back at camp? =P Better keep an eye out for those greedy Cramorant (or Wingull for that matter)
  10. Love the way Polteageist is chilling in its pot. I can definitely see it making my team. Also: I was looking at photos of these birds just yesterday! New fish revealed too (but not named) I guess:
  11. It's that time again! This one might be big if they're announcing it two days in advance.
  12. That's a lot of variety. My interest is particularly peaked by the Dr Strange horror movie (which should hopefully stand out more than the origin story did) and Mahershala Ali as Blade. We didn't get nearly enough of Ali in Luke Cage.
  13. It looks like Yamper might evolve from a Corgi to a Greyhound (appropriate, with it being the fastest dog in the world), considering the electric dog logo behind Rose: It would make sense, since both breeds have a strong association with the UK.
  14. All right, Jango, stop. While @KHCast was getting a bit heated (and I encourage him to dial it down a bit), that doesn't mean you can attempt to gaslight him over it. If people are unhappy with whatever bullshit is going on with this game, then you're just going to have to accept it. As far as I can see, there's no real personal attack here. You can always step away from the argument if you feel uncomfortable.
  15. Forget those Gigantomax imposters! How about some REAL Kaiju?
  16. If anyone's interested in the leak being discussed and doesn't want to go hunting for it:
  17. Someone on Restera noticed that another new Pokémon crept its way into the trailer: Some kind of elephant teapot I guess?
  18. They also revealed the following version exclusives: Speaking of exclusives, here's where the gym is: And here's some more art: EDIT: Trainers in their competitive kits:
  19. There's also trade evolutions, which will now be locked behind a paywall if nothing's changed...
  20. I don't think that was ever up for debate regarding Let's Go though? Everything about it suggested a lower budget to begin with. As for Sword and Shield, it's possible that the new camping gimmick (replacing Amie or whatever) includes new animations, which might go some way to explain their claim that the Pokémon require extra work to put in the game. I can't imagine it satisfying people either way, but I feel there must be some truth to their official line on this. Because they can't seriously believe the usage of the same models would ever go unnoticed.
  21. This does make me wonder how Uub will be handled going forward. He's surely too young and inexperienced to be of any help now, but maybe in the future the show could finally move past the end of Z and focus on him? I don't have much hope it will happen, but it would be great to focus heavily on someone other than Goku and Vegeta. Part of me wonders if Buushin will just find the boy and borrow the power back, leaving us with little more than fan service. Then again, as Vegeta noted, brute force is bound to be important in the final fight, so maybe Uub isn't even seen this arc and the godly technique is a thing of the past.
  22. So, I thought I'd finally upload a video about how I was thinking the starters might evolve (at least prior to the leak, since much of that contradicts this). It only took me two or three months to get around to editing it together. =P Time stamps:
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