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  1. Saw Bumblebee earlier today. Audience in the theater was nearly full.

    Even though I don't think the first film is as bad as the sequels (save for the last third for the third movie) and I'm still curious to see the fifth film just to see how insane it gets...this is the film that should had been made in 2007. The story definitely doesn't break new ground for the narrative/genre it's gunning for (boy/girl and his/her X films like E.T. and The Iron Giant, and even the first 2007 Bayformers film itself) and is otherwise pretty pedestrian; but tje films works due to both the 1980s retraux approach (allowing it to be a clear signal to both that era of such stories and the original G1 Transformers) and how that it's also used to firmly move away from the Bayformers approach with the story and characters. Special kudos is also mentioned towards the animation and artstyle for the robots, as they're refreshingly clear for both their designs and their action sequences.

    It's a solid film that does make me hope for its commercial success, so that it serves as a foundation for future TF films that follow on its approach to the franchise.

    1. Failinhearts


      Which is apparently what's happening according to discussed future plans. A Cybertron movie is in the writing stage, and judging by the scenes in that movie, it'll be like the games!

      Support this movie, guys!

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