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  1. Can you imagine if the next 3D Sonic is declared to be delayed to 2022, leaving us in the dark for another year; and when it's finally revealed, it's another Kishimoto joint with more automated level design, even more 2D gameplay, and the same final boss from the past four games (barring Generations) like nothing ever happened

    1. Penny


      you say that as if it isn't what's gonna happen

    2. pppp


      See, everything you said after "it's another..." is most likely true, but as for the whole "another year in the dark" thing, I wouldn't mind it if they used this year to finally give us the ports we keep asking, like Unleashed on modern systems or the Taxman ports on modern systems.

    3. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      The only thing that fills me with dread more than the thought of Sonic Team making us wait five years for a new Sonic game only for it to be another mediocre experience is how high the odds are of it actually happening.

    4. Wraith


      who cares. pick up a football

    5. Milo


      basketball and soccer is more my speed tbh

  2. How Dededisastrous... (Smash Ultimate Gag Reel + Art)


  3. A new photo of Leto's Joker was published in a Vanity Fair article about Zack Snyder's Justice League. It's...ah, something.



    "Tell me, Batman, have you died for your sins?

    ...you will."




    P.S. - I'm sure Ryan would love this :^)))

    1. Milo


      "Upon uttering those words, the Joker thus breathed his last, leaving a faint smile on his face. For it was foretold in the Kryptonian Scriptures that Darkseid would destroy the temple of our Dark Knight, and raise it up to a higher society in three days."

      ~ The Book of Snyder, Revelations 11:13:2017

    2. Ryannumber1gamer
    3. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      But Ryan


      he died for your honour

      for your society


    4. Zaysho


      are we sure this isn't a parody movie

    5. Piko



      He died for our s(ociety)ins.


  4. Art topic update.


  5. Bliss, featuring Wynnie. She's actually the last of all of my lady OCs (to date) to get one of my recent line of profiles. Not that she's any less thrilled about it, though! Dedede Pleads the Fifth Symphony. Some of you may have seen this in the status updates a week or two ago. But this is my third pic of my now-developing line of Dedede artwork I make specifically for my Smash Bros. montages. (Said montage of the same name does features Dedede clips set to Beethoven, you can check it out here!) Exhausted Eventide. "As if on cue, the comet shows up right when the bass solo comes in."
  6. Don't mind me, just sending a special kudos to the filmmakers of A Great Day in the Neighborhood (the 2019 biopic of Fred Rogers/Mister Roger's Neighborhood starring Tom Hanks) for going the extra mile with the film's opening logos.


    Besides the TriStar logo music re-arranged on a xylophone--a major trait of the show's music, especially so for its famous opening credits/opening theme. The filmmakers also used the now-former TriStar logo from the early 1990s-mid 2010s (shown above), as opposed to the current one in use since 2015. The film itself takes place in the late 1990s, back when the show was still in its original run (1968-2001).

  7. even though i can't say i was interested with much of that direct, there were more games that i expected in where i doubt i'll buy them but i'm kinda interested in them nonetheless. stuff like the project strategic triangle, no more heroes 3, miitopa, world's end club, and mario golf (for the mario tennis aces "refresh" they're doing with it).

    not big in xenoblade, but hey, fans of that series i'm sure will be pretty happy with pyra and myrtha getting in as smash fighters.

    splatoon 3 was a surprise and i wish i could be more interested in that, but i have yet to be the first game or get the sequel.. 😕

    oddly enough; the thing i liked the most was ea original's knockout city, but not for the actual game. i'm talking about the princess character that showed up in the interview segments, who i felt stood out in a really good way (with her design and 2D sprite animation). i'm kinda bummed she's not actually in the game itself (or from another game of her own).

  8. probably my favorite tweet of the moment


    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Melman when searching for Marty Grand Central Station

  9. Look at this photograph


    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Image result for bugs bunny toilet

      They have reached their final form

    2. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      Ha ha!

      Sorry. Every time it makes me laugh.

  10. I really liked this.

  11. Cold take in that I think the inconsistency/frequent experimentation for the mainline Sonic games has directly contributed towards Sega/ST also being incapable to keep actual spinoff branches of the series around on a long-term basis. If they're not entirely standalone projects, they usually don't get much beyond two/three entries, and are pumped out within the span of a few years.

    The only exception is the Mario and Sonic Olympic entries...which is kind of sad IMO. Since I think the crossover/licensed game nature of that series makes them more likely to be canned, compared to internal Sonic spinoffs. Maybe it's benefitting from how the Mario half has been able to keep plenty of its spinoffs around in comparison. Meanwhile I think Riders came the closest towards becoming a mainstay subseries, with three games over the span of six years.

    It's all the more baffling since--thanks to all of the experiments Sega has done over the years--there's plenty of enough material within the mainline games that could had been used to build a few long-term subsidiaries. Or even redeveloped into another IP (that element of which Sonic Team has handled even worse).

  12. These two old interviews seem relevant. --- GameSpot: Why did Sega decide to bring Sonic back to 2D? Did the success of Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure play a part? Ken Balough: Old-school Sonic fans have long asked to see Sonic return to a more 2D style of gameplay. Many liked the daytime stages in Unleashed, but wanted to see a game that plays purely similar to the early games of the Genesis. Project Needlemouse is that critical first step that brings Sonic back to his 2D roots. --- In your opinion does this game have most in common with the Sonic the Hedgehog trilogy, the Sonic Advance games, or the Sonic Rush games? – spambot404 Takashi Iizuka: Of course Sonic the Hedgehog trilogy is the one this has most in common with. With the DS Sonic series, you have various actions like grind or boost. What I am creating with this title is a simple platform action game that you can enjoy with one button. --- On another note. We also had a game ten years ago with the selling point of being able to play two different formats of 2D Sonic gameplay. That may or may not be important. ... As an anecdotal aside. That recent rumor that simultaneously hinted "MD Sonic isn't coming back" and "a new 2D Sonic with the Millennium cast is in the works"? I've personally seen far more guesses on the new 2D game being a new Advance, or perhaps a new Rush; than I have seen guesses on it being a "Mania 2" that also happens to use the Millennium cast and designs. I wonder why that is.
  13. un classico della cucina, un maestro al lavoro

    (english: a cooking classic, a master at work)


  14. rude


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