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  1. Heyyyy! I thought Tentalus was an excellent boss fight. That was a great example of atmosphere, with the Levias one coming second. Demise was also pretty good atmospherically but being enclosed in a circle with empty space around really took me off it. I agree with the second dungeon boss though, that one was extremely mediocre. I would love this. Beautiful art style. However, a remake like some people want, to that I say no.
  2. To be fair, at least the iOS version *visually* looks nice. I'm as upset as everyone else on the matter, though. No words can express how stupid and disappointing this is. I might consider getting this, but 18 bucks? Dunno. I'm curious how it works and TWEWY is one of my favorite games ever, but I can always restart it.... Ugnnsdfxigld WHY SQEENIX? Why?!
  3. Oh my jeezus that was freaking great. It really felt like a tv movie/special like Abracatastrophie from Fairly Odd Parents and whatnot. /dies laughing.
  4. Eh, I think it looks like tails. Has the color palette down, at least. Rise of the Guardians looks really, really damn amazing, so, I dunno bro. I think this film has /some/ competition. For some reason, I can't picture it. Everything released of the movie so far really doesn't follow this, so part of me thinks that there could be some exaggeration and its not as often as we think. Either way, at least /some/ toilet humor had to be expected, its pretty standard. Who knows? Maybe it could be like Madagascar 3 which, believe it or not, was really good: it didn't take itself seriously in a couple of scenes, but in others it was really heart felt, sincere, and serious when it really needed to be. To be honest though, I'm really looking forward to this movie, but for the wrong reasons. I, along with a lot of other people out there, really want to see the video game cameos, so unfortunately I feel like I'm not going to care about the main story. Maybe I will when I see it, it still looks great, but those cameos are really what I want to see.
  5. Admittedly I thought this was incredibly stupid the first time I saw the trailer, but the more I've been forced to see it (Movie theaters) the more I've grown to like it. It's kind of cute, I was actually won over more by the newer trailer which spoils a lot more plot points. Not a huge fan of the black and white, either, since the colors seem all muddled to me buuuut that's probably because I've actually never seen a black and white film .I'm also not the biggest fan of stop-motion animation since I think its kind of choppy but it does have its charm, so between this and Paranorman I'm actually kind of excited to see it.
  6. I almost feel tempted to say I liked Korra a lot more only because TLA was a childhood thing for me that went by passively, while with this I had the experience of feeling the hype and revisiting old characters and knowing the old references, feeling the impact of the story with every episode, actually knowing the gravity of certain situations in the show as I watched it, and getting immediately invested with the characters. It was an experience that was different than TLA, in which I just sat down and saw new episodes as a kid but I didn't understand character development or the humor, I just saw people with funky powers and, yeah. So its probably the exact opposite of nostalgia filter, I'm sure TLA was the better show but the experience of watching Korra was unrivaled compared to it.
  7. I can't wait to see this movie tomorrow, been waiting for, hm, I believe about a year and a half? A year? So excited. Unfortunately a midnight release and coming home at 2 AM on Tuesday morning doesn't quite go well with my parents. I saw the original trilogy about two months ago for the first time since I was a child, while I still enjoyed them I found the first one really hammy and the acting to... be hard to take seriously, quite frankly (though it was still pretty good!) and the third one to have major issues. However, I still think the second was an absolutely excellent film and I saw it again yesterday for some preps for tomorrow. I know the movie retreads familiar ground in terms of the origin story, and I was even skeptical with the first couple of trailers (Seemed a little too angsty at first lol), but comon', it's Spider-Man, and I love Spider-Man. And yeah, while the jokes seem a little forced, I thought they were still kind of funny, haha.
  8. Eh, I don't think he'll be back, it was probably just a gag. Wouldn't mind if he did though. Didn't the last episode say something like "Next week: Return to Butt Island!" or something like that? Assuming it meant the next episode, which was this one, we obviously didn't, unless it actually meant next weeks episode... which, in that case, if they do go back to that island next week, kudos to that planning. The highlight of this episode was really that scene with Dipper vs. Sherlock on the roof. The lighting was phenomenal, and I seriously lol'd when the "S" in shack fell! That was great! Just everything with that scene was really nice. The climaxes of these episodes have really impressed me so far.
  9. I think it said "THREE BACK TO BACK EPISODES" air tomorrow but I'm pretty sure it's only the three that have aired so far. I have the little message that appears at the end of the credits but the quality is crap because of light and whatnot, so here if anyone is curious: Edit: Oh, wait, you people and you DVRs can get the message pfft
  10. Hehe, I was going to say that. And believe it or not, it's actually mine. I actually caught the date in the book in the first episode, just because of that. I'm so glad it's some sort of important date. 8D Makes me feel cooler than I really am.. *cough* ANYWAY! Premier weekend I hear? So I know there's a knew episode tonight, does that mean theres another one tomorrow? Probably not since 9:30 on a sunday is particularly odd, but still, just wondering.
  11. There's also this interview: http://www.animationmagazine.net/tv/tales-from-the-weird-side/ with the creator that talks about his inspiration for the show and stuff.
  12. I downloaded the episode last week, and it was AMAZING. I loved, loved the pilot. The writing, the music, the animation, the characters, the humor, totally down with it. Definitely watching it when the airs. THE ANIMATION SO GOOD HSPIYDSGKHBCNS.... I love me good cartoons.
  13. Melru

    Pixar's Brave

    I also came back from watching the film. Maybe I was expecting something else going into it, like Pelly said, but really, uh, I actually didn't enjoy it too much. I thought the plot was fairly generic, and very safe. It was heartwarming, it had heart, but I think the movie had to be longer, it was rushed. I.. really don't know what to think. I have to think about it more, but so far, it looks like a 2.5/5 for me.
  14. And I JUST saw this on the news, lol. I wonder if the guy was under drugs too?
  15. Well eff you guys, I go to school a few streets down from where this happened. And for that reason I didn't think this was national news. It's freaking disgusting, people around here haven't gone a day without mentioning it.
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