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  1. always remember that anytime you select a menu option in shadow the hedgehog, a gunshot sound effect is played

    1. Monkey Destruction Switch
    2. Shiguy


      ...is there a mod that replaces the gunshots with, "DAMN" and any variation there of? 

      Cause i kinda want that.

    3. Blacklightning


      The most stock sounding gunshot sound too

      Like we're talking Wilhelm level stock here goddamn

    4. Celestia


      I always wondered if it was the same sound effect used for any actual guns in the game but could never really tell

    5. Bobnik


      Also remember, when you're listening to I Am... All of Me, Shadow is loading up and cocking his M4 like a shotgun.

      I swear, the first guitar riff always makes me laugh because of that intro.

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