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  1. ATM, more forklift driving in Shenmue and I've now surprisingly become a brony :o.

  2. Whoa, people are hating on Chronicles Soundtrack more than I had anticipated. Not surprised really.
  3. Damn, I am very highly anticipated of this remake when it comes out I have to say, as the US release is September 11th 2011, isn't that a scary coincidence? I mean, its been 10 years since that event in the US and the 1st level is Corneria where there are damaged buildings.
  4. I've just been thinking, the majority of the Sonic games, whether the games are good or bad, have some catchy, memorable and awesome songs you have the pleasure listening to. It can even be redeeming factors for bad Sonic games such as Sonic and the black knight and Sonic 06. However, not all Sonic games have great soundtracks. What I mean is that I have a curiosity with each person to what Sonic game has the worst or least memorable music when playing. For me, I would have to go with Sonic Labyrinth and Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. As Sonic Labyrinth stands as my worst sonic game of all time, its not a surprise that is no pleasure to listen to and I have no fond memories with its music of 8-bit mish mash when going through its miserable gameplay. Sonic Chronicles, well was highly disappointing in the sound department, especially for an RPG. I mean, did 'Green Hill Zone' sound like the green hill zone theme? No, it was just generic midi music to my ears. I mean why include Green Hill Zone as a level and then have the music nothing related to the iconic tune associated with it? That just somehow baffles me. Even the battle music, bar battle music 3 didn't really get me excited that much :S. So, I wonder what is your least favourite Sonic Soundtrack in a Sonic game?
  5. ....T-Shirt and werehog figure :D

  6. Finally decided to join after that day.

    Hell yes, I had no words to describe how let down I was in the end. I was so frustrated after that cue for Yuji Naka, I just gave up and left early thinking 'Whats the Point??'.

    Even though I thought the event was not good when seeing the positive responses I see, at least it was awesome to see you & Kev and I do love my T-shir...

  7. Hiya~ cool, now you're on SSMB! It was great meeting you at SoS! It was the one shining spark of hope at the sadly dissapointing event.

  8. Even if it was in a finished state, I still think the game would have sucked, mainly down to its flawed story, dull level design and town missions. Although the torture playing it would have been more bearable if it was finished I suppose (No loading screens FTW!). Its great to see SEGA/Sonic Team have not mentioned much about its existence since and are moving on to much improved ideas (Sonic Colours for example), I would be gutted if Elise was in a future Sonic game.
  9. Sadly to say, the game, even as a diehard/hardcore sonic fan, really did suck. It's because I did not find any fun in it whatsoever as it was boring when compared to Sonic Unleashed (Day Stages at least) despite it being fast at times, its controls were very fiddly, the graphics, for 360/PS3 standards were dull and the detail wasn't as next gen as we'd have hoped, it felt very cheap in areas, some of the level design wasn't very good, some moments never made any sense (The orca chase in wave ocean), the storyline was just utterly stupid (many characters never showed impact for example), the VA was the worst in ANY sonic game ever and the town missions were just lame (Apple festival? Sonic Man? Maths challenges? Really?). And do NOT get me started about the load times. At least Sonic 06 had SOME redeeming factors The music was great (His World and Dreams of an Absolution are some of my best sonic themes ever), despite the storys moments of stupidity, it looked beautiful in the FMV cutscenes (Especially the scene where sonic and Elise were in the forest) and Silver, despite his flaws (The whiny nature got annoying at times), wasn't too bad of a character. It's not the worst sonic game ever because some parts of it are just so bad its hilarious, the worst goes to Labrynth. But if you somehow liked it, that's cool, but to me, its just a stain on the franchise that almost killed it.
  10. lol, I remember having quite a laugh or two when you were posting on the forums.

    I remember feeling a bit gutted when I wasn;t nominated for anything, but I guess I didn't make the biggest impact there so that totally figures XD.

    So do I, good times when we were discussing Sonic 06 or at the time reffered to 'Sonic Next Gen' before its release, little did we know how THAT ...

  11. As for Yuji Naka, they should have stopped people getting in the back of the line line to begin with if he was about to leave by working out an estimate, rather than just cancel it for everybody who has waited their time for over an hour just to see him as that, I'm sorry, but it felt extremely unfair, especially as I had to leave at 19:30 and I didn't do anything else just to see Yuji.

  12. No worries. I really feel for you along with the other people who had to wait so long, and I know the SoS staff do as well. Due to the event being so big this year, everyone wanted to get in, and they could only fit so many people in due to safety reasons.

  13. Either way, glad you had an amazing time yesterday :)

  14. It's cool JezMM as I would understand your hands would be full in there.

    Also I would understand if you couldn't remember me at all on SA.net, but I sure do remember you posting in every topic available, you were like that famous celebrity there who I never spoke to & was possibly busy with other things, but was interested to see your reactions on XD.

    Either wa...

  15. I really do apologise to sound so negative, but I seriously wanted to like it as it looked so damn AWESOME, but in the end, I just felt very upset that none of the amazingness everyone got to experience was in me, especially as it is Sonics 20th and I was able to get there X_X

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