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  1. Speaking for myself, I'm going to say that anyone willing to make a case on why they feel the series was not all that it was cracked up to be, is an case I would be willing to give their narrative the time of day. Granted that their arguments are rational, I would be able to understand and respect their points, even if I (agree to) disagree with them (regardless on if it's a lack of compromise in the overall argument or specific points in their case). Needless to say, it's those who don't adhere to this and declare "Sonic was never good" as if the public (at large) unanimously agreed on a long time ago, that you'll have to watch out for. Personally, I'd not really bothered to give those comments the time of day.
  2. interestingly enough, the kix channel (UK) is now airing that shezow show (the one with the male kid who transforms --in appearance/costume, not gender-- into a female superhero) that made some...interesting waves a couple years back during late nights.

    not sure if this marks the first time that show is airing in this country or no.

  3. So after Firefox installed a new update, YouTube videos are now running like crap, with bad video lag all over the place (they were running perfectly fine the previous night too). Great...

    1. Gabe


      e: Apparently this only holds true for the HD/60fps videos. SD videos play fine.


      it still sucks tho'

    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      I had that. I reset Firefox (kept my saved stuff though) through this link. You may have to log back on to everywhere afterwards.

  4. Here's a FG Team Battle where I kept knocking our opponents into my Ganondorf partner, who would then take them to the Shadow Realm (Side B over and into the pit). And we did it not one, not two, but three! Three times! *insert The Count laughter here*


  5. Hmm (they made him surprisingly small here, lol)

    1. ShroomZ


      Well Mario is 5'1'' while Sonic is only 3'3''. If you're going by classic height he's even shorter, like around 2'5'' or something. 

    2. Forte-Metallix


      >Ryan Drummond voice clips

      >Not Jaleel White or CD voice

      You had one job.

    3. Gabe


      @ShroomZ In fairness, Smash isn't really a game that takes the canon height of characters seriously.

    4. ShroomZ


      I know, I just found this amusing XP 

  6. Here's a new Wabbit clip (upcoming Season 2, I presume) featuring Porky Pig (yes, that's support to be Porky) and Daffy Duck.

    Not gonna defend Porky's new look, but they absolutely NAILED the crazy incarnation of Daffy from the earlier WB shorts.

    1. RosaRosaRosalina


      new look? porky actually resembles his earliest self, believe it or not 

      i can't find a good picture for it, but porky was a chubby as he looked in this clip back in the day, least up until the 40s

    2. Tara


      He only looks like the original Porky Pig design in terms of weight.  Otherwise, the actual geometry is quite different and just makes him look like pretty much EVERY half-arsed cartoon of the 2010's.

      The characterization for both is spot on, though.

    3. QuantumEdge


      Definitely sounds like Dee Bradley Baker's voicing Daffy.  Would've preferred Bergman's voice instead, but I guess it doesn't matter much to me, since I don't really watch Wabbit very much.  Looney Tunes Show was more up my alley.  Still, kudos to the writers in being so faithful to old school, screwball Daffy.

    4. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      Geez, I'm so used to the foul-tempered and more cynical Daffy that Chuck Jones wrote that this Daffy feels surreal :U

    5. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      Hm, maybe I should start watching this show.....

  7. Now that the new games (Mania and Sonic 2017) have been revealed and we've had about a month to let the dust settle, I thought it would be a good time to bump the topic. Given the Western staff/developers (Taxman/Stealth/PWG/Tee Lopes etc.) working on Mania and their respective backgrounds in the Sonic community, I'd like to assume Mania's existence is largely a SoA-directed project. If this is the case, then I will say that I do have some (restored) confidence in SoA having a greater role in the series' direction, operating under the mindset that similar/more projects like Mania can be born into fruition. Meanwhile, I'm rather unsure about Sonic 2017 and who had the higher call on what, due to the small amount of information we have about it. Both Classic Sonic's inclusion and the implied bleaker setting can definitely be assumed to be a reaction towards he complaints about the writing/tone of the previous games as well as (concerning Lost World) the change in gameplay; but whether these were decisions by Sonic Team or SoA is arguably too early to call. The existence of Mania in particular also opens up the question on whether classic Sonic's inclusion in Sonic 2017 was decided before Mania was even conceived, but again, the answer is probably anyone's guess at this moment in time.
  8. tumblr_mqd95ufUfg1qdcc0qo1_400.png

    Be careful what you wish for.

  9. I'm kinda baffled that Tails has the ability to roll, but Sonic doesn't in Sonic Adventure. Granted, Sonic has the spindash (while Tails doesn't--that bit's also kinda weird IMO), but rolling has always been his thing, so for him to not get it while Tails does (who spends most of his levels flying over entire stretches of level setpieces, so it's rarely used) is rather odd to me.

    1. BenderMania


      Yeah that is weird.

      To be fair it's not like you ever need to roll in Adventure with Sonic. The way Sonic's speed, homing attack and spindash interacts with the stage layout kind of makes the need to "just roll" kind of redundant. 

      If you spindash gently with Sonic and then move the direction button without turning too sharply then you can keep spinning whilst changing direction.

    2. Gabe


      I know, the rolling mechanics as a whole don't really have much of a purpose in the game. Though if the levels were more like the Windy Valley beta this wouldn't be the case.

      That said, I do appreciate that they exist. It's a shame Adventure 2 cut it completely (lol "somersault"), and from that point forward, preserving the classic mechanics went out the window completely.

  10. tumblr_o92pvs4VeI1vx1nbuo1_540.png

    New Pokemon revealed for the upcoming Sun and Moon.

    1. ShroomZ


      frhtrhbtrhtrh thtrjht thrbtrhbtrf

    2. Zaysho
    3. Celestia


      Wow, I love Unown's Mega Evolution.

    4. Fusionwatch
  11. Turns on laptop, only for Windows 10 to immediately force a restart after a few minutes and start installing the Anniversary Update. Update freezes at 29%, so after arguably an hour or so of waiting I manually reboot the PC. After about two hours of waiting for the update to finish, everything seems to work as normal...until File Explorer upon opening froze. Using the taskbar to close it then caused the entire taskbar to freeze. Tried signing out, only for the taskbar freeze to hold up the entire process. Only way out is another forced manual reboot.

    Just to make sure this bug wasn't a fluke, I opened the File Explorer again. Sure enough it refused to respond, and once again it has caused the taskbar to freeze.

    Lost at least three hours thanks to this update installing itself and it comes with a OS-damaging glitch.


    Windows 10 was a mistake. It's nothing but trash.

    1. Ryannumber1gamer
    2. 风之Klonoa


      >Microsoft forcing updates on people cuz lol

      man i seriously can't wait for real legal action to be taken against them so they can stop this bullshit

    3. Dizcrybe


      I turned off force restarts and I had to change my password yer again because Windows 10 just up and forgot it.

      Also Windows is too big for anyone to sue.

    4. Gabe


      @Ryannumber1gamer Stupid forced Metro UI screen aside (which was pushed to the background with the 8.1 update anyway) at least W8(.1) (from my experience) was at least functional in most respects I can remember. Ever since the W10 upgrade, I've had problems with programs opening properly (iTunes in particular), running DVDs, and the PC locking up when trying to put the computer to sleep. The Anniversary Update is just the latest in a laundry list of grievances I've had with the OS.

      *trying to put the computer to sleep or shutting down

    5. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      ...good thing I stuck with Windows 7, then?

    6. 风之Klonoa


      Oh, yeah. Windows 10 in comparison to 8/8.1 is a godsend but it's definitely not worth upgrading to


    New Astro Boy game by Suda51 (accompanied by Akira Yamoka, Giorgio Morodo, and others) in the works.

    1. Operationgamer17


      To be revealed in 2 days. I wonder what it could be? 

  13. >tfw PS Plus getting a price hike may be the result of Sony's movie studio constantly churning out bombas

  14. >Sony increasing the PS Plus price



    1. Haalyle


      I don't even use it much anyway.

    2. Falonso14


      I'd be ok with this if they increase the quality of PSN and give us better free games. If not, then they can fuck off.

    3. BenderMania


      BUT BUT BUT what if you get a 10% discount on Sonic Mania :P

    4. Gabe


      @Falonso14 "The new pricing reflects the current market conditions while enabling us to continue providing exceptional value to our members." was the reason given for the price increase.

      Suffice to say I'm not expecting any meaningful changes / improvements to come from this. Suffice to say, if they had actually gotten to doing said improvements before the price hike this would be easier to swallow for those who don't think the service is worth the price of admission.

      @BenderMania I'm excited for Mania but I wouldn't be that desperate. :v

      (forgive the "suffice to say" redundancy)

  15. tumblr_ocakw1jMgJ1r6go52o1_400.jpgtumblr_ocakw1jMgJ1r6go52o2_400.jpg

    we've come a long way

    1. Celestia


      Like this comment if you agree that the second Mario is just as beautiful as the first.