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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. I'm glad SCs Sexiest Character, is back. Yeah if Ivy's here Taki's gonna be here too I think. I feel like sc1 era was her high point of relevance, so can't see her missing this. hope her costume changes a little tho
  3. happy birthday! have a good one!


  4. Happy birthday! 

  5. Happy birthday 💕

  6. The new character is very, very anime. Not historical anime like this series normally does, just full blown sci fi fantasy anime. The game looks really good still, I think but man is he anime. Fully expecting him to have no explanation and just have the story be a nonsense jaunt starring Patrokles again, somehow
  7. monster hunter world swallowed me whole doods

  8. Rebecca Sugar's Steven Universe

    But yeah... I really liked these last two episodes.
  9. Sonic Twist of Fate: when does it release?

    @Shaddy the Zaphod Instead of coming in, overly aggressive and slapping down on someone trying to start a discussion, you could have ignored it by clicking on something else, closing your eyes etc or if that's taxing, used the ignore function to physically not have to see the topic exists if it bothers you or c.) reported it and moved on. Jumping down someone's throat over something as innocuous as this topic is super hostile and makes SSMB a worse place to post for everyone. It isn't what we're trying to foster here. @Blue Knight/Bluestreak You do you dude, but in future this kind of thing might be good for status updates, etc tho.
  10. It's kind of neat that 2nd impact is in there. I wonder if it'll have the native widescreen support the arcade version did. Furthermore, I'd probably be more excited for this if 3rd strike online edition wasn't such a bummer of a release, having bought it once on xbox and again on 360 I feel kind of like a stooge buying it again. It would also be cool if, as above they threw in EX or at least USFIV (like why not?) It's still a pretty neat collection but it could have been godlike. I almost wanna get it on switch but then I'd have to buy another stick..........
  11. His character arc of street hooligan > prison escapee > mr strictly business is extremely satisfying and funny to me
  12. Wow this topic died. I made gold with 4.5k lp and I play Kolin now. Sakura looks completely awesome. I absolutely love her new costume. I like how it keeps a similar silhouette but 100% makes her look older and finally gets rid of that GD school uniform. the redesigns in SFV so far have all been really good imo.
  13. Bayonetta 3! (Coming Exclusive to Switch)

    first lol 2nd apparently the guns she's using in the trailer are her guns from the bayonetta prequel anime. so it would suggest this is set before bayo1

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