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  1. I feel exposed by this lol. My dream is that after I achieve enough success to buy one, is to buy one and put a PC in it loaded with all my steam FGs
  2. this thing is certified WHACK. still gonna get one
  3. Legit shattered. I was gonna import one for myself and another for my SEGA fanboy dad.
  4. I don't actually remember there really being proper missions when I played it, to be honest. Well, anymore than there is in the current version where you do some interesting stuff from the middle of ep 2 onwards. How it used to work was you would just see the random scenes out in a free field exploration when you met certain conditions (kill 10 udan, get a certain drop, etc) So it was always pretty disjointed. The main difference is now you don't jump through hoops, you pick the scenes from a list. The early game story has always been a mess with a couple interesting characters and ideas. Other than making a completely new story mode for eps1-3 from scratch there wasn't a lot SEGA could have done. I don't feel like that would be a good use of resources for a game like this. Well, honestly. FFXIV knocks all this stuff out of the park from Heavensward onwards. (well it's still got hotbar stuff, but yeah) Shadowbringers is the best RPG story in years. No "good for an MMO" qualifier required. Aren't these scenes unlocked as you play along the main missions as "sub stories?"
  5. it's pretty amazing how bad it is. windows 10 is a mess in general so I thought it would be bad, but I didn't think it would be uninstall the game when I rebooted my laptop and make me download 70gbs again level bad.
  6. Not to sound arrogant, but I'm way beyond the point where that's satisfying for me. Nothing is a substitute for a real player. My enjoyment of these games isn't really just mechanically hitting cpus, or beating classic mode, it's beating other players. Smash for me is a medium a use to communicate/compete/dance with other humans. The kick I get now is the feeling when you read someone's roll from ledge and f smash them into oblivion. When you just know someone is going to double jump off stage and you catch them with a dair spike meteor into the blast zone. Catching someone holding ledge too long with a bair and stage spiking them. Frying someone's brain with pressure so much so that they hold shield enough for you to grab em 8 times in a row. That kind of stuff. Whenever I buy a fighting game I barely touch single player. For me it's all about playing with others.
  7. Game's out on PC now too. I've been playing on Xbox One X and really enjoying it- though I haven't played much since the PC release specficially. I'm on ship 2, and doing pretty well. I have Hunter, Bouncer and Braver at 75 and am currently working on Gunner and Fighter. Sitting on a nice stash of meseta too. I got an ARKS Rappy Suit on the first PSO2 day and sold it for 20 mil. I really like the way they're rolling out content quickly, and think the version of the game they brought over (combination of current JP balance w/ ep 3 era game) was the best for new players. You need to establish what the world of the game actually was before the bizarre episode 4 upends everything. Having said that, I really wish we had scion classes. I used to play this on JP pre-hero release and I wanna mess around with something new already lol. Etoile and Phantom look so cool.
  8. New Arcades games, sure but new arcade hardware not as often as you think. Most SEGA arcade games run on the equivalent of a decade old Windows PC (yes, even megahit games like Maimai, Project Diva and Chunithm (look it up) run on old ass PC gear.) Even then, new SEGA arcade hardware wouldn't be worth this kind of build up, IMO. The newest HOTD game, even runs on its own hardware made to support UE4, and that's still kind of a dated piece of shit and I don't remember anyone really caring about it. I think some kind of classic consolewith preloaded games type deal might be possible- Like a Saturn/DC/MD combo machine.
  9. Yeah. Forward jump kicks are an OK option too but I'm not sure about the invincibility status, It's more useful for stuffing random enemies. I used to be pretty good at SOR 1 & 2 but most of my metagame knowledge has slipped out of my brain. Oh yeah, you can land on you feet after a grab/hit that launches you by pressing up and jump before you hit the ground.
  10. Yeah cherry is a definite stand out. Compared to Skate, who she is kind of a reskin/rework of her design is about 100x more appealing and the power dunk like move is awesome. If I have a criticism her range is kinda short and her damage a bit low- sometimes It can be hard to take people out quickly in crowd control type situations. If you're still playing, I know the girls are more appealing but I feel like adam is a good bridging character from Cherry to the others. his little short dash is super useful. I also kind of love the animations of his moves? His running special kick has so much IMPACT and the air special is a dang tatsu! https://thumbs.gfycat.com/NegativeJaggedHornedviper-mobile.mp4 Here's a gif of me playing like crap but still nailing a nice juggle with that air tatsu. I get why they didn't want to have everyone run, the game is going for that SOR2 mood, but I think maybe SOR5's game design could handle short dashes or runs. They really knocked it out of the park with this game. I know this because when I make my girlfriend play belt scroller beat em ups with me she normally does so relatively unwillingly, but with this game she a.) wanted to play it without being nagged b.) commented on how great the graphics and music are and c.) painted blaze fielding after we beat it. Her opinion should be important to you because she works as a "Game Developer" I mean, I knew the graphics were awesome from early footage, but man the stage/encounter design, character design and combat design (the hitstop/feedback on hits is PERFECT) are all home runs. Even the new enemies fit right and serve good roles in the SOR combat design. Normally these indie tribute beatemups really suck ass, so my bar was low but man what a killer game. I even love how the music is continuous like a DJ set from screen to screen with smooth fades. So beast. When I get a weekend to myself I'm gonna deep dive this game and go for S Ranks and beat Mania Mode Neutral jump has i frames, so you can use neutral jump attacks to get out of sticky situations/ deal with charging enemies (ie, the ruby/diamond gemstone named 80s drop kick girls) Shoutouts to my boy Donovan for protecting america's skies. No Jumping Ever (tm)
  11. It's cool. It's definitely niche. I know it is indubitably, undoubtedly, unquestionably obnoxious to suggest that a game needs more than several hours for someone to fairly assess it, much in the way that that one friend assures you for months on end that One Piece gets really good around episode 300. (which it does, honestly!) but unless you beat it within those hours you really, honest to god didn't see everything (and in fact, barely saw anything) that the systems have to offer, or get a handle on it's true, nebulous, densely stuffed puff pastry with gooey filling action game form but fair enough. It definitely is a niche game. It feels like the most systems-y Kamiya game there is. the enemies are a relentless bombardment of endless, seductive, attractive locks and you the player are the groundskeeper from hell, armed with the world's most meticulously organized keychain, ready at the drop of a coin to shoot gatling keys into their PowerRanger flesh. It's like all Kamiya's variously gameplay gimmicks from his myriad games stuffed onto an 8 way weapon quick select where at any moment you can do anything you can imagine do smash your enemies into tiny mountains of currency. you can really beat ass in this game! Honestly, if you like this genre at all, you owe it to yourself to give it another chance. If you don't like this genre- it's not for you. Much like my allergy to peanuts means peanut butter, which I presume is delicious and from it's gunky gooey texture appears to have a heavenly mouthfeel, is not for me. When I play it, I feel like I can see why people like DMC4/5 Dante so much. Except this game has a control scheme designed for humans and not Stylish Action Game playing androids. I actually think it'll do better on systems that aren't the wii u because people will be playing it with the superior right stick drawing instead of the clunky ass gamepad drawing.
  12. Oh man. I completely forgot about it the wario connection there, somehow. That stage is so out there (and i admit I enver played game and wario lol) that I just mentally filed it as it's own weird thing. I kind of like playing Byleth. I'm not certain they're a great character. I like that they feel like a fairly unique archtype for smash- Yes I know, it's another Sword Lord but the actual moveset is a bait and punish type with lots of long distance moves with tipper boxes. If you're on point with your position and reads you can really fucking ruin someone's day quickly. On a counterpoint, if you whiff or make bad calls you also get owned so fast. I've been experimenting with trying to get people to block Byleth downsmash after an arrow to get a deliberate guard break. When it works it's so satisfying, Down B pretty much guarentees a KO. It's surprising how many people get hit by it and then still roll behind me next stock to get hit by it again.
  13. This is actually pretty fair. It is really weird that the only Wario stage is the Brawl warioware one. Not just because you know, it's only Warioware, and they are outright skimming/ignoring his originals and history, but also because to me that stage feels super duper dated. Like visually I look at and just think urgh, brawl. That alongside like the zelda bridge one and lylat cruise. all foul.
  14. The gameplay systems are kinda super convoluted but feel like magic when it clicks. I also consider it a design failure of the game in that it doesn't really teach you how any of it's myriad moves, systems and weapons work or are meant to be used. It took me a whole playthrough for it to "click" and I play this subgenre religiously.
  15. Not a fan of Terry? He's straightforward in both FF/KOF and here, I suppose. But I feel like he has enough moves and options that if you wanna use your brain instead of just jab jab pd you can have a lot of fun. Maybe I have a smooth brain but hitting the command inputs make me feel like I'm thinking.
  16. I really fucking hope not. DMC fanboys are the most obnoxious group of people on forums there is, and DMC5 was practically my GOTY last year. And stylish action game characters always feel like crap in FGs, (ie mvc dante, bayo smash)
  17. Remy

    your bisky avatar keeps filling me with so much life

  18. That's an interesting detail! I always think of the guy in the ruins stage with the massive shotgun blast that slows the whole game down- I'm sure the later stages had some bosses with similar gimmicks too.
  19. That''s ridiculous but cool lol. I'm definitely in for Thunder Force IV- Especially if they get rid of slowdown/sprite flicker and now that it's got the mode from the saturn version. The mega drive original is probably my favourite shooter ever and I'd love to have a portable version. It's M2 so I have faith in the quality of the ports, but I hope the price isn't too bad and they choose more interesting games like Gain Ground rather than the usual trotted out SEGA titles. As said above, I'd love it if they started doing some Saturn games as well.
  20. Is that audio comparison for real? it sounds completely wrong, almost like the pitch has been totally shifted. how is that even possible
  21. The new character is very, very anime. Not historical anime like this series normally does, just full blown sci fi fantasy anime. The game looks really good still, I think but man is he anime. Fully expecting him to have no explanation and just have the story be a nonsense jaunt starring Patrokles again, somehow
  22. @Shaddy the Zaphod Instead of coming in, overly aggressive and slapping down on someone trying to start a discussion, you could have ignored it by clicking on something else, closing your eyes etc or if that's taxing, used the ignore function to physically not have to see the topic exists if it bothers you or c.) reported it and moved on. Jumping down someone's throat over something as innocuous as this topic is super hostile and makes SSMB a worse place to post for everyone. It isn't what we're trying to foster here. @Blue Knight/Bluestreak You do you dude, but in future this kind of thing might be good for status updates, etc tho.
  23. It's kind of neat that 2nd impact is in there. I wonder if it'll have the native widescreen support the arcade version did. Furthermore, I'd probably be more excited for this if 3rd strike online edition wasn't such a bummer of a release, having bought it once on xbox and again on 360 I feel kind of like a stooge buying it again. It would also be cool if, as above they threw in EX or at least USFIV (like why not?) It's still a pretty neat collection but it could have been godlike. I almost wanna get it on switch but then I'd have to buy another stick..........
  24. His character arc of street hooligan > prison escapee > mr strictly business is extremely satisfying and funny to me
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