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  1. One thing I've always envisioned for a classic Sonic sequel to have is that it made a huge leap in presentation concerning the characters (especially if it was 2D and used modern sprites). Some examples I've had would be for Sonic to have a unique idle character animation for every zone; and Eggman would have a bunch of zany emotive facial expressions for getting hit or when the state of his boss mech deteriorates (Sonic CD actually had an example of this for the Quartz Quadrant treadmill boss, where Eggman starts looking worried when the treadmill starts to burn out). And speaking of the boss mechs themselves, I was thinking that for every two-three hits, the mech would look more and more damaged.

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      Also gonna give a nod to Generations taking this idea and applying it to some of the badniks. Really loved how the Motobug badnik charged at Sonic when in close proximity, and how the Crabmeat badnik literally collapses laughing if Sonic gets injured by it. We should totally see that type of stuff in future games.

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