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  1. Marvel VS Capcom Infinite XB1/PS4/PC

    False equivalence. Are you actually serious with calling a free update a "$40.00 upgraded version" LOL ? Making it free is a "start?" are you joking? where do they take it from that start in your opinion? How does arcade edition contradict what I said when it's essentially a free "big balance patch/update?" A free balance patch that I should mention goes out to everyone and doesn't require you to buy anything new to play it? Which is relatively unprecedented when it comes to fighting games? How is it a bad thing that you can buy a bundled version with 2 season passes of DLC included for less than the original RRP? Like c'mon. I know you're itching to argue because you dug up a 3 month old post but C'mon mang.
  2. Marvel VS Capcom Infinite XB1/PS4/PC

    I 100% think the leak is real (Jedah and Rocket/Groot is pretty specific) and the list of zips are all models from Story mode. BUT that doesn't mean this guy is some whack insider because it's not his leak. I knew about that leak too. Everyone knew about that leak. I could have edited the same video with the same knowledge and the same bullshit but it wouldn't make me any more of an insider than anyone else.
  3. Marvel VS Capcom Infinite XB1/PS4/PC

    Wow look at all the evidence in that article and video V ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ Wow there isn't any because it's My Uncle Works at Capcom bullshit. Like it's 100% possible that these characters were cut (Sigma, on of the main villians is DLC really?) but as to whether the reason is nickle and diming or a fucked production schedule we won't know. Everything in that video and article is crap you could have figured out watchinig trailers and hanging out on forums, and I'm sick of fake "insiders" collecting community rumors then acting like they're jesus because they had their "ear to the ground" on something they have no proof for other than hearsay. Anyone watch SonicFox steal Fchamp's soul the other day? I'll try and find an archive of the match but it was the craziest MVCI game I've seen yet.
  4. Marvel VS Capcom Infinite XB1/PS4/PC

    Hopefully they can do his awesome old sprite animations justice with a 3D model. Always liked venom in the older MVC games.
  5. Marvel VS Capcom Infinite XB1/PS4/PC

    The functions meme is actually pretty good. He does look like Logan though even if his supers/specials seem different the pace and general vibe of his move set looks similar? 17th is sooner than I was expecting, but tbh this DLC can't come soon enough. I need someone to go along with Chun Li and Haggar isn't cutting it atm.
  6. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    What in the world US Govt. loves people getting fucking killed
  7. This is a messed up statistic to me http://i.picpar.com/ZZ5c.jpg

  8. Marvel VS Capcom Infinite XB1/PS4/PC

    I think having Black Panther and the Monster Hunter ready on release and not DLC would have been HUGE for player goodwill.
  9. Marvel VS Capcom Infinite XB1/PS4/PC

    Well what were you saying here then? Sorry if I misunderstood your point as being (game needs to be reverted to 3v3 to preserve/live up to the spirit) I guess where we are differing in opinion here is you keep talking about deals and packages whereas me personally, I don't tend to care about the extraneous content (story modes/bloated rosters/garbage single player modes) gamers tend to think a fighter needs before it's a complete package. I don't even buy the whining that the roster is small. It's 6 less than MVC3, equal with MVC3 after the DLC characters come out, and unless it's a megabomba will probably surpass UMVC3 with post release support if they put half as much effort into it as they put into SFV. 30 isn't a small roster, although I'll concede not having X-Men like Mag and Wolverine is bullshit. Anyway, re: content. My interaction with these games is generally Menu->Training Mode-> Online Mode or Menu ->2P Versus Mode, I generally value the actual fight mechanics and visuals above pretty much everything else. I've spent 849 hours playing SFV another Capcom game notorious for not being complete because the gameplay is fun and satisfying. For me, the content is fighting against my friends and random people online. The best "content" in a fighting game is a solid fighting system and decent netcode, which is the portal to getting to play the solid fighting system. Injustice 2 might have best in class single player content and really good face models but I'm never gonna play it for anywhere near as long as SFV or this, based on my early impressions because I hate the mechanics and animation of that game (that is, I hate the parts of the game I actually interact with). At the end of the day, I don't pick which fighter I want to play by which one has the most characters, because I tend to only play 1-2 anyway, or the most single player garbage, because I'm not interested, I pick the game that's fun, and that's where MVCI succeeds. That's not to say MVCI is perfect- it's still garbage that Capcom don't seem to know how to make a tutorial that teaches fundamentals. The game really chose a weird as fuck action figure like graphic style that I personally don't like at all after the cool hard shading, comic book stylings of MVC3 and the PC version is buggy as shit, but at least it's fun! What would bring this game into a proper mix, in your opinion? Is it just adding a few faces to the character select screen? I really object to the suggestion that MVC3, a done to death game from 2011 is superior to this game in any way other than character count because I find it completely repulsive to play, and UMVC3 also has a completely busted online mode so I might be a little biased
  10. Marvel VS Capcom Infinite XB1/PS4/PC

    1.) Probably because this game was clearly made on a shoestring budget, and unlike when they made MVC2 they didn't have years of games to recycle characters from. You can say that they could have grabbed more from MVC3 but it's not like they can just drag and drop the characters from there and get away with it. They would have to remake their models, not to mention redesign their gameplay to fit this games new systems (eg. "support" style characters need to function on point, specialist style characters that might rely on assists for filling gaps in their arsenal need to be rethought, gem abilities need to be taken into consideration.) You can see this from the changes made to MVC vets that came over from 3 like Haggar and Dorm I'd love for there to be a bigger roster, but I understand why there isn't. If anything my main beef is just some of the weird as shit choices in the base roster (firebrand again?) and some dope fan favs being season pass DLC. Paragraph 2.) Define "better game". MVCi stomps all over MVC2 and MVC3 so far for me, and I think the new assist/tag switching mechanic is a brilliant combination of separate assists/tags and the gems giving you a universal ability regardless of your team allows a lot of really fun experimentation and outside of the box play, as emphasised by the dope as shit comeback, in week 1 finals yesterday. Nitpick: Saying 3v3 is the spirit of the series is ignoring every game pre MVC2, this series has had more 2v2 fighters than 3v3 ones. Honestly the standard edition is fine. I'd probably wait a bit and get it on sale unless you really, really wanna play it bad. I wouldn't buy the season pass unless you see it cheap somewhere or REALLY LOVE the characters in it.
  11. Marvel VS Capcom Infinite XB1/PS4/PC

    Lord help me after being barely interested in this pre release I impulse bought this game this morning before work, and it's downloading right now. for real though, why didn't juri make this game? I think the announcement of the female monster hunter pushed me over the edge, even if it's bullshit she's DLC :'( You know i'm gonna be back to post my "expert" opinion!!!!!!!! also re: black widow, that would have been awesome, but I think capcom clarified that it's the marvel one on twitter.
  12. Joke Response: Hogfather, you should know better then to dishonor the oldest, most noble and almost only rule of the GHZ subforum Real Response: The reason these topics have traditionally been banned is the discussion is done to death, and outside of petty name calling and shit slinging over whether or not game X is actually the real SA3, these discussions are often circular, blood pressure raising exercises in semantics. It's pleasing to see that the first 4 pages of this topic were mostly civil but I think it's now run it's course. Hogfather, Mayor D, really disappointed to see you in here antagonizing members and derailing discussion- as a member of the staff and representative of the site you really need to do better than this.
  13. Twin peaks finale realy fucked me up