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  1. I currently listen to a new Artist by the name of Gangstagrass. The group mixes bluegrass and rap together to make a very interesting combination. I'm pretty sure some of the members on the board have heard of the show, "Justified." I give props to that group and I hope they get more tours around the states as well as other countries as well.
  2. Domo Arigatou. Appreciate the Birthday wishes. It's been awhile since I been on the boards.

  3. Another part the game is the Assassin's tombs; they are fun to play along to earn The Feathers in the game are a pain to find.
  4. Billy Mays was a good man. Someone I know dedicated fireworks to Billy Mays. The new commercials of Oxiclean is just not the same.
  5. The Coon episode was awesome! Its was very fuuny how they made fun of Disney. Did anyone seen the episode when their school watches HSM3?
  6. The games I'm currently playing are Afro Samurai(360), Halo Wars(kicks ass), Street Fighter 4(360), Sonic Unleashed(360), Sonic and The Black Knight and Call of Duty: World at War(360).
  7. Hey there T.C.B.G how's it going?

    By the way, nice drawing.

  8. Hey Everyone, SSJ is back. Joined the forum a year ago, I am currently in a making of a video that will be made on YouTube soon as long as they do not destroy it. Also, I'm sorry of what happen to the SSMB server.
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