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  1. 06e.jpg

    ...something seems off.

    1. TCB
    2. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      I don't see anyth-OH SON OF A BITCH

    3. ShroomZ


      wake me up inside 

    4. Strickerx5
    5. Mightyray


      Another day... yet another loss.jpeg meme.

    6. Ferno
  2. i really and truly am not sorry

  3. This looks absolutely legit. Day one.

  4. One thing I'd really like to see in Sonic Mania is a competitive MP mode. Sonic 2's split-screen component is pretty limited in content, and it also has the nasty issues of gameplay lag and stretching the screens to accommodate the split screen...and yet, it's still one of the best MP campaigns a Sonic game has had in most cases. I imagine that if Mania had a superior split-screen setup (and if possible, allow for three/four-player races), had more level content / MP modes, and allowed for players to set up online matches with friends, it could easily over leapfrog over Sonic 2 in the MP department.
  5. UEB0hi8.png


    1. BenderMania


      Yeah I saw that on Retro. Looks nothing like it -_-

    2. RosaRosaRosalina


      sonic 4 2: sonic's island

    3. Don Corleone

      Don Corleone

      I had that same thought when I saw it for the first time.

  6. What I'd like to know is if the Hedgehog Engine has been massively retooled or replaced for this game. While its probably more that with this generation of consoles, it will be likely be able to run at its full potential (presumably, all graphical features that were in Unleashed enabled and running at 60fps) without major issues, it's still rather archaic in terms of features and the way its global illumination has been implemented when you compare it to other engines out there. A Sonic game that can be graphically compared to the R&C remake (but also running at 60fps) would be the ideal look, presentation-wise.
  7. Sonic Mania's trailer music.


    1. MegasonicZX


      I really hope these guys are the ones doing for the actual game too if this piece is anything to go by.

    2. Gabe


      Tee Lopes, NF & HP, and Falk.

      The composition dream team.

    3. KHCast


      It's on Spotify if you want it.

    4. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      @Gabe Falk is composing here? 


      For this*


    5. Kabalni


      I'm pretty sure only Tee Lopes is composing for Mania

  8. Let's not do this please. The Sonic series has toyed with many different things over the years, and as a result, people in this fanbase will want different things out of the games. And Sonic's not unique to this, it's the same situation inside other franchises, though some fanbases will be more unified in their wants than others. If you're excited for the new game and want to be positive. Fine. You do you. Don't tell other people how to feel though or shame them from doing so. Because believe it or not, some people don't care for the (implied) boost gameplay, the (seemingly) darker narrative, or the presence of classic Sonic in this particular title. (And IDK about you saying "people are pissed" about Mania; from what I've seen, most people who did want classic gameplay are absolutely stoked for that game.) We're fans of the series, but we're not devouts.
  9. What if Sonic Team pulled a giant troll move and classic Sonic wasn't playable at all in Sonic 2017

    1. Strickerx5


      Honestly, at this point we are far enough out for them to pull him back... Though, I really want to see what they're planning.

    2. JmTsHaW


      he literally flips you off in the first cutscene then tells you how much better mania is than this shit and runs away

    3. Kiah


      I wouldn't consider that a troll move actually. I would give them a pat on the back and a hug if I could if they did that. Though I wonder what the plan is for him as far as this game goes Classic Sonic should not be there.

  10. Also forgot to mention this, but I have to greatly commend the Sega PR on how they handled this game (and on a different note, making a huge effort on keeping the game under wraps). Remember the Sonic 4 campaign leading up to its reveal? Months of buildup, announcements of announcements, the tentative "Project Needlemouse" codename, teasers with no gameplay (to say nothing of the first gameplay trailer having only three seconds of gameplay footage), small tidbits here and there, all to constantly generate hype up for the actual unveiling...only for the game to divide everyone. In stark contrast, Sega simply reveals the Sonic Mania trailer out of the blue, and lets the game speak for itself. And I think it's safe to say the people are reacting to Mania much more favorably in comparison. It's a complete break away from the Sonic 4 PR campaign's marketing strategy, and Sonic Mania's reputation will be all the more better for it.
  11. The idea is plausible. Taxman last year actually got his Retro Engine running on New Nintendo 3DS hardware. Emphasis on the "New" Nintendo 3DS, IDK if he can get them to run on the OG 3DS. Here's his classic Sonic remakes running on it:
  12. In other news, today at 11:07 AM was when SSMB had the most members online, with a new record of 930 people.

    We did it fam

    1. Hero of Legend

      Hero of Legend

      Current version or TSS lifetime record?

    2. BenderMania


      Wow, I thought it never got above 400ish.

    3. Gabe


      @Hero of Legend Not sure. Probably the TSS lifetime record. I mean, you have two new Sonic games revealed for the 25th anniversary. I don't think any other event that has happened could bring online nearly one thousand people to the forums. =p

    4. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET



      DANK U EVERY1! ;~;

    5. Kiah


      Oops I unliked your status by mistake, sorry. 

      And that's awesome! SSMB history was made today! :) 

  13. Seen quite a handful "lol looks like a romhack / fangame" comments on Sonic Mania. This was one of the reasons why I wish it wasn't a sprite based game. -__-

    (I wonder if people knocked on Freedom Planet and Megaman 9 and 10 for using sprites too..)

    1. Marcello


      I wasn't a fan of Mega Man 9 and 10 being 8-bit.

    2. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Some yes. But this game is probably not for them, then, if the pixel art style is actually enough to deter them from the first legitimately awesome 2D retro Sonic game since the 90s.

    3. Auto


      They didn't

      I for one found it hitting close to home real hard to see an official Sonic game that looks straight outta the genesis, looks like a cancelled Sonic game brought back to life to me

    4. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Ironically the existence of Green Hill is kind of weird, but it's one of many "remixed" levels so it's probably a separate mode?

      What I hope for is Sonic Mania having a story campaign akin to Sonic 3&Knuckles. If not, that's ok, I can appreciate the 1,2,&CD school of level progression, but I'm just wanting that seamless adventure approach to return someday.

      DEFINITELY not a dealbreaker though! Sonic Mania looks the part through Studiopolis Zone .

    5. Don Corleone

      Don Corleone

      Actually I like the sprites for the game, they are classic style but with a higher palette. More closer to Neo Geo/32X or early PS1/Saturn era. Also I prefer good looking sprites to iffy models/prerendered sprites like why Mario vs Donkey Kong doesn't look good despite being good gameplay (saying that if there were good 3D models yet kept the physics it would also be great however it is harder to get right).

      The criticism of using sprites is like going back to the mid 90s where unless if it was a collection, a high powered arcade port or a Neo Geo game, it would have got bashed to bits for sprites such as Mega Man X3 got low scores or how Tekken/Virtua Fighter got higher scores than Darkstalkers, even Toshinden got higher reviews and that game wasn't much cop. Some were even skipped for US release because they used 2D sprites. I can understand the fangame/hack comments though considering the bar of some of them and that twirl spring jump. (Speaking of which Mega Man 9 got flak for the 8 bit style instead of continuing the Mega Man 8/& Bass style, I don't see much bashing for Freedom Planet oddily)

  14. I remember reading a few years ago at the Sega Forums, in the wake of the aftermath of Sonic 4, when Copley Hill Zone said that the only way to get a classic Sonic sequel would be to make it yourself and hope that it goes official, with Taxman's Sonic CD re-release referred to as the example. Funny how that works. Massive respect to Taxman, Stealth, PadogaWest Games, Tee Loops, and everyone else in SoA that got this off the ground. Save for a few personal nitpicks (digital download project, lack of Nintendo console release --so far--, and use of sprites), this is otherwise virtually everything I've wanted out of a Sonic game in years. I still can't believe it's actually happening to be honest. I'm absolutely stoked. Between this and Sonic Mega Drive (and maybe what classic Sonic's appearance in Sonic 2017 may entail --emphasis on the maybe--), it feels downright good to be a Genesis Sonic fan.
  15. After a string of lighthearted comical games, I'm up for a game that edges back to a more serious tone, though balance is the key here. Not asking for going to the far end of the scale like Sonic 2006, Shadow the Hedgehog, or (IMO) Sonic Adventure 2. A tone along the lines of Adventure 1, Unleashed, and the Storybook games would be the ideal sweet spot for me. The implied bad future setting is also interesting. But another game featuring classic and modern Sonic showing up is such a mixed bag though. Sonic Generations' first-time use of both Sonics was a surprise, and it made sense with Generations being the 20th anniversary game. Revisiting the concept again with a non-anniversary game makes it considerably less novel, and with Sonic Mania being a thing, it also makes classic Sonic's presence come off as a bad case of spotlight hogging (and since this is a Sonic Team project, I don't have any faith his gameplay --if he is playable, that is-- will be any better here than it was in Generations). Given both classic and contemporary Sonic showing up and the moves/actions contemporary Sonic was doing in the trailer, my guess is that it follows up on Generations' gameplay, though without any actual gameplay my guess is as good as anyone else. If it wasn't for Sonic Mania, my interest would had likely bottomed out completely; but as of now I'm holding a more apathetic stance, though due to classic Sonic's presence in this game and the bleaker setting, I'm a tad curious all the same. And lol at Iizuka saying "it's not a sequel", as well as those being critical of people not taking his claim seriously. Iizuka (and to be frank, Sega PR in general for Sonic games) has a history of contradicting himself or saying things that simply don't add up in interviews; I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss people who are skeptical. I don't follow? What makes it akin to an MMO? The "join the resistance" line?