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  1. Apparently the review embargo for the film lifts on February 12th, 10pm PST / 2am EST....two days before the film's wide release. Needless to say, that's cutting it a bit there. The studio seemed pretty proud of the new design's reception enough that I thought they would had let reviews come out earlier, especially with the marketing campaign in full force. Guess not though.
  2. witness magnificence


  3. For those who missed it, some Smash Bros. montages. One Sonic and one Dedede:


  4. Coming up next on Channel DDD:

    C - C - C - C O M B O  K I N G



  5. Oh, hey. I made a Smash Bros (Wii U) Sonic montage.


    1. Soniman


      This game looks like fucking molasses and you're playing with the fastest character 

    2. Milo


      @Soniman lol, unfortunately I don't have any Sonic replays from Ultimate at hand I'm not any sort of elite Sonic player for either Smash game

    3. Zaysho


      Oh cool.


      Haven't seen Brawl gameplay in a while.

    4. Milo



      (Thankfully I finally recorded the last remaining replays of Smash 4 I had on my Wii U console so I can finally walk away from that game for good)

  6. Sega: It's that time again boys and girls


  7. probably the best thing we'll all see this week


    1. Sean


      Charles is the most precious VA in the industry

    2. blueblur98


      every frame of the mario head morphing into the super scope is modern art

    3. Harkofthewaa


      You know, the Terminator in the third movie could morph her hand into a plasma gun so... balls in your court Mario Head.

  8. From NPD: The United States' Top 20 Best-Selling Games, from every year (1995 - 2019). Ranked in dollar sales (not sold units).



    These lists serve as a helpful reminder that unlike Japan and Europe, the N64 actually gave the PlayStation a good run for its money here in the US. On the topic of platformers alone--look at Super Mario 64 and Donkey Kong 64 topping the list at #1 the year of their release, and 1998 having Banjo-Kazooie at #8 and even Yoshi's Story at #15.

    Meanwhile, Crash 3: Warped is the only Crash game to ever get into the charts (#19 for 1998), and Spyro never made it in at all. This is despite both of those entries being at their highest peak before the Activision remakes.

    lmao at Sonic 3D Blast (and the first Mario & Sonic of course) being the only Sonic games after 1994 to get into any the US' Top 20 lists, and just barely doing so at that (both bottomed out their respective charts at #20).

  9. i'm so happy cuphead got in as a mii costume (with music too)

    also byleth seems alright. i'm not as upset about it as others, esp. with a 2nd fighters pass (with SIX characters) slated for the pipeline

    my hopes for rayman to finally make it (and maybe shantae i guess heh) continue to live on

    1. Diogenes


      fighter's pass 2: six more marths

  10. don't mind me, just paying a ticket to get on a bandwagon:


    (also part of an art thread update)

  11. Starting the new year with some stuff actually related to Sonic. A few selections of some level gimmicks I came up with for a conceptual airport-themed Sonic level (Adversary Airline Zone)l. I may return to this with some more ideas. A Rose Gone Rogue "You're not getting any of these files until you give me my jewels!" Based on this Sonic Adventure 2 game mod by Speeps Highway that's been making the rounds on Twitter over the previous week. I liked the concept enough to jump on the trend.
  12. Cats (2019) was kinda bad and not in the type of bad I was kinda hoping I'd get 😕

    1. E-van


      That movie looks like it's just straight up disturbing and that's never a fun kind of bad

    2. Tarnish


      At least it got a patch update. The wonders of modern film-making.

  13. I saw the movie earlier today. ...oof. That was kinda mostly bad. And not in the so-bad-its-good/fun-to-watch-bad I was hoping for when the (more) vitriolic reviews come out, it's just mostly-weird-and-kinda-uncomfortable bad. It looked like had the chance to go the former route because the first-third is honestly kinda surreal with some of the performances (although that's marred by some really painful cat puns and attempts at slapstick with certain characters), but that melts away into a kinda fun second-third, and a final third that has one actually good performance but comes full circle into a bizarre fourth wall-break packaged into a final song that was hard to sit through. The CG/appearances of the cats I was mostly able to tolerate (although I think my screening was the original, I'm pretty sure I saw plenty of hands that were missing fur textures in the cut that I saw), the bigger culprit was that this crew literally tried to film a stage play (a near-ceaseless string of assorted songs without much, if any, of an underlying story) as is and projected that on the movie screen. There are some attempts at some sort of arc (Victoria/the new cat wanting to belong) and conflict (Macavity wanting to become the chosen Jellicle cat and ascend, and kidnapping other characters to achieve this goal) but none of them are honestly developed beyond their most basic motivations. It feels like the most literal and worst-case example of taking something from one medium and bringing it to another without making any meaningful changes to properly translate it. This is like if Robert Zemekis's mo-cap animation studio didn't die after Mars Needs Moms! bombed at the box office and a musical was their next project. Somehow it made the new Star Wars film look like a competent movie just for the sheer fact it tried to tell a story, even if it was a completely scattershot and thrown-together-at-the-wall story. Maybe there's a way to make an entire film that virtually has no real story and make it work, but Cats definitely wasn't it. In regards to ratings, this movie is just barely skimming by on a rental; some of the songs/performances and the sets are just barely keeping me from dismissing it as trash.
  14. >Vulture from Homecoming cameos as the stinger for the Morbius trailer

    Oh, so we're going there now. Leto the Vampire and Hardy/Venom the Comedy Club duo are going to be in the MCU now.

    lmao I can live with this if this was what it took for Marvel Studios to keep using Spider-Man in their films.

  15. hmmm

    1. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      I love Speeps.

    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      The mod in itself is pretty amusing. 

      Then there's Eggman's reaction.

    3. Ferno


      I'm always fascinated that they've maintained their interest in studying/modding/etc SA1 & SA2 for so long, and mainly just those games, if it were me I would've lost interest somewhere along the line because my attention span is short af

    4. Menace2Society


      The fangs and eyeliner look much better on Amy than they probably should.

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