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  1. Blunt answer: No Slightly more nuanced answer: I'll let a few examples from his last game (with some added commentary) speak for themselves. ( i hope you liek vidyas and screenshots, guyz and galz ) ^ First level shown. "Maybe it's a tutorial st-" nope marks the halfway point of the game. And no the "3D" levels don't improve from here on out. The game's ACTUAL first level is this, if you play it from a top-down perspective: - yo dawg i heard you like to go fast so we put a fast in your fast so you can go fast in the fast Great example of asset (re)use. "There is no input" lol "(10:24) Many games feature complex and intricate gameplay. However with Sonic, it's more sloppy but easy. Above everything else, we wanted this game to be a non-stop action experience. Often with games, there are many moments where one must take time to aim before shooting. But in this game, you simply press and hold the button to attack. So you can really enjoy ultimately just dashing like a maniac through the stages. ... (11:24) Normally there is a button for switching between characters. However in this game, Sonic comes forward when the boost button is pressed, and the Avatar comes forward with the attack button. As a result, the player doesn't need to think about switching characters. Instead of sticking to Sonic's traditional style of gameplay, we decided to design the game to be as simple and enjoyable as possible; focusing more on the excitement of dashing through the stages, without having to think about, you know, complex game controls." LOL Last but not least: The punchline of Forces, its four-year production cycle, and Kishimoto's gameography as a whole. A Sonic Team Sonic game to me has as much worth as no Sonic game at all by this point, but I think that's especially true with Kishimoto in the director/lead designer's chair. If Sega isn't bothered to get someone other than Sonic Team to make Sonic games outright, than the least they could do is send Kishimoto and his shared group of designers off to other projects and get some new directors/designers who are actually competent at their job.
  2. is it bad that everytime i see this page, i can't help but laugh my ass off


    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      It's because of that one edit isn't it. 

      Also man I forgot how weird that Zeti armour idea was.

  3. Wait, they’re pushing the Sonic movie back to 2020 for the sake of “polish” and “incorporating feedback”?

    Are we sure Sega has no involvement with the production of the movie?

    1. Milo


      Meanwhile, that new 2020 date is now in February...so only a few more months after the original November release. Not quite enough to get a lot of things changed IMO.

      And speaking of which, February 2020’s also busy with competition, if not quite as bad as November 2019. Sonic will no longer get lost in the shuffle of Jumanji/Frozen 2/Star Wars/etc (unfortunate IMO). But a untitled live-action Disney Movie also occupies that February 14 date, Sony’s Peter Rabbit sequel and WB/DC’s Birds of Prey are slated to release the week before, and Pixar’s next film (Onward) comes out a few weeks later. February also alternates between being a traditional dump month and being a month that can have at least one film breakout to big success at the box office.

    2. Red


      The whole film was a laughing stock everywhere. Not just the internet. People who saw the trailer with Detective Pikachu were creeped out. The directors realized their movie would sink hard if they didn't fix Sonic's design.

  4. ...yeah, I don't know what to think. Part of me does have pretty low expectations, especially after Genisys (thankfully this movie is not a continuation of that and has a different production crew). I can't say I'm super thrilled about it hitting the reset button after Judgement Day again (everything after T1 and T2 doesn't exist) after Genisys just did it and the Sarah Conner Chronicles tried it a while back (although I didn't watch that series). It feels emblematic of a general issue I've had for a while in that the series chains itself to the Connor storyline once more instead of focusing on a new plot with a new cast characters. Even tackling a new genre would help immensely; recall that T1 was more of a horror film than the action films Judgement Day and subsequent Terminator films have been since then. (Salvation, while it has its many problems, I do appreciate for its genre shift as more of an apocalyptic action movie and focusing on the robot war after the end.) With that said, I kinda have some hope for this since Cameron's returning as a producer and co-wrote the story (as well as Hamilton reprising her role and getting Deadpool's Tim Miller to direct). He also did say this is supposed to be more of a conclusion of the Connor storyline, and that it's supposed to be a "passing of the torch" to new characters. And while I would had preferred a different style of Terminator completely as opposed to re-retrieving the T-1000 the past films have done already, I do like the idea of having a "two-in-one" Terminator that has both an exoskeleton (T-800) and a liquid form (T-1000). So maybe this film might buck the trend and actually be good....I guess.
  5. Double the trouble. Two new Smash Bros. montages for today. (The second one features some sanic hedghog for those interested.)


    1. Zaysho


      Man, after getting used to Ultimate, Smash 4 looks so slow lol

    2. Milo


      @Zaysho Wow, if Ultimate makes Smash 4 look slow, I'd love to know how Ultimate makes Brawl look in comparison. xD

    3. Zaysho


      The main thing about Ultimate, while I think it is just a bit faster than 4, there's also a lot of visual flourishes that really emphasize the impact of a K.O.. There are a lot of hits I saw in your video I'd assume characters would just come back from.

  6. oh lawd he comin

    1. SupahBerry
    2. Milo


      @SupahBerry reported for posting nsfl content

    3. tailsBOOM!


      @Milo report Extra-Life Monitors, too:


      (I actually died to that exact box 3-4 times, I'm sad to admit.  It's like they placed it there to demonstrate you can be killed by them).

  7. teaser for terminator: dark fate.

    hope it's better than the last two/three terminators. with james cameron back as producer/co-story writer and tim miller (deadpool) as director, maybe that might happen. IDK.

    hopefully it pulls the "ignore everything after T2" better than genisys (the last terminator film) did. and speaking of genisys, hopefully the marketing team isn't stupid enough to reveal any big plot twists...

  8. between the switch version having odd collision detection issues and the online netcode having problems, i'd gonna dish a hot take and say TSR is only making it easier for crash to steal its thunder next month

    1. Tarnish


      Articles next month: How a hedgehog got ran over by a bandicoot

  9. Pick your battles, and know when to fold 'em....


  10. Hey, you gotta give the Ouya some credit--it outlasted the production of the Vita in Japan! What is dead may never die, dudes! (Is it really any wonder this product is clowned on eternally by the community? It was a giant misfire with how it was designed and promoted, especially after the product was released and everyone actually had one in their hands. Even those who liked the concept feel the producers mismanaged the one opportunity they got it very badly.)
  11. GUYS


    (courtsey of Strangers Things 3)

    1. KHCast
    2. Ferno


      Always wanted to try it to see what all the fuss was about tbh.

    3. RedFox99
    4. tailsBOOM!
  12. There are sites such as Sonic Retro and Sonic Center that contain level maps for the acts/zones in the Genesis/CD Sonic games (as well as other 2D games, like the Master System/Game Gear games and the Advance entries). Some just show the level tiles, while others also include the backgrounds and/or game objects (such as the player's starting positions, rings, badniks, etc.). Zone 0 in particular also has the level maps of the Genesis games + CD, with guides detailed with various information.
  13. still sad about missing link's box office intake, especially after having now seen it earlier this week. it's a beautifully-animated movie. i really love how laika's use of stop-motion and CG are virtually seamless by this point, and the sets/location are also really well-made.

    man, handing the film over to annapurna/mgm/UA releasing for distribution was such a colossal mistake. besides releasing it two weeks before avengers and not giving it much publicity to begin with, the marketing focused way too much on the comedy aspect. it's more comedic than laika's works, but it's also a decent adventure story with a few really cool setpieces (there's one part when the main characters are stuck on a boat in the middle of a storm, and the boats constantly turning over, it's super impressive) and some intense action sequences / gunplay shootouts. the marketing also only showed the more obvious comedic gags when the film has a strong handful of really clever subtle jokes.

    i hope laika for their next film goes back to universal/focus features for their next project and they pick a quieter release date (...one that isn't a fall release, anyway, which they've done for the past three films). failing that, maybe they should just taking their films to netflix, as disappointing of the thought of them bowing out of theaters may be.

    1. Polkadi~♪


      I actually really wanted to see this movie, it just slid under my radar, especially being so close to Avengers.

      It’s just like how I missed The LEGO Movie 2 due to abysmal advertising and poor release schedule.

  14. code red: the cockroaches are conga-lining inside the house

    i repeat, the cockroaches are conga-lining inside the house

    this is not a drill

    1. blueblur98


      vaporize them

    2. TCB


      rise up

    3. Harkofthewaa



    4. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Counter them with cockatrices!

    5. Ellipsis-Ultima


      *cocks gun*

  15. The context you're using MPT doesn't quite match CTR though. CTR is actually a remake of an existing game, and it has new content added to it on top of that that wasn't in the original release. Not quite the same as a collection of existing games with some enhancements/changes (such as, IIRC, having Wiimote controls for MP1 and MP2). MPT also came out almost a decade ago and the reviewer for that title likely won't be the same reviewer for Crash, so standards/expectations will also likely not be the same for Crash as it was for MPT. Besides, MPT was still scored an "incredible" 9.5/10 from the IGN review you posted. If MPT was deducted points for being a collection, it wasn't a meaningful amount to change the final consensus for how the reviewer felt about the game. The negative of being "all old games" likely knocked the game down from being "virtually perfect" to "fantastic" on the rating scale.
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