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  1. leaked scene from the 2021 3d sonic game:


    somehow, zavok returned

    1. Mil-O-Lantern


      ( i was honestly *this* close to using infinite, but a. i'm truly unsure if they will ever bring infinite back, and b. there's more than enough games to demonstrate sega keeps trying to make zavok an ongoing thing in sonic games )

  2. the hero and his elf bride open a pizza parlor in another world

    1. Jovahexeon Explosive Witch

      Jovahexeon Explosive Witch

      Interesting Zelda concept.

  3. fucking lol

    a fly landed and sat on pence's head for two minutes and it's stolen the spotlight of the entire VP debate

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Clearly it smelled the shit coming off him.

      Or that he's a walking corpse.

    2. Kiva Fever

      Kiva Fever


    3. I Have Berry!

      I Have Berry!

      About time the forces of Mother Nature step in to protest human politics.

    4. KHCast
    5. Demonic Frenzy Ultima

      Demonic Frenzy Ultima

      There is a Twitter account of that fly already

    6. Jovahexeon Explosive Witch
    7. Demonic Frenzy Ultima
    8. Mil-O-Lantern
    9. Jovahexeon Explosive Witch
  4. apparently warnermedia has sold ad space for their news networks to funimation

    so now i can eagerly confirm that in-between ad breaks about the u.s. presidency handling coronavirus on CNN, you have the chance of seeing ryuko and nia from kill la kill fighting each other 🙃

    1. Mil-O-Lantern


      can also confirm you can see elric from FMA(:B) throwing off his cloak during ad breaks on CNN as well

  5. To those who say "fuck your customer base, do whatever you want (and make it good)" with respect to practically any franchise....I really would like you guys to try and answer the following questions. Where do you think the malicious, unhappy, cursed customer base comes from to begin with? Or in other words, how do you guys think the series got those fans that are now such a scourge to the developers. Do you guys honestly believe people become fans of the games or the series because they don't actually like them or don't actually consider it to be good? And those handful of good games the original Sonic Team group developed, before they even had an "audience" to speak of....so those were just pure luck, I guess?
  6. Since it's October, I'm bringing back this classic SSMB thread:


  7. This seems a bit relevant in light of recent news.


  8. when I saw the hole open up from the black background I legit thought it was a recreation of the rayman 1 boxart at first. silly me. *shrug*

    eh, not what I would had picked but I understand steve/minecraft crew getting in. I've seen several requests for steve as a guest fighter and minecraft is pretty popular worldwide, esp. on switch. I'd say he was roughly neck-and-neck with master chief from halo in terms of people wanting (another) MS rep in smash.

    I am surprised that in terms of MS IP picks, banjo-kazooie got in before steve though; even given the series' initial nintendo history, they were more of a dormant property.

  9. Even putting the current pandemic aside. Compared to the sixth-gen (GC/XB/PS2 baseline) and seventh-gen (360/PS3 BL) eras, where Sonic Team had already put out quite a few Sonic titles and could reasonably stand to move up to next-gen hardware; I envision that this time, Sonic Team opted to be comfortable sticking with eighth-gen (PS4/XBO BL) hardware for at least one more game. Lost World and Forces stand as the only two Sonic games by Sonic Team made for the current generation of hardware; and even so, Forces stands as the studio's only Sonic game developed with the industry baseline in mind; as Lost World was developed as an exclusive for the notably-less powerful Wii U. So with that in mind I can envision Sonic Team not being too eager to jump into developing next-gen hardware after production on Forces wrapped. I think this notion is supported by Forces' mixed results of enhanced performance for the more powerful PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. Xbox One X performance supported better resolution than base Xbox One (which was for some reason, only 720p...) on the whole, but it was rather inconsistent, with 1800p resolution used for some stages and 1080p resolution for others. And the PS4 Pro was practically identical to base PS4, with no resolution bumps whatsoever (although with that said, the PS4 version runs at 1080p and stands as the most consistent/most polished version of the lot). I think if Sonic Team were really committed towards showcasing the best possible performance for the game, they would had done more to accommodate for those mid-gen enthusiast platforms. Most Sonic games I'd say have managed to cleanly segregate themselves with hardware generations; only a few titles (Sonic 3D, Unleashed, Riders ZG, ASRT), strike me as being "cross-gen" over the years. Even so, ASRT and Riders ZG were clearly cases where the Nintendo hardware they were released on both close enough in power to other platforms to make ports feasible, and Sonic 3D was only brought to the Saturn as a backup plan for X-treme's production falling out. As a result, I personally doubt the next game will be cross-gen, since that would naturally mean more SKUs to be developed when ST will likely already be working for four (PS4/XBO/NSW/PC); unless they got someone to port them to the newer consoles. Speaking of which, that leads me to my final note: I think the most interesting question on this point would be if the Switch will be used as the hardware baseline for the next game, or if ST intend to develop primarily for PS4/XBO hardware. The Switch version of Forces came fairly late in production (since the game started development well before the Switch was announced/released), and it showed with its overall weaker performance and questionable stability in pre-release showings. If Sonic Team intends to bring the next Sonic game to the Switch, hopefully the hardware limitations have been considered earlier in production enough to either develop natively for the hardware, or have a really good port being handled by themselves or another team.
  10. At least one rumor is abound about how Forces as a game was supposedly far more centered on the Custom Hero/Avatar portion than the existing Sonic characters, up until they showcased their game to SoA and SoE and scaled the game back as a result after their response. Forces was also the game where the designers emphasized greatly simplifying the level design and controls to appeal to a new audience. And previous game, Lost World, also made a point of completely throwing out several design conventions and mechanics of Sonic gameplay in favor for new ones. So with all of that in mind, I'd imagine there's a pretty good chance Sonic Team (assuming they're responsible for the next major game) is more focused on making a game built around contemporary gaming trends than making a game built around one essential Sonic gameplay experience. A non-mobile Sonic game that did get substantial post-release support would be interesting to see. But this touches on a big point that ever since DLC / post-launch support has become the norm, mainline Sonic games have been very much been "one-and-done" in this regard. The majority of post-release material hasn't ventured past some bugfixes/patches and using existing/dummied out assets for re-arranged level design of existing stages. I'd say the best example of post-launch material to date for Sonic games is a toss-up between Lost World's Nintendo DLC Zones and Mania's Encore Pack.
  11. A Boost game with little-to-no 2D gameplay could definitely be done if the designers got their priorities straight. I think some proper adjustments would need to be done (dropping the pretense of being platformers, namely) but it's not some impossible feat. I feel like I'm taking crazy pills as I write the following sentence, as I tried searching for it for a good hour or two or so, and couldn't find anything. But I swear I came across quotes from some interview with the developers of Forces talking about how they approached the entire game under the philosophy of designing it as a 2D game, even describing the 3D sections as behind-the-back 2D sections. Maybe I am being crazy and the above interview/quotes don't actually exist, but you can definitely see such mentality reflected in the level design. Most of the 3D sections are so rudimentary, linear, and shallow that they may as well be 2D sections with a camera positioned behind them. Especially so when you can create mods that change the camera angle and play through these levels with almost no issue; or play the levels while only using one hand/mostly using one button on the controller. The overall point being the developers are not trying and failing to make fully 3D levels with the Boost games. They're simply not trying. Moreover, even if all of the above was false and Sonic Team truly was struggling with making fully 3D Boost games. We still saw with Lost World how they took what was supposed to be a more traditional 3D Sonic experience with substantially different 3D gameplay, and still put giant swaths of 2D sections/2D levels in that game as well. As others have said, 2D sections/gameplay are being abused as a crutch when it comes to designing what are supposed to be 3D Sonic games.
  12. For me I feel the big thing most fangames still need to really gun for are better incorporation of stage mechanics and sandbox-style objectives with respect to level design. I say the former because I'd say all of the varied, weird interactivity the gimmicks provided is part of parcel of why the classic games are fun to play outside of speedrunning (and are a key motivating factor for exploring levels). Sometimes they had real secrets and sometimes they're just fun to mess around with; and depending on the gimmick were also good showcases of the momentum physics lying underneath. Meanwhile I say the latter as I'm utterly baffled by the lengths people go to create giant sandboxes for Sonic to run through but they don't take advantage of that space to give the player an a collection of tasks to do inside those spaces. I think a really well-designed mission framework in the vein of some of the better sandbox platformers out there (Mario 64, Banjo-Kazooie, Spyro, etc.) is probably a key deciding factor as to whether a fanmade 3D Sonic sandbox is just a nice novelty/tech demo, and when it is actually offers a genuine argument for a sandbox Sonic game actually being a good route for 3D Sonic games to take. Yeah, I think this is where I am too. I'm with you on that Mario 3D comparison, I think a Mario 3D Land/World approach would be honestly be really ideal, if not outright perfect, in regards to having Sonic stages that were focused on platforming and stage mechanics, as well as allowing for more balanced co-op multiplayer play. But I don't entirely disagree with Wraith in that Sonic's speed outpacing a fixed isometric camera tanks the concept of a 3D Sonic in the vein of those games, and I honestly hate saying that. As far as Genesis-styled physics/momentum in 3D goes, by this point I'd say you'd actually have to make Sonic significantly slower than the Genesis sequels (2/3&K/Mania) at best, if not just make him *slightly* faster than other platformers outright to have a good base for designing a 3D Sonic game. More often than not, what I usually see in the 3D fan engines is that all that rolling/momentum speed makes Sonic borderline uncontrollable for turning and just allows people to careen past entire setpieces of design. I'd be more interested in an 3D engine/fangame that actually used Sonic 1/CD as a base for 3D Sonic gameplay, where Sonic actually had significant speedcaps and other limitations in place that kept him from going too fast. That's not to say a 3D game that got all of the Genesis concepts correct (rolling faster than running, jumping influenced by inertia, bouncing, etc.) is now not something I want; it's just that nowadays, uncapped classic speed/momentum doesn't actually seem all that worth it for me. It really just convinces me that if you're making a 3D Sonic platformer, the speed should be approached as more as a bonus element on top of a good platforming game, rather than a essential property of the design as it is in the 2D games (Genesis or otherwise) or in the Boost titles.
  13. >PS5 DualSense controller is $70

    Yeah, figured as much *glances towards the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller*

    I wonder how much the Xbox Series controller will cost...

  14. I kinda wish I wasn't spending my first day of being 5 squared dealing with calculus, but I suppose it is what it is. Thanks to COVID there's a lot of limits on where you can go and what you can do anyways.

    1. Adamabba


      Happy birthday!

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