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  1. The link you need is in this topic.

    Not sure which page it's on.

  2. Are there any other fans out there that can't put the controller down with this game and obsessed collecting everything related to this game!!? Mario Kart 64 was a favorite of mine and SSAR only improves on this game with my favorite characters in HD! I would like to obtain the special racing wheel that I believe was only released in the UK with preordering the game on Wii. If ya wanna race sometime add my on PSN: Mp3Markel!
  3. I think it's great that you found some fellow Sonic fans that live in different countries to help you acquire different types of merchandise! I know it's hard to trust someone new here but if you ever need help with an American product I'll be more than happy! I have a 344 rating on eBay, Mp3Markel. Oh btw, would you have the link to purchase the new Gamemaster's Sonic t...

  4. Hello fellow Sonic fans! I've visited this forum before but finally decided to sign up. I honestly don't know why I haven't sooner, seems like we all share the same enthusiasm for Sonic the Hedgehog and his merchandise! Anywayz, I'm Mark. I live in Florida, USA. I grew up with Sonic the Hedgehog and wouldn't prefer growing up with any other video game! If you have the chance check out some of my videos on youtube, http://youtube.com/Heroes4Eva Some of you might also be interested in the Chaos Emeralds I have for sale! Can't wait to meet some other Sonic collectors! Oh and I'm a huge fan of Sonic's recent racing game, Super Sonic Allstar Racing on PS3. I don't understand how this game hasn't gotten more praise, it's an amazing game and one I can play for hours! If you got the game and PS3 add my on PSN and shoot me a message so I know where you're from. PSN: Mp3Markel -Mark
  5. Nope. I asked someone on SSMB from Australia if he could include some in a merch order that I was already getting from him.

  6. Oh ok, I didn't realize that. How did you get a hold of them, eBay?

  7. As far as I'm aware, the squeeze toys were never released in the UK. It was an Australian release.

  8. Hey Hogfather! I met you over at Youtube. I recently watched your Summer of Sonic event video, thanks for posting it! I'm over in the USA, FL so would never get a chance or money to make it over there! Question, are those Sonic squeeze toys still available in the UK?

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