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  1. Was this a promotion or giveaway that I missed? I by no means had enough red rings to unlock him. The only thing I could think of is that I bought the Tails wallpaper for 5000 rings.
  2. Sadly the later levels are more of the same, to a literal degree. You'll play several levels in the second half of the game that feel exactly like levels from the first half.
  3. I was actually referencing two points. One, Sonic says something along the lines of "I know a good place to kick you". And then later when discussing Eggman's quarters, he asks Eggman what he's compensating for. These are both general, though not necessarily direct, penis jokes.
  4. Something I'm having a problem with, that I'm not noticing anyone else posting on, is the tone of dialogue in this game. From Sonic making dick jokes to Eggman saying he's going to get fat from eating black hearts, the writing was not on the tops here. It's rather unfortunate since the writing for Colors, Generations, and even Unleashed was pretty great. I'm also noticing that any time someone mentions how slow the game is, everyone is quick to mention "lol boost". There was a good 15 years of Sonic games that didn't have boost, and they were much faster paced than this game is. I'm not complaining that there are parts where you have to be patient and take your time, I'm complaining that it's the only option. What was great about the older games is you had an option; be patient and get rewarded, or go fast and get the job done with no bonuses.
  5. They're also not put together very well. I had to do some surgery on Metal Sonic in order to get his left leg to stay on.
  6. Has anyone seen these yet? Yesterday was the first time I came across them at Target.
  7. I think I recall at one point someone found some prototype screens of Ristar back when it was still using Oswald's sprites, before it became Ristar. And, thank you :3
  8. So, I didn't make these, but a friend of mine did, and they seem pretty nice. Thought I'd post them here to see if anyone might fancy them... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QY86eAOtW4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgC54YGlamI
  9. Just thought I'd make an anniversary pic based on the concept art for the first game, nothin' special...
  10. I think mini games would be a good way for spin off titles to make an appearance, like Knuckles Chaotix. I mean, all the Chaotix members are going to be in this game anyway, right?
  11. So if editing the game to switch the Sonics is possible, and we speculate that the character power ups are switching characters for brief amounts of time, I wonder if you could edit the game to play solely as Tails, Knuckles, etc...
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