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  1. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    Once you step back and realize the last fully original 3D(?) title was 7 years ago, it puts a lot of things in perspective. I wouldn't mind it as much in Forces if they actually used the weird mixture of tropes to make something interesting. The sand in Green Hill being nothing much more than window dressing is part of what I mean.
  2. Positive Things About Forces?

    I guess it's weird to say, but I do like how Forces feels like a mid 2000s Sonic game. It's incredibly cheesy, it's over the top, and ultimately I have no clue what Sonic Team are thinking. It's very interesting to talk about it just because of how odd it is. There's so much stuff in it that's well... stuff. It's one of the driving forces (ugh) of me still planning to buy the game. I am honest to God engaged, and I want to see where all of this goes. Not sure if it really counts, but I feel it's positive for me.
  3. Forces looks about as good as Lost World (I don't like that game) and I still plan on buying it. I have a problem.

    1. Speeps


      Despite its identity problems I found Lost World's gameplay fun but I haven't been interested in what I've seen of Forces' enough to buy it so far.

      I mean the settings and overall story are much better but Classic Sonic looks terrible compared to Mania and the OC doesn't interest me.

    2. Xenos


      Forces is doing some things I've wanted out of a newer game like more focus on the whole cast, but the execution is... something.


      I honestly have no clue what to think of the gameplay. I care the most about modern Sonic's stages but they've shown nothing but straight lines.

    3. Operationgamer17


      One of the screenshots showed what looks like an alternate path.

    4. Xenos


      Believe me, I've done the song and dance of looking for alternate paths and such in screenshots for years.

      Not that I don't believe you, I've seen some hints of them myself, I just wish they showed them more.

  4. Most overhyped sonic game

    I wouldn't say there are really any games in this series that are overhyped. They usually get whatever score they deserve upon release, and Generations got a bunch of 7s, 8s, and even lower here and there, how could you honestly call that game overhyped? Not to mention, most 3D Sonic games have pretty mediocre or bad stories, so Generations not having much of one (even if I don't like what was there particularly) didn't really bother me.
  5. Final Fantasy XV [Formerly Versus XIII] (Xbox One, PS4)

    I think there's a few misconceptions here. This game is gigantic, I'm sure everyone knows how huge this game is, and it's been in development on it's own for about four years, and the very first open area has several dungeons, monsters, and sidequests that are and aren't fully voiced. This is all available during the very waking moments of the game, and on top of that it has a seamless open world where you can fly an airship, or travel on the ground through car or chocobo. All of this has to function and run well at 30fps, (and as far as they've said, they want it to reach 60fps on Pro) and be relatively free of horrid bugs and glitches as the game comes to release. In a game like this, multiplayer is never a given, and there are very few RPGs of this size, let alone in this series with full four-player co-op. And more importantly, it was never promised. This was clearly something they decided to do completely seperate from the main game, anyone who's followed the development of this game knows that something like this came up well after the game was far into development, and is completely not necessary, nor should be an expectation for this kind of jrpg. It's not crucial to this game, it's not a huge selling point, it's something extra that they decided would be a nice thing people would want to see, it would make no sense for anyone to expect otherwise for this game.
  6. happy birthday!

  7. I hate this patch. It's got me playing this character again >:C
  8. Mewtwo's up throw is one of the strongest, but ultimately it's still an up throw. It's killing people less than better kill throws that are usually mapped to the character's back throw. His forward throw doesn't trap people in place, either. You get hit by the multi-hitting projectile, then that's it. Mewtwo can't combo out of that throw at all; it's purely for damage. His up smash is good and powerful, but it's still quite punishable on whiff so it still has a downside. Shadow Ball is nice and all, but plenty of characters can reflect it twice if back at Mewtwo and have him die instantly because of how light he is. (Fox, Falco, Palutena, Zelda) or characters that can purely absorb/ignore it (Rosalina, Ness, Lucas, eventually Bayonetta with bat within reducing the damage and knockback significantly, Corrin) so it's not impossible for a good amount of characters. Disable isn't very good either with it's short range and being able to shield it. It's more of a gimmick than anything else.
  9. Ok calm down Mewtwo isn't that good because of a combination of his large size and weight. He's very easy to hit and when you do he explodes because he's the 2nd lightest character in the game. It's not a gigantic issue now that he's been buffed, but it's still significant enough to keep him from being as good as other characters. Mewtwo's grab range is also very mediocre, and his grab isn't particularly fast. His up throw and back throw are decent at killing but they don't compare to superior kill throws of other characters (Ness, Toon Link). Furthermore, his grab game is okayish at best maybe, he doesn't really get any extensive combos or followups out of his down throw, he has enough to compete, (like 50/50 kill setups) but again, not too amazing. His up tilt has a lot of cooldown for a move that's hitbox isn't very reliable, his back air is a good move, yes, but it's nowhere near as powerful as you make it out to be due to it's fairly honest startup, cooldown, and landing lag. Confusion isn't really all that great either. Most characters can jump out of it before he can do much of anything unless it's in the air for followups, or if he forces them to land on a platform above them. It's a situational move and it's not that powerful in the grand scheme of things. That better?
  10. wat Mewtwo isn't that good fam. Not terrible either, but he's far from the most OP character in the game.
  11. Samus isn't better than most of the characters below her. Charizard is way too low as well.
  12. Where were you when she needed us?


    1. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King


  13. You are one sexy man.

    1. Victoes


      What about me? He's not even bara!