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  1. I liked the Rivals games. THEY WERE OKAY. I'd probably buy the HD versions, only if it helped fund a potentially awesome Sonic Rivals 3 on PSVita or something. Although I'd rather have Sonic Rush HD, but we'd probably have to wait for the Wii-U for that one.
  2. The best Genesis/Mega Drive title for me would have to go to Gunstar Heroes, Ristar or Dynamite Headdy (I love those games too much) Sonic 3 & Knuckles is definitely the best Sonic game on the Genesis though, and probably one of the best in the entire series. Oh wait, Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle is pretty damn ace as well...
  3. Okay, in an attempt to save face after my (not so great) Sonic News Network Wiki link. I've attempted a better solution... And by that I mean I've just hopped to the other Sonic wiki to research. Sonic Retro Wiki seems to imply it's New Soleanna City http://info.sonicretro.org/Crisis_City (Whether this is a better or worse source of Sonic canon information I have no idea. I'm just trying to throw out more food for thought) I'm actually enjoying reading a lot of the theories here, I only wish Sega themselves had been a bit more clear about this whole issue.
  4. You know they're just gonna go right ahead and put Sonic 4 on there instead of anything worthwhile. Of course, I'd love a full HD Sonic Rivals 3, preferably one that clears up all the Rush/Rivals confusion between the parallel/future worlds. YOU CAN DO IT SEGA. I mean, Rivals 1 and 2 made it to the Greatest Hits, so they did make money at least. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch for them to develop a third one. Although maybe a bit more free exploring would be nice.
  5. I think (despite the blatantly obvious visual differences), Sega did intend for Crisis City to be future Soleanna City. I wouldn't really make sense for the characters to suddenly change location when they time travel. Maybe that's just me though. http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/Crisis_City Sonic Wiki seems to say that it's 'kinda assumed' to be Soleanna City, although there are far more suitable cities out there. It's just the locations that cause the real problems. XD
  6. Oh sweet god I do love Nigel Dobbyn. This is awesome information, I hope he uploads more pages!
  7. http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/G-mel Seems to be a plethora of info regarding the Emerl/G-Mel confusion. Hope that helps somewhat. It seems to imply that parts of Emerl were recovered and used for G-merl, but not enough for G-merl to be a 'new' Emerl. More like a spiritual sequel to Emerl.
  8. It's one of the rare few occasions where Sega have truly gone and polished a Sonic game to perfection. When Sonic 3 wasn't going to be complete in time for launch, they took the bits they had done and made it into Sonic 3, and spent the rest of the year finishing the game, to release Sonic & Knuckles to give us the complete experience when locked on. Now look at Sonic 06. That's what Sonic 3 would've been if they tried to rush out EVERYTHNG from S3 and S&K all in one go for the original S3 release date. So yeah, I guess I like S3&K because of the dedication that Sega put into it at the time. Hope that makes sense.
  9. Personally, I think Sonic and Mario aren't the kind of guys to hate on eachother. They both fight against wrongdoings under different circumstances; Sonic will jump at the chance to do anything under the name of good and justice, wheras Mario's reasons tend to be more personal, or he just happens to be in the middle of something big. Either way, Mario wouldn't hate on anyone who wasn't capturing Peach, and Sonic always has respect for those who live life the good and righteous way. In other words, there's no real way these guys could be enemies. Unless there was some kinda super crossover plot where one of them gets brainwashed. But even then, a Mario vs Sonic fight would be over pretty damn quick in favour of the blue one.
  10. If it helps stir things up. I went to buy Shadows of the Damned today, and GAME gave me a free Sonic Generations poster as a promo thing. Imagine my face. Has this happened to anyone else?
  11. I don't hate Sonic 06, but I would have to try really hard to say I really like it. In fact, I might even go as far as to say I even in the same way I like Superman 64. Once you can navigate everything that makes it bad, you can just about extract the positive points and turn that into some form of enjoyment. Surprisingly, I tend to hold it in higher regards than Sonic Heroes and Shadow the Hedgehog. But maybe that's because '06 was (despite the flaws) closer to being Sonic Adventure 3 than any other 3D Sonic game was. Maybe that's why I don't dislike it as much as others do. Maybe I've got a bizzare taste in games.
  12. I think the problem with Cream at the moment, is that Sonic Team only really designed her to be 'Amy's Tails' in Sonic Heroes. At least from what I can remember, she was originally designed for Heroes, and then later put into Sonic Advance 2 (which ended up getting released before Heroes, which did help to introduce her a little better) Anyways, I think after that, Sonic Team just didn't have a clue what they wanted to do with her, apart from get shoved into a Supporting-support role. Still, I think Sonic Advance 3 had one of my favourite Cream moments in the form of it's adorable ending!
  13. Whilst the game is torture to play, faster loading times would make the pain less bearable. (and make the town missions playable at least) XD In fact, I think my main complaint about it was the ridiculously long loading times, so if that was gone, the game would be in the yeah 'yeah, that game sucks' status, as opposed to the 'let's not talk about that game' status. All in all though, I think my biggest complaint is, why didn't they use the medium of DLC to actually fix the game properly!? Games get updated many times when there's glitches and problems, depending on the developers, although you see it more with PC games rather than console games, but the chance is there. Sadly I think Sega are more inclined to bury Sonic 06 in the desert and concentrate on the future rather than go back and amend their mistakes. AH WHELPS, I can't blame 'em too much. I only look at '06 to see Mephiles these days anyway.
  14. I've had a few hair-tearing experiences trying to talk about Sonic with people. Generally, people who are in the I played the old Sonics and they were good and then I played a 3D Sonic and it was crap so therefore all the new Sonic games are crap are hard to deal with. I've got a few horror stories, but I'll save them for a later day.
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