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  1. There's no reason to buy time or restructure the movie's story when they're actually prepared in advance this time. I really don't think there's much chance of a BoG/RoF situation.
  2. If this turns out to be real, then it sounds like we won't be revisiting Broly in the anime. I assumed it would be new content rather than a retelling this time around, but it's nice to see signs pointing that way.
  3. Someone added Queen to the trailer and the lyrics sync up surprisingly well:
  4. Considering the majority of new characters have been fan favourites, Sakurai's tweet could suggest that the rules of entry will be different for DLC. It's possible he and Nintendo don't entirely agree on who is popular, but I'm not so sure. The company might want to capitalise on relationships with third parties or simply hype up new titles like Three Houses over celebrating old ones. Banjo would ordinarily seem like an obvious choice for a crowd-pleaser, but I don't know if that's the objective here.
  5. Sonic takes damage in water now! (Video should start around 17:15)
  6. I doubt it matters for this game, honestly, considering how Ice Mountain is a mash-up of many different ice levels. Pumpkin Hill happens to be located not far from the pyramid anyway:
  7. GameXplain have compiled all of the cut and returning Assist Trophies: I think all of my favourites made it in. I'd also forgotten how great some of the new ones revealed at E3 are, like Klaptrap and Kapp'n.
  8. So it looks like Pokémon Let's Go might be Junichi Masuda's last game as director:
  9. Simon probably got one because he was the big third party introduced when Echoes became a thing, just as Sonic likely received a second level because SEGA had that exclusive deal going with Nintendo at the time of Smash 4. And Ken is basically gaming's original clone fighter. Even if Shadow would have also made sense, it's not as though there aren't reasons for these two.
  10. I wasn't sold on Incineroar when he was first talked about, but seeing the tiger in action has totally sold me on him. His proportions definitely look better than they did in Sun/Moon. The way his fur lights up is fantastic and his face is incredibly expressive. Then again, I'd probably be making that face if my groin was as lit.
  11. It's especially disappointing when they could have gone with since it covers both Classic and Lost World and is one of the most Sonic-y tropes in the series.
  12. I get that Windy Hill being another Green Hill is underwhelming, but that isn't really the point. They cared enough to make the stage design itself very different. And I thought Elec Man might have been dropped I guess.
  13. I wouldn't say that. He's the only third party to have two stages and two assist trophies, isn't he? And wasn't Brawl delayed to fit him in? As for remixes, I wonder if SEGA is the real problem with that blind spot.
  14. Well shiiiiiit. I wanted more, but if we have to have another Mario character, I'll gladly take this. It was nice to have a surprise, too, lol.
  15. The racers and tanuki in the background might suggest a Pumpkin Hill track is in the making, possibly grouped with Boo's House as part of a spooky set. Can you imagine a Pumpkin Hill remix on the level of TSR's Sandopolis? Hoooly shit.
  16. Wow ok, that's a combo of one of my favourite areas from both SA2 and S3&K. And with a Tee Lopes/Jun Senoue remix of one of my top 10 Sonic tracks... I'm suddenly more interested in this game.
  17. Someone compiled every point supporting this supposed leak:
  18. It's hard to remember anything specific, except for maybe Animals of Farthing Wood. That was more depressing, than scary though, as the show was pretty brutal in its portrayal of the cast's natural desire to straight up kill or eat each other. I also didn't remember how creepy the art style could be until I looked it up just now.
  19. If this is the final roster, then it's pretty damn amazing if you ask me. I may have little personal interest in most of the allegedly leaked characters, but I recognise that many of them are fan favourites. Then of course we have a good dose of wild cards too.
  20. I used that screenshot because it typifies the track pretty well, in that nothing particular stands out to me as being unique to the Sonic series. Fire and ice have been thrown together in many platformer franchises and the boat section still looks pretty standard for any ice level. Meanwhile there are many elements making up the visual design of the Billy Hatcher stages (like textures, buildings and objects) in both ASR games that take direct inspiration from the IP. As I suggested before, I don't think it was ever a choice between making an ASR or Sonic game. Iizuka's own words tell us they wanted to make a racing game for families and their biggest franchise happens to make the most sense for that.
  21. Iizuka explained this game came about because he wanted a more causal experience that the All-Stars series doesn't provide. The game's gimmick is a way for kids to play with their parents, for example. It has nothing to do with a demand for Sonic content. I also don't really understand the claim that the Billy Hatcher track was "generic"... I mean, compare its art direction to that of the Sonic ice stage:
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