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    Well... y'know, Sonic. Also:
    dem fighting games (Marvel, Guilty Gear, and especially Smash just to name a few)
    RPGs (Xenoblade, Mass Effect (rest in pieces), Persona, Final Fantasy)
    Mario is good too I guess yeah...
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Nothing spectacular here. Just the guy you hear, but don't really listen to. And while I'm on that,

SONIC ADVENTURE IS THE BEST 3D GAME SONIC CD IS THE BEST CLASSIC GAME MARIO 64 IS BETTER THAN 3D WORLDbut those are all just my opinion. Video games are basically my one consistent life passion, and while I'm not sure if I'd want to work in the industry, I'd like to be a part of it.

I mostly use Discord nowadays, so you could always find me there if you want.





stop playing sonic games








Sexy Skype Quotes


[22:55:17] gost: ameriblobs
[22:55:22] gost: whoa
[22:55:23] Chibinuva: but they'll probably get diabetes and/or die of heart attacks
[22:55:26] Chibinuva: it's genius
[22:55:28 | Edited 22:55:30] gost: where can i find one
[22:55:35] Xenos: Look in the mirror
[22:55:44] gost: im australian though
[22:55:47] Chibinuva: >austrailian
[22:55:48] Chibinuva: fak
[22:55:48] Xenos: ...FUCK.
[22:55:53 | Edited 22:55:55] gost: fuck yes


[22:54:06] Chibinuva: can we make old sims have sex so one or both of them dies of a heart attack?



[22:51:21] PhunkyPhazon (Speederino): I liked feeding a Sim to the cow plant, having another Sim drink the persons remain, and then feeding themselves to the cow plant out of remorse.




[14:53:38] Cero: Also I got more fun out of Dimperations than Generations
[14:53:42] Cero: *runs*
[14:53:52] Xenos: Because you suck.
[14:53:53] Sion-Ta: Bad person man.
[14:53:53] Dandp: No need to run, it's opinions


Cero vs. Gammy

[12:37:20] Cero: Gam
[12:37:26] Cero: stop not agreeing with me
[12:37:31] Cero: and get better onions
[12:37:33] Cero: like mine
[12:37:34] Gam: I do what I want
[12:37:45] Gam: >:I
[12:37:57] Cero: Gurl, I'll cut you
[12:38:04] Gam: I'll cut you first
[12:38:09] Cero: I'm pretty sure I owe you a good slice

[12:38:18] Gam: I'll stab you in the eye
[12:38:18] Cero: After you tried stealin mai man >:U

[12:38:42] Gam:  I didn' stel yo man
[12:39:12] Cero: Of course you didn't hoe
[12:39:27] Gam: >0>
[12:39:42] Cero: His ass knows better than to get with an ugly bitch like you
[12:39:49] Cero: *Z-snap*

[12:40:02] Cero: *Head twirl*

[12:40:01] Gam: Oh no you din't! *grabs Cero's hair*

[12:40:13] Cero: Oh hell naw bitch

[12:40:29] Cero: *claws your face*
[12:40:37] Gam: *pulls your hair out*
[12:40:45] Gam: Look guys! Weave!
[12:41:06] Cero: Bitch, I know yo aint just snatch out my weeve!
[12:41:14] Gam: I jus did
[12:41:48] Cero: Now I gotta go get Shelanda to get some more, and then go all the way to the hair dresser to get Teshaniqua to fix me up

[12:41:58] Cero: Bitch, you bout to die
[12:42:03] Gam: Mhmm
[12:42:10] Cero: *Yanks out Gammy's implants*
[12:42:16] Gam: Oww
[12:42:44] Cero: At least my bodacious tits are all NA-TU-RAAAL

[12:41:53] 1) TNA | Edward: da fuck


[21:22:39] Cero: Me and Xenos being roommates would be terrible
[21:22:57 | Edited 21:23:08] Xenos: It would end up as Black Spy vs White Spy at some point
[21:23:21] Grizzly-San/Wolf-San/Kid-San: or Xenos would catch Cero jacking off to his Vector porn


[19:11:18] Burnt Ash (Yacker the 3rd): Wait
[19:11:21] Burnt Ash (Yacker the 3rd): school starts tomorrow
[19:11:26] Burnt Ash (Yacker the 3rd): and it's april fools
[19:11:38] Xenos: lol
[19:11:39] Dandp: ha
[19:11:39] Fredpool: sucks to fuck
[19:11:56] Burnt Ash (Yacker the 3rd): It most certainly does.
[19:12:50] Xenos: fucks to suck
[19:12:57] Xenos: ...Wow that doesn't sound very good reversed.
[19:13:03] Burnt Ash (Yacker the 3rd): LOOOOL
[19:13:09] Dandp: Let's never mention this again


[18:08:55] Speederino: Time to slurp some noodles and munch some cock  <3


[18:12:28] Speederino: Poopy doopy doopums
[18:12:34] Xenos: That's beautiful.





[18:02:48] Xenia: theyre so long
[18:02:49] Xenia: hard
[18:02:51] Xenia: and lumpy
[18:02:54] Xenia: and green
[18:02:58] Xenos: Xenia why
[18:03:05] Xenia: wut
[18:03:09] Xenia: im jut describin pickles
[18:03:27] Cero: Endy you just described Shrek's dick
[18:03:45] Xenia: oh
[18:03:47] Xenia: ew
[18:03:55] Xenia: i did not realise that when i was typing
[18:04:18] Chibinuva: >implying pickles aren't cheap knockoffs of shrek's dick
[18:04:29] Xenos: Chibi what
[18:04:31] NGw00d: the hell did I walk into




[2:26:21 PM] Xenos: *tenderly grabs ahold of Element's neck and STRANGLES HIM VIOLENTLY*
[2:26:35 PM] elementofchaos: *blush*



























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