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  1. tumblr_op3248nry91r2r59eo1_540.jpg

    smh look at how inaccurate this is.

    not a single donut in sight

    1. Dejimon11


      Last year when my cousins were in town we went to the city and we actually saw cops at a donut shop. We were so shocked to know that stereotype is real 

    2. Kiah


      We have a group of cops that camp out at my job every morning for a while to deter thieves as we have been having some problems with early morning thefts. We give them free coffee and donuts to show our appreciation and they appreciate it as well :P.

  2. 0:37 - 0:57 Only a king can be allowed to wield this much power!


  3. Wait a minute, we haven't heard the most important opinion on the New Nintendo 2DS XL

    @Ferno where u at 

    1. Ferno
    2. Gabe
    3. Ferno

      Ferno for the why

    4. Gabe


      @Ferno Apparently from what I've heard, this is replacement for 3DS stock they pulled recently.

      Could also be seen as 3DS actually being winded down (a la GB Micro and the DSi)

  4. 2:40



  5. XSGpDjn.jpg?1

    this picture speaks to me on a emotional level

  6. Can't believe I missed this trailer mashup.

    (On a side note, I did see Logan last month. It's a great film and is a great sendoff for Jackman as Wolverine...but man, it's also really, really bleak and depressing too.)

  7. Eh, I'm a bit mixed on the Crash's reveal being better. Sure, it got a spotlight all to itself at E3, but Sony/Activision didn't actually show any footage, they only announced the remakes were in development. Considering the years of teasers on Crash getting teasers following up to the announcement, having no footage or screenshots to show was disappointingly anticlimactic IMO, at least Forces had a trailer for its reveal, at the very least. That said, the actual reveal at PSX later very much felt like having your faith in Crash returning rewarded, and they have been doing a consistently steady stream of content since then. That of which I can say is much superior to what both Forces and Mania are doing now. Nothing I don't disagree with otherwise with Forces' marketing. As for Mania, I personally am really not a fan of how its being handled right now in its PR. Everything since the reveal has been low-key reveals and drip-feed style information surrounded by long blackouts. It's quickly becoming close to a year since the game was revealed and we don't really know much about it outside of the demo playthroughs of acts they have shown (all five of them). Story? Game modes? Development cycle? All radio silence with some small table scraps. They say the game started development back in 2015, but with how much has been shown or talked about regarding the game, it feels like the game literally started shortly before the reveal. It's especially bad given how we already know a majority of the game is said to be returning zones, rather than being a completely-new game. The recent SWSX panel where Mania in particular showed up felt like a joke IMO. A blurred out screenshot for a new zone, mostly silhouetted artwork of the Hard-Boiled Heavies artwork, artwork of a poster, a boxart, and a less-than one minute trailer for Flying Battery? I personally can't really say it was really worth hosting an entire 30-minute / hour-long panel over, it could had just been all uploaded; especially as the panel didn't really reveal any notably new information. And now they're not even showing full acts now, apparently Green Hill Act 2 never had a placeholder goalpost added like the acts we've seen for Studiopolis or Mirage Saloon, because so far each clip of footage purposefully stops before the first boss. The revelation of the game being delayed on top of that, with a vague "spring" date now being a vague "summer" release date, only made it more disappointing. What really bothers me the most about all this is that this is the exact same strategy Sega's PR used for Sonic 4: Episode I, and many people (including myself) voiced their displeasure on how that game's "starving dog" techniques was handled there too. Why are they repeating it here? I'd much rather the PR would just go dark, and reveal a fair amount of substantial information with a proper press blowout. I'm not trying to have a go at the development team, I for the most part have been singing praises of their work and I hope they have enough development time to give it the necessary polish it needs. But I do think the way the PR has been handling this game has been a detriment to the game's publicity.
  8. Bleh. Really glad we're getting Mania because Sonic Team still doesn't know how to do classic Sonic justice. Regardless Mania would become a thing or no, they should had just focused on making a game based solely around boost/current Sonic. Everything just looks like some sort of bad attempt to fudge 2D gameplay from Lost World, Sonic 4, and Generations together, and I'm not just referring to the artstyle. The level design looks large and non-linear in structure like in Generations...but it also has Lost World's mostly flat terrain, invisible/automated springs, and heavy focus on precision platforming, and has dash panels and scripts out the wazoo like in Sonic 4. Physics at least in rolling and the spindash look like Generations used as a base...but the aerial movement when he jumps (especially when he rebounds after jumping on top of enemies) looks straight out of Lost World too, its really rigid and stiff, like its lacking in horizontal momentum. Though when he hits badniks from the side, he just phases through them for some reason. As for the music....the Sonic 4 comparisons are pretty spot on. Sounds like a few cat / duck synths away from feeling right in place with Sylvania Castle. And another thing--what's up with having all that sand in the background if it doesn't have any effect on the level itself. There's no sand gimmicks, nor does the sand have an effect or influence on the level design. Maybe things might change for later levels, but as of now it's purely just for show. It's arguably the only thing keeping the level from looking like DLC content to Generations, you'd think they would have incorporated the sand in the level itself to make it stand out more. It graphically does looks more lively than what we saw in the Nintendo Direct footage, and it looks like they finally got a spindash that isn't underpowered like Sonic 4 or overpowered like Generations...that's all of the positives I got. This. Different gimmicks, even if they do the same thing as a previous one, pique the player's interest and keep the game fresh. If I see a recurring gimmick, I'll already know what it does and I'll already know how to react. And to be blunt, that, too, is itself a form of automation. Moreover, as you also noted, all of those speed boosters not only are designed and function differently, they are also properly integrated with the overall theme in the level. Carnival Night's funnels fit with the zone's loud, flashy, constantly vibrant theme of the level. Chemical Plant fits with the zone being a speed-oriented joyride. Launch Base and Flying Battery both have a bit of "windup" to their release, which makes them a bit foreboding--given how both locations are Eggman's own turf (a Death Egg construction site and a giant flying airship), it makes sense for them to feel that way. Rarely, if ever, do any of the use of speed boosters since then ever feel like they're designed to part of the zones, let alone designed to visually match or operate differently in function; and it's especially true here with Green Hill. They're adding in speed gimmicks to the levels "just because", which automates even the sensation they're supposed to give to the player. Their implementation just feels shoehorned in and not coherent to the overall level theme.
  9. bubbles1.jpg

    (The grammar is proof it came from the former Sonic 4 Ep. 1 website.)

    1. Blacklightning


      "Due to budget cuts, we forced this badnik into every zone without context"

      Fixed that for ya

  10. Sat down and finally got around to watching Suicide Squad today.

    ....I'm kinda just bewildered and at a loss for words at this point. I'm not sure what to say about it compared to BvS.

    On one hand, this film is way more coherent in its narrative. Leto's Joker, has others have said is just mugging it up, but --unlike Eisenberg's Lex-- he has far less screentime in comparison, and I guess due to that he doesn't chew up the scenery as much as Lex does. And it doesn't have as many "WTF" sequences as BvS.

    But on the other hand, the film is consistently dull up until the third act, upon which it jumps off the rails and just becomes really, really lame; and all of the action scenes are just unimpressive (compared to Snyder's films). I liked Deadshot and Quinn is....serviceable, I guess; but's not really interesting. Oh and some of CG just became really hokey, like Gods of Egypt-levels of conspicuous. And maybe its the print I watched (saw it on VoD) but the credits was amazingly barebones? Like it's a minor thing I guess but man does it really give credence to the claims that the film was taken away by the studio / marketing groups in post-production.

    My mind's split on whether it's a better or worse film than BvS. I guess I'm leaning towards worse but only by a few hairs. When all is said and done, BvS at least had Batfleck and his fight scenes. SS doesn't really have any outstanding highlights whatsoever IMO.

  11. reminder that this series is sanic incarnate. sanic boom

  12. who the cap fit, let them wear it

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      Gloves don't fit? 

      Better quit

  13. 3:05 DENIED, SIT DOWN!

  14. 1:00 ....the salt is real.


    1. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      poor greninja took his kalos league loss hardest of all

    2. Gabe