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  1. I just realized that @Ferno missed the Sonic Forces title and gameplay reveal

    is this the return of the status quo, Ferno doomed to miss Sonic reveals yet again

    1. Ferno


      what, no i was there this time, i was just in the statuses this time around rather than in the threads

    2. Place


      Hey guys! What did I miss? 


    3. Zaysho


      Actually, I was out

    4. Blacklightning
    5. Milo
    6. Ferno


      it's alright. hopefully i don't cause another tear in the space-time continuum like i did when i was here for Runner's reveal. mysteriously, several month's worth of forum data from 2015 or so were wiped from SSMB's history months after that and the evidence that i was there was lost

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