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  1. For the interception chase parts, I enjoy them. And this time around, the boost consumes more power, and you can't attract rings either.
  2. I preordered it a while ago andnit said it was going to be out November 1st. Now I get get that, the new Megadeth CD, and the new Metallica CD in one go.
  3. That means it's the fans fault for choosing such a lack of variety. (I never voted)
  4. It's just ONE small area, it doesn't mean anything... not yet. Though if I am wrong, then I will formally admit it.
  5. I would think the name "Neoseeker" would give you an easier time to look for it, but if your that lazy... http://www.neoseeker.com/news/16898-chemical-plant-zone-suffers-a-meltdown-in-sonic-generations/
  6. Dragon Road would've been a good choice also.
  7. Happy Birthday, FTA. I'd come to your party but , "The U.K.? That's a continent over!"

    1. FTA


      Lol, thanks dude!

    2. Scar


      An Easy Jog if the planet weren't broken!

  8. Maybe something worse might happen, like Sonic being his own father.
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