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  1. Film posters with videogame titles (thanks neogaf):

      JPzK9QK.png  TRmBJXK.jpg  FTDwN7a.png

    kxYqYoq.png  tDLgsr0.jpg  RmlSbi0.jpg

    whatsintheboxcslwk.jpg aRCGNSU.jpg cabinoks8k.jpg

    (Films in order: The Lincoln Lawyer, The Great Gatsby (2013), King Kong (2005), Children of the Corn, Inception, Finding Nemo, Seven, The Room, The Cabin In The Woods)

    1. TCB


      That Heavy Rain poster tho

    2. ImPantsAtThis


      @TCB: Pretty accurate comparison as far as creators go, I'd say.

    3. RosaRosaRosalina


      woah luigi's mansion calm the fuck doen

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