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  1. Assuming it was my comment about it being possibly less powerful than the Xbone and PS4 that triggered this response, I'm going to clarify that no, I wasn't saying that that to imply Nintendo should chase after high power on the levels of the PS4 Pro / Scorpio or higher than those two. Neither am I saying Nintendo shouldn't try to differentiate itself from the other two consoles Switch to not try its own thing to differentiate itself. I'm just voicing some concerns I have on both sides of the equation of what the Switch offers. I'm admittedly more interested in the Switch as a home console rather than the portability aspect, I just don't it to end up coming short on both sides of the coin its positioned to share. That's absolutely fair, though it's still a bit disappointing. For what it's worth, I heard the Wii U GamePad has roughly a similar length of use (three hours or so), but a extended battery pack exists for the device that extends its lifetime substantially. Hopefully the Switch can get a similar product, even if the GamePad and Switch aren't designed for the same purpose.
  2. Since it would be outright running games designed for consoles, I was pretty weary about the battery life being short; that said, I was expecting something a little better than 3 hours maximum. Irregardless of the potential factors that haven't been specified (Wi-Fi, brightness, gaming-specific battery power or general use), I think it kinda begs the question of why they designed it with hardware intended to run full-blown console games if the battery life would be that low. I imagine the battery life would be considerably better if the types of games ran were graphically / technologically some sort of midpoint between their handheld and console games. Speaking as someone who prefers console gaming over handheld gaming as it is, I can't help but feel that the low battery life largely makes the purpose of making it a portable not very worthwhile. Which I would be okay with if the hardware (despite being a leap over Wii U) wasn't still seemingly behind a vanilla XBO/PS4.
  3. For those who missed it when I posted it a few days ago, I did another general (not Dedede-specific) Smash Bros. montage.


  4. Any idea that the Nintendo Switch has a touchscreen? If it does have one, I don't think it was ever demonstrated in the premiere video.

    1. PaddySpook


      That's a good question. Touchscreen games would probably be restricted to portable mode if it did, and how are you expected to use the touchscreen features when the screen is in the dock? Those questions and many more need answering in due course.

  5. "Switch" is by far miles better than names like Wii U, 2DS, and New 3DS; that's for sure. Don't agree with the complaints about it TBH. It's in the same ballpark of a name like the GameCube--a simple name that doubles as an apt description of the product in question. (Speaking of the 3DS, does anyone expect Nintendo to make an slightly bigger "XL" size of the Nintendo Switch, as they've done for the DS and 3DS?)
  6. GG I left for dinner and came back, and GAF is still down lol.

  7. lol Neogaf is down. Weirdly enough the site was mostly stable after the Switch reveal actually happened.

    1. Wraith


      It's because of Red Dead 2

    2. Ferno


      it was a delayed reaction

      it was like when a nuke goes off and everything is obliterated seconds after the first boom




    3. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      Red Dead 2 announcement.

    4. Gabe


      Ah right, the trailer was uploaded.

      Surprised it's still down hehe.

  8. Honestly excited more for this than the Switch to be honest. Always up for a new 3D Mario, regardless which direction it took.
  9. Sony PS4 Pro vs. Xbox(?) Scorpio vs. Nintendo Switch

    The eight-and-a-half / ninth generation, tis be on the horizon.

    1. Velvet Reindeer

      Velvet Reindeer

      Nintendo is doing its own thing right now.

      I think PC + Switch + Xcorpio/Pro will be the combo to have.

    2. Gabe


      @Velvet Reindeer They have been since the Wii.

      I'm just generally talking about the console being released in the impeding generation.

      (Though I probably should had added vs. PC tho; since that's the demographic both PS4 Pro and Scorpio are appealing to.)

    3. Velvet Reindeer

      Velvet Reindeer

      Well, I meant it more as in the fact that the gimmick of the Switch is being both a console and a portable so...

      Console: Scorpio or Pro

      Portable: Switch or a Mobile Phone

      Porn and Starcraft: PC

  10. mario2axfq.gif

    i might be more excited for the new mario than the switch TBH

    look at this! transparent mountains? a floating heart (like the one in Mario 64)? what is this game?

    1. LovieHats
    2. Person


      OMG the little heart thing is from 64. This may be 64 2.

    3. Gabe


      another gif


      also, long jump and triple jump.

    4. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      I'd say I'm excited for the Switch because of this new Mario. Looks like we got the classic Mario 64 move set in new creative levels, world design reminding me of Mario Kart 8... So hype

    5. Deemon Dude

      Deemon Dude

      It looks they heard our cries for 64/Sunshine/Galaxy gameplay and here it is.

      I like where this console is going.

    6. Ferno


      a-are those....64/ sunshine styled open environments?


    7. Cyrus


      64/Sunshine successor, get hyped

    8. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      I'd be more excited if it weren't using the 3D World art style, ironically. Looks too artificial for my tastes in "open" Mario games.

    9. Celestia


      Waiting on Nintendo to confirm playable Peach in this...please...

      On another note, it looks like this might not be locked in eight directions (like 3DL / 3DW)? It's kind of hard to tell...

    10. Gabe


      @Celestia Considering it has the triple jump, I doubt it will have eight-way input, though that honestly never bothered me. @Carbo (I think it was Carbo) a while back actually made a decent argument in its defense for 3D World's use of it.

    11. LovieHats


      Can we talk about this location though? A village in the desert with a moon looking thing in the sky. hmm

    12. Cyrus


      @LovieHats It's Mexico Dream World

    13. Celestia


      I didn't mind it either, but I also won't mind if they go back to "free" movement. Whatever fits the game, y'know?

      Also what's with that dancing(??) NPC? Friend or enemy? PLACE YOUR BETS

    14. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      @Celestia I'm thinking friend. If they were enemy, they prolly woulda moved towards Mario to try and kill him.

    15. Ferno


      Tbh, looking back at N64 era games like Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, etc, the art styles of the worlds in those games only start looking more weird to me as time goes on, being dictated by the technical limitations of the time. I feel like things started moving towards a more stylized, concrete and consistent visual style in the Gamecube era onwards.

      @Chili Dawg or maybe it's bad at it's job. or bowser doesn't pay it enough

    16. Deemon Dude

      Deemon Dude

      Guys, the fact they're using a Mexico like world may bring the idea that they're avoiding the typical grass to lava world trope they've been using in past games.

  11. oMzcsNM.jpg

    Various screenshots of Switch stuff.

  12. the new 3D Mario though

    i want more



    (and the rumors were true about the NX, fancy that)

  13. Wait the NX reveal is happening?! For real?!


    1. Gabe


      Two hours time! Can't wait.

      So, we gonna have a Motobug stream for this?

    2. Spoopy Flare

      Spoopy Flare

      Yeah, there is a steam, there's a link somewhere in the status updates....



    3. LovieHats
    4. Gabe
  14. As the title says, it's Another Smash Bros. Montage. (Last one for a while since I won't have access to my Wii U for new replays for at least month or two due to PCS.)