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  1. nintendo's FY3 quarterly results are out.

    seems they won't quite hit that original 20M FY forecast for switch sales; although hardware sales was still good, they've revised it down to 17 million. (over 9 million last quarter, over 14 million overall this FY, over 32 million LTD. it's behind the N64's LTD by only a few hundred thousand units) 

    software sales is another story....holy shit is that another story....

    their FY forecast for switch software sales is 110M...but they're set to blow that number out of the water by the end of the FY, they sold over 50 million Switch software last quarter (overall over 94M this FY)

    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is now at over 15 million, it's officially the best-selling Switch game, and third-best selling mario kart in the series (when combined with sales of the Wii U original, this also puts Mario Kart 8 at 23 million overall, which puts in a few ten thousand units behind mario kart DS, the second-best selling mario kart)

    Mario Odyssey is now at over 13 million, now surpassed Galaxy (12M) as the best-selling 3D Mario.

    Smash sold 12 million (yes, sold that much in just a few weeks alone). just one million behind brawl (best-selling individual smash bros. game) and two million behind smash 4 (wii u and 3DS combined are 14 million)

    Zelda BOTW is over 11 million on Switch (13 million overall when combined with Wii U version sales).

    Pokemon Let's Go has shipped 10 million.

    Super Mario Party sold over 5 million.

    Splatoon 2 has sold over 8 million.

    Kirby Star Allies has sold over 2 million.

    Donkey Kong Country TF is over 2 million (4 million when combined with sales of the wii u version).

    Octopath Travel has shipped over one million overseas (report only covers international numbers, Nintendo published the game outside japan while Square Einx published it in japan)

    20 games released on nintendo switch sold over million copies on the platform over the past 9 months (7 of them are third-party titles)

    1. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      It might not be crazy like the Wii and DS but the Switch has done pretty well. 20M would have been too optimistic but 17M should be doable within the timeframe.

      As for software sales, not surprised by some of them. Everyone (including myself) seems to have Mario Kart as it is a great improvement over the Wii U one and portable. Smash always does well in the US and Japan. Mario Odyssey, Pokemon and BotW would have sold well regardless. I know Super Mario Party has done really well in Germany and there were stock shortages too in Europe. Speaking of which:


      About those 7 3rd party games... Well I have a theory what they could be as in high selling games of last year. I'm certain on at least 4 but the others, not sure:

      Mario & Rabbids (yep, weird calling that a 3rd party but its Ubisoft). There was a Gold Edition and that it was on offer for a while as well as bundles. Unusually for an Ubisoft game, it actually went up in value for a few months to be close to the other Mario games during November-December. It has settled down now. Probably Ubisoft's best selling Switch game to be honest.

      FIFA 18 due to the World Cup where it had a promotion and a World Cup update. It might not sell as well as the other versions of game (because they have more things) but even then, it should do at least a million especially since it has Ultimate Team. It could also be FIFA 19 but personally not yet and probably not by financial year either.

      Crash N.Sane Trilogy seemed to have done really well since its always on the charts and just checked, yep still there. Surprised that Activision hasn't put Spyro to be honest or at least gone ahead with Crash Team Racing outside of the US/put it back on the Switch.

      LEGO Marvel 2 is still in the charts and its been over a year since that game came out even if it lingers. Also probably why Nintendo spearheaded Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 because of the high sales. It's one that Resetera forgets because most of the people there aren't in the target audience for the games.

      As for the other 3, that's where it gets tough because I can really only compare one country and have a few ideas. I would love to say Sonic Mania (Plus) but we would have heard about it already and know that physical wise only did well in the UK. LEGO Harry Potter did decently. Rocket League and Skyrim lingered for a while, the former probably more downloaded than bought due to the nature of the game. Street Fighter Anniversary Collection could be one but don't know how well it did in Japan or the US, I know it did keep selling out in the UK throughout last year even if it was short lived on the charts as I should know trying to get the game. Promotion wise it could be Rayman Legends, it could be Sports Party or Monopoly, all Ubisoft games usually in bundles or on offer. Diablo 3 had a Black Friday promotion and good word of mouth. How well did My Hero do? Don't seem to see many copies of Dragon Ball FighterZ but know the popularity of the series in other countries might be one (did it sell well in Japan or France)?

      I know its not Monster Hunter because it is a late release of a game that the Japanese already got on the 3DS and think it was a launch or early title there (so much of the sales would have been 2017), not South Park because that dropped off the charts fairly quickly and more or less left by the financial year. Might not be Just Dance 2018 since that left the charts fairly early but could still make it in other countries.

      Dark Souls Remastered could be one of them however it was published by Nintendo in Europe so... I don't know. Same thing with Minecraft, I know that does well but again Nintendo published that in some regions... If it is those two then have to wonder what the other one is.


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