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  1. i actually went through multiple thread titles for the latest topic

    sorry i had to settle for "hedgehog boogaloo" i couldn't think of anything good

    1. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      Boogaloo is a classic go-to that never seems to get old for me though. 

  2. This has been something of an emerging topic within the statuses over yesterday and today, and at least a few (including myself) thought it warranted its own thread. I'm posting this in the Upcoming Games subforum as I think it could pertain to the future of Sonic management, but mods are free to move this into the general Green Hills subforum. (As for the thread title--consider it a belated followup to this thread from 2016, when it was reported that Sega of America was being established as the new hub for the production of Sonic games and Iizuka had moved back to Southern California to oversee their development.) Earlier today at ResetERA, Null Pointer (a member who has been verified by Era site staff as a senior localization producer at Atlus) had this to say in a thread about Sega's [current] development studios: "Hey guys, I just noticed this thread since it got floated up, and wanted to point out that some of the info in the OP is a couple years out of date and is more accurate for SEGA circa 2013 or so, not 2018 (going on 2019). Just hitting the broad strokes, CS3 doesn't exist anymore (absorbed into the other two studios), and the current heads of CS1 and CS2 are Sato-san and Kasahara-san, respectively. Online, while it does have some mobile related stuff, is not "the mobile studio", and it is headed by a gentleman named Segawa-san. SEGA Interactive (AM) studios are a little vague to me, but those are a totally different company than SEGA Games. Edit: I use SEGA Retro as a quick reference from time to time and appreciate when it's accurate." --- Assuming what Null says is true, CS3 is gone, with its staff folded into the remaining CS1 and CS2 groups, both of which also have new studio overheads (Daisuke Sato for CS1, Eigo Kasahara Kasahara for CS2). (Sega's Online division also has a new lead (Sagawa) and may not be strictly concerned with mobile projects.) Recall that as of late... - CS1 was/is the "Yakuza" division (Yakuza series by internal Yakuza group, the Fist of the North Star and [upcoming] Judgement spinoffs) and was/is overseen by Toshihiro Nagoshi. - CS2 was/is the "Sonic" division (Sonic series by Sonic Team group, Mario and Sonic Olympics, Puyo Puyo) and was/is [generally] overseen by Takashi Iizuka. - CS3 was/is the "Miscellaneous"group that handled other projects (including but not limited to Project DIVA, Valkyria Chronicles, Shining, and M2's 3D Classics re-releases) and/is was overseen by Akira Nishino. (Please correct me if I'm wrong with any of the information above.) In addition, 4gamer yesterday also released a article about Sega Games, talking about the hiring process and the available job positions the company had. The article also included this notable bit (English translation by Google translate and original Japanese text included below), which says CS2 may be at work on a original property: --- The second CS studio is handling various SEGA Games IP works such as "Sonic the Hedgehog" series, "Puyo Puyo" series, "Sakura Wars" series. It is unusual for a single staff member to be involved in multiple projects at the same time, but it seems that there are cases where staff who worked on "Sonic" participates in the new work of "Puyo Puyo" next time. In addition, the studio is also working on a new IP, but for that reason it was revealed that the "challenge budget" was set up at SEGA Games. ~ 第2CSスタジオは「ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ」シリーズや「ぷよぷよ」シリーズ,「サクラ大戦」シリーズなど,セガゲームスのさまざまなIP作品を手がけている。1人のスタッフが同時に複数のプロジェクトに関わるケースは稀だが,「ソニック」を手がけたスタッフが,次は「ぷよぷよ」の新作に参加するといったケースはあるそうだ。 また,同スタジオでは新規IPも手がけているが,そのためにセガゲームスでは「チャレンジ予算」が設けられていることが明かされた。 --- The article also mentions Sega Games relocated to a new office in Osaki, Tokyo, back in August; which was done to consolidate various groups working in the Tokyo metropolitan area into one location. (4gamer linked to an article where they covered the new office's opening exhibition in September.) A more precise translation is appreciated, although at least one poster at Era says the "new IP" translation is accurate. Taking both reports into account and assuming they are both correct; this signals a significant change in in paradigm shift of Sega's focus with their games. With CS3 as a division dissolved and CS1 firmly established in Yakuza games, this points to CS2 taking CS3's mantle of working on general projects, especially with the report of that division working on a new IP. In the context of Sonic, I believe this gives a very heavy implication that the Sonic series is no longer considered a priority IP for Sega of Japan, to the point of possibly no longer having its own division. Coupled with what we know about SoA being the new center for Sonic development, this would speak volumes on where management over the franchise's direction lies--it might possibly be in Sega of America's hands now. By this, I'm not just referring to tie-in merchandising efforts, I think this could even entail which studio(s) gets to produce the games and what design decisions are upheld (or thrown out) as the series' standard. It also raises questions for what happens to the Sonic Team group as we know it from here on out, who have up until this point been the undisputed producer of almost every Sonic game up until this point.
  3. apparently porn bots are still going around on tumblr despite the impeding end

    bold strategy cotton

    1. Ferno


      those bots along with the idiotic staff literally killed the site i called home and knowing both will still be there after the 17th makes me salty af. twitter is disorganized as fuq as an art platform by comparison but it's pretty much what I'll have to use now

    2. Polkadi~♪


      Hey, Ferno, what about Newgrounds?

      It's getting a revival as of this.

    3. Ferno


      I'm still on the fence about it as I've recently seen examples of people from tumblr being scrutinized by Newgrounds regulars, but I might sometime next year.

  4. For the sake of of your argument, I’ll say sure; those examples haven’t been affected much by those projects. But —as I’m repeating myself for the third time now— not every franchise gets to shake off infamous projects like that unscathed, even if they do get new products. New projects aren’t the end-all to a franchise’s health and success. To bring up some examples of my own: Bubsy got his first game in 24 years after the 3D game in the 1990s. He has another game coming up. Would you say that is a series that’s absolutely fine? The series is still seen as an absolute joke, unless you actually want to argue that people actually take Bubsy as a series seriously nowadays. What about the DCEU? Sure, most of their films still made money and an Aquaman film is about to be released. But are people looking at it as a genuine rival to Marvel’s superhero films as WB has been pushing it to be? Did the last film (Justice League) underperform at the box office for virtually no reason? Metroid as a series was thought to be a series as good as dead until Samus Returns and Prime 4 were announced last year. Even though the last game was Federation Force from 2016. Why would that be the case? Even before the recent/last game in 2015 in Pro Skater 5; the Tony Hawk series was largely considered dead in the water. It was still being given new games up until that point; but could anyone really say it was still as big as it used to be back in the late 1990s and early 2000s? Except you weren’t just referring to yourself in that comment. It’s really obvious you weren’t commenting strictly about yourself with the way you phrased that original reply. Are you deliberately pretending to not notice key points of my posts? Meanwhile, I’m going to outright disagree that you haven’t said the series getting more missteps was a good thing. Maybe that wasn’t your intent but given your entire argument so far has been hand waving them as inconsequential, it certainly seems that way. Especially since you said the above after blowing off people responding negatively to the film poster as in hysterics.
  5. Then don't jump into threads and insinuate people are Chicken Littles for expressing disapproval towards a design with comments like this: Already explained in my last post, which you didn't even bother to acknowledge. Bad products may not kill franchises in one swoop; but they do damage the series nonetheless and alter expectations on how people perceive how later projects turn out. And franchise continuing to put out projects after a disaster doesn't actually mean much if they (still) aren't very good to begin with. What does any of this have to do with my rebuttal about how Sonic products are received or the thread topic about the movie? Putting the spotlight on my personal investment and "contributions" towards this series is absolutely irrelevant.
  6. hey guys, lemme take you real back for a minute with one word





  7. You know, this whole "stop overreacting, Sonic can survive anything" mindset only works in the parallel universe where every new Sonic project has standards and expectations reset to zero and past fiascos automagically no longer exist. Can you name the last time a Sonic game sold more than one million copies worldwide? How about two million copies worldwide? What about three million? Sonic Boom, launched in late 2014, was supposed to be a reinvention of the Sonic brand for new audiences. We're at the end of 2018, where has that venture gone now? If the Sonic series proceeded to put out at least one monumental disaster every year for the next five years, back to back, do you really think that the franchise would still be getting any new games? Or any new projects at all? The reality we live in has a fascinating concept of having people gradually stop supporting products they don't think is worth their time and money--from the critics that review them, to the consumers that pay for them, to even the producers that fund them. Even juggernaut franchises that are "too big to fail" eventually get caught up in some sort of backlash and start feeling the effects. You know would what would be better than being able to survive putting out trash? Not needing to survive the results of putting out trash in the first place. And you can easily accomplish that by not putting out trash. Stop framing the series' inability to ingloriously implode after constantly churning out terrible projects as something we should be grateful for. Hundreds of other series have managed that just fine without continuing to make mistakes, let alone making an outright bad product in the first place.
  8. 16nbzr74ug321.jpg

    1. RosaRosaRosalina


      and here’s me, just 

      genuinely indifferent, waiting for at least something else to get a bigger impression on all this

    2. WittyUsername


      So when does Captain Planet show up?

  9. Ancient Dreamland proverb: When you come for the King, you better not miss


    Also here's another clip of DDDestruction for good measure

    ( ty gamecube controller adapter )

  10. Time is a flat circle, guys.




    1. Lord-Dreamerz


      Why do SEGA keep outsourcing Sonic to people who seem to have a vendetta against Sonic or at least have no understanding of the appeal behind this series and who are desperate to change it into something else entirely?

    2. Diogenes


      y'know it's getting kinda disheartening to see all these failed/struggling sonic redesigns because i honestly feel sonic is overdue for a new look. not necessarily anything radical, but the modern design is feeling pretty stale and he could at least use a new haircut or something to freshen things up. but it seems like even the people whose job is to come up with a new look don't really know what to do with him.

    3. Lord-Dreamerz



      Maybe SEGA should hold a art design contest with public voting if they ever wanted that to happen? Might come with it's own set of problems but surely the results would be better then stuff like this.

  11. reading the reactions to the poster for the movie only leaves me with this response:


    i really don't know what most of you guys were expecting

    1. Ryannumber1Santa


      Well put it this way, I'm someone who thought the movie would be bad from the first point we heard the story behind it, and even I was taken by surprise by just how bad this ended up being.

    2. SupahBerry


      We all thought we had already reached the bottom of the barrel.



      We've now learned the hard way that the barrel is bottomless.


  13. so this is coming to the disney channel soon...


    1. Failinhearts


      I love how Disney essentially dropped that with Avengers to pretty much kill it.

      If that doesn't spell lack of faith, I don't know what does.

    2. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      Wow...that looks Fairly Odd Movie levels of bad lol.

    3. DarkRula


      Well at least it's only a TV movie. It's bound to get a few fans depending on when it airs.

  14. "hello fallout fans who, like me, sent in support tickets to have their fallout 76 canvas bag replaced

    i just want to let you know that your support tickets are showing up on my bethesda account. your receipts. your names. your email addresses. your home address. the card you used to buy the game. the problems you've been having with the game. i can see them right now. i also have the ability to update or close the tickets too."

    (not actual quotes, but paraphrasing, more in the link. poster says he has no interest in actually messing with their accounts but he wants to let people know and he's already contacted the company about it.)

    And he's not the only one, this isn't an isolated incident:


    so when do we reach the point bethesda flat out implodes on itself and collapses into salt

    did they try to port skyrim to a fucking monkey's paw what is this shit

  15. "okay so since tumblr decided to put on clownshoes and makeup, i guess i'll make start speaking fluent bluebird language to try and re-follow everyone that jumped shi-"

    >the site: huehuehue your account was looking a teensy suspicioso so we decided topadlock it unless you can prove yourself


    (but yes i have a twitter now. still under construction)


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