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  1. Here's a clip of me playing tekken 


  2. On one hand I loved this game as a kid, and basically thought it was the coolest game there was, certainly the best game I played on GBA..... but on the other hand I thought it was perfect the way it was, and it hasn't really been long enough for me to be like fuck yeah, a remake!!! I guess whether or not i get it depends on what the second campaign is like.
  3. New real metroid would be fucking awesome. I was kidding with Lost Vikings because it's what I think of with blizzard and ninty. A new one might be fun tho lol.
  4. Of course! but as her powers are superhuman strength and speed you';d think they'd draw her at least a little buff? Google images is kinda showing me that she's always super slim tho so what do i know anyway... This looks a lot better than the story mode was making the game look. I like the stage a lot. Still not over chun's weird face tho. How dare they.
  5. Extended gameplay footage
  6. So I guess this one is probably Marvel's fault father than Capcom's. She looks good if a little ridiculously skinny on the bottom cover, but bulky and goofy as fuck in the other one and in game.
  7. Like they have Zoe Saldana as a reference. Why on earth would you go and give her a completely different face and that goofy ass armor when Guardians is like a mega hit right now. Chun Li looks particularly shitty here too, which really sticks out considering how great she looks in SFV.
  8. BG&E2, Wolf TOC, TEW2 and the DBZ tag fighter are my games of the show so far.

  9. Well, we have DBZ now at least, lmao. The story trailer looked awful
  10. The overall, smug self satisfied tone of the sony conference really rubbed me the wrong way.
  11. Iffy on spidey. Traversal stuff in the open areas looked awesome. QTE stuff looks like extremely dated gar-barge. Combat looks like Arkham aka braindead boring, but with air juggles and conext stuff. 

    1. Boomer


      Luckily it's far less of an arkham game than the last few Spiderman games have been

    2. Remy


      Everything that wasn't swinging (which tbh is kinda like arkham grapple) and QTEs looked EXACTLY like arkham tho?

    3. Boomer


      I'm saying that the amazing Spiderman games from last gen were even more arkham like, even in combat.

  12. Spidey looks like Arkham so far #shitty hottake

  13. This sony dood is so smug

  14. Lol the dialogue is so embarassing