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  1. Honestly, the worst part of guilty gear strive is how all the girls have a crush on Leo. It is like knives through my fanboy heart. 

    1. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      unga bunga gets the girls

  2. I don't really get why people even bother with the speculation community/ "leakers" Everyone was been way off for every single character this season, which to me is proof that no one outside of castle nintendo in kyoto japan knows anything. Honestly reading about all the "rules" and "expectations" gives me a headache. Speculating can be fun sometimes but the smash stuff seems to have turned weirdly cultish.
  3. They should really rile people up and add Sol Badguy from guilty gear aka. Anime Sword Terry
  4. Smash characters have kinda always had gimmicks, it's just now all the basic gimmicks have been used so they've been getting wilder and wilder.
  5. I got him on my first try, like sub 2 mins or something with DK. I did have to try kinda hard and almost lost before knocking his 100ish hp down while I was sitting on 20hp. I think it really depends on the AI's mood lol
  6. Sure thing, the first time I heard it was in this game, I can't remember if it was the home version, or when I went to Kyoto, but saying I heard it at a-cho in Kyoto makes me seem cooler. anyway. I now hear the sound effects from the game in my head whenever I hear the song, and whenever I even think about the song. Don Don ka don don ka
  7. Hung up is aight, but whenever I hear the sample, I just wanna listen to Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! Honestly, This song, me too. But I mentally associate it with the Taiko games. So whenever I hear it on it's own without the DON DON KA DON DON KA sound effects of playing it in Taiko it sounds really weird to me lol.
  8. Fucking SEGA lmao. I was talking to my 35 year old cousin about this game and he didn't believe it was real or anything other than a fangame. I'm pretty sure he still hasn't bought it because he still thinks it's some homebrew project like SoRR. It's wild this project turned out so good and they were still pretty much sweeping it under the rug. They should really be paying the devs to do an expansion campaign with a few more playable characters. I need to revisit this game with the new balance patch. But I've fallen down a loot game hole with Destiny 2 and PSO2. But then looking at those patch notes... I need to style with my girl cherry, because dear god was i hammering that jump button after those uppercuts to try and JC. I don't know how I'm gonna react to it actually working now.
  9. This game being announced took me back to high (grade? middle?) school so I decided to post about it here to complete the feeling! I don't remember jack about the first game's plot other than badges, shibuya, death games and grim reapers, but it sure was nostalgic seeing the DS screens of Shibuya/Harujuku again in 3d in this trailer. I hope they keep some kind of variation of the controlling 2 characters thing. Playing Astral Chain made me realise how much I like that particular game idea. The footage is kinda ambiguous over how it might play. I also hope they keep that dope system where you can level down to make the game harder and get higher drop rates. Pretty much every RPG where I get ahead of the level curve for some reason or another could use that system.
  10. you have over a million rep! SUCH POWER! At the rate I'm going, I should be able to hit 1m by the year 43,000.

  11. Why would you do this lmao? The arcs preceding it, Yorknew/Greed Island are both brilliant. I agree the series loves complex rules and systems- I think it gives it a videogame-y RPG feeling and allows its battle victories to feel earned when they happen. I don't think it's a negative apart from maybe one or two cases.
  12. This thing has completely jaded the fuck out of me when it comes to cops. I've never loved police due to my own bad experience but seeing the absolute brutality of the police in the US has just blown my mind, they don't care at all, protestors, press, on camera, off camera, whatever. They're shooting people in the fucking head with rubber bullets and gas grenades.
  13. I feel exposed by this lol. My dream is that after I achieve enough success to buy one, is to buy one and put a PC in it loaded with all my steam FGs
  14. this thing is certified WHACK. still gonna get one
  15. Wait there was proper quests where you could do stuff like that??? I must have been not playing PSO2 when that stuff was in the game. I pretty much played the start of ep 1 and then came back around ep 4. I kinda agree that stuff is fun, once in a while. Like I can only obliterate so many mobs before my eyes glaze over. By-the-by, If anyone wants to play, my GT is xyRemy. I have a couple jobs at cap already but I'm also levelling, gunner techter and force at around lvl 30. I apparaently already have you added, @Candescence from some point in the ancient past.
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