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  1. If you ask me, dropping the yearly release schedule is something Sonic needed to do a long time ago, at least in terms of the main games. A major reason that can be said as to why (cue the groans) Mario games turn out as polished as they do, and subsequently are as well-received/appreciated as they are is because they have relatively few releases a console generation. That not only gives the developers enough time to work out their game design and provide enough game content, it also allows the game formula of the previous game to actually settle in long enough to audiences to know what to expect. It also helps the IP (or that specific line of IP, if you're not factoring spinoffs) from overexposure and franchise fatigue. The previous generation in terms of Sonic releases was, to put it mildly, ridiculous--including the Storybook spinoffs (which ST made, back when they were split into two groups), you had six games, all consecutive yearly releases. Mario in comparison had half as much, and its So far, we just have Lost World and the pending Project Sonic 2017 as the eighth-generation games...which I think should likely be enough for this generation. If Project Sonic 2017 does have a new gameplay style (or continues off Lost World) that they want as the foundation of Sonic going forward, then they really need to give it time to settle into the market. And if Sega really wants to emphasize focusing on quality with Sonic, then their developers should start getting accustomed to a Sonic game with a three-six year development cycle. And while they're at it, Sonic Team could also stand to get back to working on original IPs or former IPs during their downtime. It would certainly help prevent the studio from padding Sonic games with ideas they'd probably like to do without having to shoehorn it into a Sonic game for sales. :v
  2. GvztSKi.gif

    this gif and this game is filling me with so much life

    1. Soniman


      Look at all that platforming 

    2. ShroomZ


      Honestly I'm not a fan of that full speed running animation, the one where his arms are stretched back. 

    3. Ferno


      the full speed animation looks so... anime

      and i kinda like it

    4. -Ace-


      Reminds me so much of the speedy section in Hydrocity zone Act 2 sooooo beautiful:wub:

    5. Forte-Metallix


      That first part is basically what White Park should've been.

    6. Dizcrybe


      is he speeding up on that incline?

  3. Well, the NX has obviously been stated to have an entirely different hook, in both its design as well as its approach. So releasing NX games on the Wii U wouldn't be entirely redundant. I'm also not exactly calling for every NX game to be released for the Wii U. Pretty sure some will even be designed specifically for the NX's use, so ports wouldn't even be possible. It would be nice for some major games still came to the Wii U though IMO. Last, Nintendo has made a point of claiming not to drop support (speaking in terms of game releases here) of their old products when they prepare to launch new products, only for them to have consistently drop their support of old products like they caught a bad case of malaria. It's a major reason that led to the drought of major games for the Wii after 2010, with the same thing happening again for the Wii U after 2014. They could really stand to avoid falling into the same song-and-dance again IMO if they're serious about doing a smooth transition from one product / console generation to another in their future. The Last of Us was able to be released shortly before the PS4's release and it was able to do fine for itself before the PS4 remaster. Same case with the PS3/360 release of GTA V.
  4. Bleh, I'm not too hot on the idea if this is true. Then again, the NX was said to neither be a direct successor to the 3DS or the Wii U, so that's something to take into consideration. That said, the NX has been said to be only slightly powerful than the Wii U, and Zelda: BOTW has been slated to release on both platforms. In which case, I just hope it means the Wii U will continue to be supported with ports of NX games.
  5. The Mega Collection version having poor audio issues is news to me, I don't remember encountering audio glitches. That said, its been years since I last played them, so I'll take your word for them. I'd say the Taxman/Stealth remasters actually skirt the line between remakes and ports. The game content and level data are directly sourced from the original games (which would make it a port), but the gameplay/physics engine they run on was re-coded from scratch (which would make it a remake).
  6. The editing here is absolutely on fire.

    Seriously, give this a watch.

  7. 06e.jpg

    ...something seems off.

    1. TCB
    2. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      I don't see anyth-OH SON OF A BITCH

    3. ShroomZ


      wake me up inside 

    4. Strickerx5
    5. Mightyray


      Another day... yet another loss.jpeg meme.

    6. Ferno
  8. i really and truly am not sorry

  9. This looks absolutely legit. Day one.

  10. One thing I'd really like to see in Sonic Mania is a competitive MP mode. Sonic 2's split-screen component is pretty limited in content, and it also has the nasty issues of gameplay lag and stretching the screens to accommodate the split screen...and yet, it's still one of the best MP campaigns a Sonic game has had in most cases. I imagine that if Mania had a superior split-screen setup (and if possible, allow for three/four-player races), had more level content / MP modes, and allowed for players to set up online matches with friends, it could easily over leapfrog over Sonic 2 in the MP department.
  11. UEB0hi8.png


    1. BenderMania


      Yeah I saw that on Retro. Looks nothing like it -_-

    2. RosaRosaRosalina


      sonic 4 2: sonic's island

    3. Don Corleone

      Don Corleone

      I had that same thought when I saw it for the first time.

  12. What I'd like to know is if the Hedgehog Engine has been massively retooled or replaced for this game. While its probably more that with this generation of consoles, it will be likely be able to run at its full potential (presumably, all graphical features that were in Unleashed enabled and running at 60fps) without major issues, it's still rather archaic in terms of features and the way its global illumination has been implemented when you compare it to other engines out there. A Sonic game that can be graphically compared to the R&C remake (but also running at 60fps) would be the ideal look, presentation-wise.
  13. Sonic Mania's trailer music.


    1. MegasonicZX


      I really hope these guys are the ones doing for the actual game too if this piece is anything to go by.

    2. Gabe


      Tee Lopes, NF & HP, and Falk.

      The composition dream team.

    3. KHCast


      It's on Spotify if you want it.

    4. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      @Gabe Falk is composing here? 


      For this*


    5. Kabalni


      I'm pretty sure only Tee Lopes is composing for Mania

  14. Let's not do this please. The Sonic series has toyed with many different things over the years, and as a result, people in this fanbase will want different things out of the games. And Sonic's not unique to this, it's the same situation inside other franchises, though some fanbases will be more unified in their wants than others. If you're excited for the new game and want to be positive. Fine. You do you. Don't tell other people how to feel though or shame them from doing so. Because believe it or not, some people don't care for the (implied) boost gameplay, the (seemingly) darker narrative, or the presence of classic Sonic in this particular title. (And IDK about you saying "people are pissed" about Mania; from what I've seen, most people who did want classic gameplay are absolutely stoked for that game.) We're fans of the series, but we're not devouts.