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  1. Doriririririririri. The next few episodes are gonna be wild as fuck. Last week was awesome, although a little too dense, and was it just me or were the crunchyroll subs completely wrong/a bit off at some points? The boss walking out from behind the pole was such a dope cut. Was my thread from 2012 not good enough for you?
  2. It'll probably just be through Microsoft like buying anything else on xbox. so cross region purchases will need pre paid giftcards Extremely picky. Senran Kagura, shit like Omega Labrythinth (titty dungeon crawler), DMC5, etc all have been hit lately in the last year. it's random that they suddenly care but they do. I'm really interested as to what this release will be like. I feel like the Japanese version is kind of a fucking mess for new players coming on ATM so I wonder if they'll do some kind of rebalancing to the new player progression. There's also the crappy costume gatcha that will surely need to be better/different because the JP one is pretty shitty. SEGA probably not willing to alter that much though so I will imagine it will just be a snapshot of whatever era of JP PSO2 they choose. TBH if it's relatively up to date with the japanese version it'll already be ahead of psu in my books.
  3. The first game is super dated, even if it has a cool style to it. I imagine the bit at the end Means they're modifying the gameplay/structure of the levels a bit. because to be honest pd1 is shallow even by rail shooter standards. Zwei though is chefkiss.jpg really fucking good and a super impressive game for the time. I'm interested in both remakes
  4. Remy

    your bisky avatar keeps filling me with so much life

  5. That's an interesting detail! I always think of the guy in the ruins stage with the massive shotgun blast that slows the whole game down- I'm sure the later stages had some bosses with similar gimmicks too.
  6. That''s ridiculous but cool lol. I'm definitely in for Thunder Force IV- Especially if they get rid of slowdown/sprite flicker and now that it's got the mode from the saturn version. The mega drive original is probably my favourite shooter ever and I'd love to have a portable version. It's M2 so I have faith in the quality of the ports, but I hope the price isn't too bad and they choose more interesting games like Gain Ground rather than the usual trotted out SEGA titles. As said above, I'd love it if they started doing some Saturn games as well.
  7. Is that audio comparison for real? it sounds completely wrong, almost like the pitch has been totally shifted. how is that even possible
  8. I'm glad SCs Sexiest Character, is back. Yeah if Ivy's here Taki's gonna be here too I think. I feel like sc1 era was her high point of relevance, so can't see her missing this. hope her costume changes a little tho
  9. The new character is very, very anime. Not historical anime like this series normally does, just full blown sci fi fantasy anime. The game looks really good still, I think but man is he anime. Fully expecting him to have no explanation and just have the story be a nonsense jaunt starring Patrokles again, somehow
  10. monster hunter world swallowed me whole doods

  11. @Shaddy the Zaphod Instead of coming in, overly aggressive and slapping down on someone trying to start a discussion, you could have ignored it by clicking on something else, closing your eyes etc or if that's taxing, used the ignore function to physically not have to see the topic exists if it bothers you or c.) reported it and moved on. Jumping down someone's throat over something as innocuous as this topic is super hostile and makes SSMB a worse place to post for everyone. It isn't what we're trying to foster here. @Blue Knight/Bluestreak You do you dude, but in future this kind of thing might be good for status updates, etc tho.
  12. It's kind of neat that 2nd impact is in there. I wonder if it'll have the native widescreen support the arcade version did. Furthermore, I'd probably be more excited for this if 3rd strike online edition wasn't such a bummer of a release, having bought it once on xbox and again on 360 I feel kind of like a stooge buying it again. It would also be cool if, as above they threw in EX or at least USFIV (like why not?) It's still a pretty neat collection but it could have been godlike. I almost wanna get it on switch but then I'd have to buy another stick..........
  13. His character arc of street hooligan > prison escapee > mr strictly business is extremely satisfying and funny to me
  14. Wow this topic died. I made gold with 4.5k lp and I play Kolin now. Sakura looks completely awesome. I absolutely love her new costume. I like how it keeps a similar silhouette but 100% makes her look older and finally gets rid of that GD school uniform. the redesigns in SFV so far have all been really good imo.
  15. first lol 2nd apparently the guns she's using in the trailer are her guns from the bayonetta prequel anime. so it would suggest this is set before bayo1
  16. Every time I watch this trailer it looks... blurry? Like there's a weird motion blur effect over it. Gameplay looks good though. Love the detailed blocking animations. An early look... Mitsurugi and Sophitia look really young compared to SC6, and both appear to be wearing costumes based on their sc1 looks. Mitsu in particular looks even younger than he did in SC1. I think this is almost certainly an alternate reality retelling of either a.) Soul Calibur 1 or a story set somewhere between soul edge and SC2.
  17. I really don't like bayonetta getting disintergrated in the trailer, even if it's by what appears to be an awakened rodin? (well, the purple fire suggests some kind of powerful demon anyway) but I'm pretty excited because I fuckin love these games dude. A lot of the imagery suggesting bayonetta losing/being destroyed. The red ribbon being sliced in half, the eyes of the world/logo being shattered. I wonder if you'll even play as bayo. Maybe Jeanne led ?
  18. Man the eps with Steven and Connie, and The Peridot/Lapis stuff really hit me in the feels. I've been in Steven's and Peridot's positions at different points in my life so it kind of messed me up. Wasn't expecting to be hit with that kind of stuff in a CN show, even in this one! Also I'm really happy with what happened with Sadie.
  19. Like I'm mostly just kidding around with the GIFs but MKX is a weird as fuck game to me graphically. I love the look of virtually all the stages but all the characters look and animate like ass to me. I just can't get around the limp wristed weak looking punches/kicks, slap fight esque impacts and awkward posing. Meanwhile in SFV everyone, yes everyone, looks like they're kicking serious ass 100% of the time (note: exception in spoiler) which to me makes the game about 100x more appealing and fun to play. In general it also helps that the feel and systems of SFV feel better than the rigid dial a combo 50/50 heavy oppressive nature of MK SFV not being on Xbone sucks so bad. I play on PC, but exclusives still suck. KI is indeed a++
  20. This is amazing. 1982 the thing is probably my favourite horror movie ever, and I also love Halloween and the cheese of They Live. I would have never presumed this in a million years
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