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  1. Remy

    your bisky avatar keeps filling me with so much life

  2. monster hunter world swallowed me whole doods

  3. This is a messed up statistic to me http://i.picpar.com/ZZ5c.jpg

  4. Twin peaks finale realy fucked me up

  5. I got 15 hours out of Mania on switch. Not bad. Still feel like running through it at least one more time. 

    1. Zaysho


      I got...


      How the fuck did I get 35 hours out of a game I wasn't even excited for at first

    2. Remy


      Replaying it is surprisingly addictive

    3. Ferno


      Playing as Knuckles, Tails or Sonic by himself is like a whole new experience each time.

    4. Zaysho


      It's a much better game than I initially gave it credit for, and I've found myself constantly tinkering around with stages either in debug mode or playing through "No Save" mode a lot. I honestly didn't expect to like this game as much as I did.

  6. This is my tune of the day:

    The music video was shot in my neighbourhood also, lol. That factory is 1 street over from my old house.

  7. 15sYsH5.png

    1. Remy


      Presented without comment


      Presented without comment


    2. KHCast


      Broken image link 

      Ah never mind 

  8. "This is way better then that carnival level in Bubsy" - high praise for Studiopolis from my girlfriend. 

  9. buggy piece of crap 


    1. Jetronic


      I do this in marble garden, fun times

  10. Furthermore, it's surprising to me how large the stages are and you unique the paths can be, watching my housemate play flying battery I saw him going through a completely different area (bottom of the ship) to what I did (running along the tip swinging from poles) I wasn't expecting the level design to be this interesting

  11. I like how a lot of the time if you try going off the rails in Mania you get rewarded with 1-up boxes, ring boxes, shields and special stage rings. I have like 20 lives from jumping off ramps/spin dashing off of stuff/going left to see what's there. 

  12. Mania is pretty fun. I like the Saloon boss. Sometimes the stages feel really long (I time out!) or other times really short. II like how there's often extra lives in weird places. 

  13. psh kkid, yr lucky they've got me locked up here in australia............

  14. I used to be (am still) a pretty big emo guy. sometimes I listen to old songs I used to like when I was a teenager and all I can think about is that the lyrics are pretty fucken petty, and it retroactively kinda ruins the song.

  15. Have you guys seen this cool toon before>??? https://www.badgerbadgerbadger.com/

    1. MightyRay


      An ancient meme has been unearthed once again to bring great wisdom to the masses.

    2. PaulyBFromDa303


      Wow. I feel 15 again

  16. Started watching Twin Peaks because I'm interested in seeing the new series. I'm up to S2 E8 (apparently where the quality drops ) and It's been pretty great. The peak of the whole show is probably cooper's amazing, weird dream back in S1E3 and it's a shame it doesn't really get to those heights again (or hasn't so far)

  17. Staying at work until 6 sucks but at least I have coffee!

  18. Honestly HxH this week blew me away. Togashi the Gawd showing everyone why people that criticize his art of full of sh

    1. MegasonicZX


      Do we have physical English copies available of the latest material.

    2. Remy


      Hmm latest english volume is 33, which is 1 volume behind japan, and 1 volume, 2 chapters behind current.

      You can read it officially week to week in Viz's WSJ translation when it comes out

    3. MegasonicZX


      Cool, don't really like reading books from the internet.

  19. I've been really enjoying Tekken 7, although I feel like I'm basically starting from zero, even with years of playing every other fighter under my belt, Tekken is really hard. 

  20. #prayforCelestia

    1. Tara


      They'll never play the viola again =(

  21. Here's a clip of me playing tekken 


  22. BG&E2, Wolf TOC, TEW2 and the DBZ tag fighter are my games of the show so far.

  23. Iffy on spidey. Traversal stuff in the open areas looked awesome. QTE stuff looks like extremely dated gar-barge. Combat looks like Arkham aka braindead boring, but with air juggles and conext stuff. 

    1. Boomer


      Luckily it's far less of an arkham game than the last few Spiderman games have been

    2. Remy


      Everything that wasn't swinging (which tbh is kinda like arkham grapple) and QTEs looked EXACTLY like arkham tho?

    3. Boomer


      I'm saying that the amazing Spiderman games from last gen were even more arkham like, even in combat.

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