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  1. If the game really is around the same size as Smash Wii U, I don't think we're gonna see a big difference in terms of single-player modes. don't bring smash tour back All I hope for is a good version of Classic Mode at this point, and Ultimate Smash Run.
  2. image.thumb.png.6e37ed2b1e27759a29c4d71282881e03.png

    With this very moment, DBF became my favorite fighting game ever. If you're playing the beta, welcome to the promised land. If you aren't, what're you doing

  3. These are both fire. I'm glad the whole catchy music thing worked out, because a main game with bad music is something my heart can't handle.
  4. Gonna be honest--and brief--here. This is one of my least favorite 3D games in the series. I practically went into the game blind because I knew I was going to get it despite some of my reservations and oh my jesus lord The story isn't really anything. The dialogue is awful and even Eggman, who usually gets off pretty well in these, isn't given anything good to say. Roger's Sonic has been forever tainted for me because he isn't given anything good to say. And as for everyone else in the extended cast, they aren't given anything good to say, OR do. Tails has forgotten to do anything except look down at a handheld device and be scared of braindead robots. Knuckles being the leader of the resistance didn't add anything new or interesting to his character or the narrative. The resistance doesn't even really feel like a resistance. The game never makes it feel like there's an epic struggle against Eggman's forces, you can't really tell Eggman has taken control of 99% of the world when nothing really makes that obvious. Eggmanland made that obvious and that was only a continent! All of the rivals are pretty boring, or actually just don't get to do anything. And unsurprisingly, Infinite is terrible. Why is Classic Sonic here? Music-wise, I actually liked quite a few tracks. But a lot of the modern level themes blend together and end up sounding the same, it's hard to remember them. The avatar steals the show for me here, having a majority of the songs I liked such as Park Avenue, Aqua Road, and Space Port. The instrumental versions of Fist Bump scattered throughout the game are good, but the game also reminds you the vocal version exists. The sound design is really off. The game lacks punch and impact for most things, and it's especially apparent whenever you use a Double Boost. Classic Sonic's levels have pretty alright music but not my cup of tea. The gameplay. It's not good. The acceleration for Modern Sonic and The avatar are off the charts. It is completely unnatural and jerky, and I'm 100% safe in believing that this game controls worse than Lost World. This is more apparent with the avatar because you can't simply boost through a level and not have to worry about much precise turning (considering there's no manual drift in this game). What is consistent between these two is how constrained the level design is. There are alternate paths. They do have some things in them. But the problem is there is still no substance to these levels. There is no evolution of ideas. I'm doing the same thing in the final level that I was in Green Hill. The avatar's levels are fairly brainless simply because enemies don't pose any threat to you and the game's ideas for alternate paths is skipping all of the level entirely until you can't anymore. The levels can be fun but there is nothing to them. This game does not build from Generations (everyone knew that) and doesn't have the wisps to help it's design like Colors. And to be honest, this constraint on what the game allows you to do with it's levels puts it below Lost World for me. As for Classic Sonic...why is he here? The automation and design in his levels are a notable step down from Generations, Casino Forest, which should be a fun stage, is borderline nonfunctional because the bumpers themselves are fixed and automated for no apparent reason. It's a mess. This wasn't brief at all! But I guess I was able to get all of my thoughts out. I would give this game a 5/10.
  5. Well uh, the game certainly was something. But I do like character creators and while it wasn't much, I tried to pull off a little something, myself. Edge for life
  6. Finished Forces. That was exceedingly awful, I'm speechless. It's absolutely my least favorite 3D game in the series.

    1. Blacklightning


      Are we talking bland awful or 06 awful here?

    2. Xenos


      I want to say it's more functional than 06, but that's because there is so much automation to keep the game functional it's borderline nonfunctional!

      The bumpers in Casino Forest are so incredibly wonky and are partly automated so you can't move freely when you bounce off of them, and force you to move in one direction. Landing on the ground after bouncing off one caused Classic Sonic to just burst into the direction he was currently facing. There was no rhyme or reason to it, it just happened.

      Boost pads just before loops, only to get to the end of the loop and slow down to a snail's pace and then suddenly launch off a ramp into the stratosphere just afterwards.

      The game is a freakin' mess.

    3. Blacklightning


      Sounds about right. Glad I decided not to get it at launch now.

  7. Today is my first day playing Gens on a good PC. jfewlfjerksohmygodedewofwpsdjcrds

  8. I would go further than least bad, and argue that Adventure had of aspects of it's design that were good. It's true it did have a lot of the pitfalls you mentioned that have echoed throughout 3D Sonic games since, but there's a lot of nuance in Adventure's flow that they haven't captured starting with literally it's sequel. What separates Adventure from most of the other games the most for are curves. Just curves. The way Sonic runs through them, the way he can naturally maneuver in them whether he's on the ground, wall, or ceiling. (This doesn't mean Adventure's controls were acceptable a lot of the time, naturally I'd want them to fix that) And levels like Emerald Coast, Speed Highway, and even the first half of Ice Cap which is pretty slow paced have a lot of different paths or reasons to go off the beaten path and explore a little. And the best part is these alternate paths didn't take control away from the player. The examples would be small, like running up the side of the skyscraper in Speed Highway to bypass a slow platforming section, but they really add up for me. Not to mention, this is probably the only game where Tails and Knuckles could easily function in the same stages Sonic had, they even had a dedicated roll button! It's not a perfect game by any means, and they could likely do better, but I saw a lot of potential in the game personally.
  9. The tiny roster will be a bit of a problem starting out, though the workload to make characters in this style speaks as to why. I'm more worried about how diverse/interesting the characters will be when people start digging into the game. I see potential for great things but it's not quite there yet.
  10. I couldn't find it there either. I just poked through the menus to find the section for new demos. You could try looking at an english one at the same time to find it, but I got to it from pure luck lol
  11. I forgot to add, the air boost in this game is really, really fun. The upwards arc it sends you at actually feels really cool when you jump.
  12. Played the JP PSN demo. And I can safely say, Modern Sonic would be fun to play if they didn't make him a magnet to the middle of an already narrow path, and gave him something to actually do in his levels. Y'know like, actual level design.
  13. The thing about boost games is that enemies simply have no time to react. By the time they even see Sonic they're getting headbutted into oblivion. Which makes it all the more odd to me a lot of the avatar's levels consist of cutting through actual hordes of them to advance through the level when...they don't do shit really.
  14. I'm honestly speechless. Modern Sonic game bosses have always been kind of a wash, but I didn't know they were susceptible to the jedi mind tricks Classic Sonic is portraying here.
  15. If I'll like anything about this game, it'll be these catchy songs.
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